18 June 1965


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 3 3 Forget Domani  – Connie Francis
2 1 3 I Need You  – Rick Nelson
3 5 3 Do the Clam  – Elvis Presley
4 2 3 Under the Boardwalk  – Rolling Stones
5 7 3 Shabby Little Hut  – Bats
6 4 3 Ticket to Ride  – Beatles
7 11 3 The Last Time  – Rolling Stones
8 14 3 Tennessee Yodel Polka  – Slim Whitman & Virginia Lee
9 16 3 Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter  – Herman’s Hermits
10 8 3 I Know a Place  – Petula Clark
11 6 3 Torture  – Gene Rockwell
12 18 2 It’s Not Unusual  – Tom Jones
13 9 3 Funny How Love Can Be  – Ivy League
14 20 2 Catch the Wind  – Donovan
15 New 1 Concrete and Clay  – Unit Four Plus Two
16 13 3 The Minute You’re Gone  – Cliff Richard
17 12 3 Lovely Lovely (Loverly Loverly)  – Chubby Checker
18 10 3 Key to Your Heart  – Emil Dean
19 New 1 Where are You Now  – Jackie Trent
20 New 1 World of Our Own  – Seekers

This week we saw a change in the number 1 position. Rick Nelson’s ‘I Need You’ dropped to number 2 while Connie Francis moved into pole position with ‘Forget Domani’. This was our second number 1 and already we had seen a solo female top the charts.

Herman’s Hermits took the biggest climber of the week award as ‘Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter’ moved up 7 places from 16 to 9. There were 4 other star raters, these being ‘The Last Time’ by The Rolling Stones which climbed 4 to 7, ‘Tennessee Yodel Polka’ by ‘Slim Whitman & Virginia Lee’ which climbed 6 to 8, Tom Jones’ ‘It’s Not Unusual’ which climbed 6 to 12 and ‘Catch the Wind’ by Donovan which moved up 6 from 20 to 14.

Emil Dean’s ‘Key To Your Heart’ was once again the biggest faller, following up last week’s 7 place drop with a further 8 place plunge as it dropped to 18.

We had 15 of the first top 20 still left on the charts all sitting on 3 weeks.

Eddie Rambeau’s ‘Concrete And Clay’ lasted just one week on the chart and spent that at number 19. As in the States, this would be his only hit.

The second song to leave the top 20 was Ned Miller’s ‘Do What You Do Do Well’ which had spent 2 weeks on the chart and peaked at 13.

The last song to go was The Kinks’ ‘Tired of Waiting for You’. It had also spent 2 weeks on the chart but managed to get to number 9 in that time.

Fans of the song ‘Concrete And Clay’ may have been disappointed to see Eddie Rambeau’s version disappear from the top 20, however they could take a lot of comfort from the fact that one of the new entries was that very song but this time it was Unit 4+2’s  version. This made it the first song to chart by 2 different acts. In the UK, the Unit 4+2 version of the song knocked the song that sat at number 7 on our charts this week (The Rolling Stones’ ‘The Last Time’) off the top spot and spent a week there before our number 16 song this week (Cliff Richard’s ‘The Minute You’re Gone’) ousted it. In the US it made it to number 28.

Our second new entry was by Jackie Trent. ‘Where Are You Now’ would give her a number 1 hit in the UK, spending 1 week atop of those charts. The Wikipedia entry for the song incorrectly notes that it knocked The Beatles’ ‘Ticket To Ride’ off the number 1 spot, however, it was actually Roger Miller’s ‘King Of The Road’ that did that. Trent’s hit replaced ‘King Of The Road’ at the top of the UK charts a week later. Trent, whose real name was Yvonne Burgess, was born in Newcastle in England and would have 2 other UK hits.

The final new entry was a second hit for The Seekers and they joined The Rolling Stones and Cliff Richard on having had 2 hits on the charts so far. Their new one was ‘World of Our Own’ which gave them a UK number 3 hit as well as going to 19 in the US and 5 in Norway. In 1968 Sonny James would score his 6th successive number 1 on the US Country Singles charts with a cover of the song which was written by Tom Springfield’ who had also written The Seekers’ previous hit, ‘I’ll Never Find Another You’. Springfield, who was Dusty Springfield’s brother, moved on to 2 hits now and sat on top of the list of hits by song writers alongside Tony Hatch who had penned the Petula Clark hit ‘I Know A Place’ which sat at number 10 this week as well as the Jackie Trent new entry mentioned above.

With Jackie Trent entering the charts, she joined Petula Clark and Connie Francis to give us a total of 3 solo female artists in the top 20 which was our highest count of the 3 charts to date.

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