2 thoughts on “1965

  1. Hi John

    Under the charts (by year) there is no direct link to the chart of 09/07/65 under 1965.

    The title of the John E. Squires song is I Am A Rock, not I’m A Rock.

    If you officially class Die Gezoem Van Die Bye as an Afrikaans song, then for the sake of consistency, you should classify Goodbye My Love by Murray Campbell and Nini Rosso as instrumentals. Their very briefly spoken bits are shorter than the initial English opening of ”Gezoem”. If the English portion of ”Gezoem” was not enough to prevent the song from being Afrikaans, then the briefer spoken bits of Goodbye My Love should not have been sufficient to prevent those numbers from being instrumentals.

    Thank you for the excellent project you have undertaken. It is wonderful to get the full local charts at last, something I have long been interested in as I grew up listening to LM from the early 60s to its unfortunate demise in late 1975. I didn’t mostly listen to the Springbok charts back then. But I know they are regarded as the official South African charts so it is good to see them.

    Kind regards


    • Hi Cuan

      Thanks for the feedback and pointing out the missing week from 1965. I have hopefully corrected this.

      Regarding the John E. Sharpe song, while the original by Simon & Garfunkel was ‘I Am A Rock’, the John E. Sharpe version was listed as ‘I’m A Rock’ on the record label. While I know that record labels aren’t always the best at getting these things right, I have tried with the song titles on the charts to be true to whatever the label said. (See the youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozvU6uFwBZk for a picture of the single).

      And then on to the issue of what is an instrumental/non-instrumental song and Afrikaans/non-Afrikaans song, you make a good point about ‘Goodbye My Love’ being more instrumental the ‘Die Gezoem Van Die Bye’ being Afrikaans. While there is no right or wrong answer, I will give it some thought.

      Thanks for tuning in to the blog and glad you are enjoying it.

      Kind regards

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