25 June 1965


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 3 4 Do the Clam  – Elvis Presley
2 1 4 Forget Domani  – Connie Francis
3 5 4 Shabby Little Hut  – Bats
4 4 4 Under the Boardwalk  – Rolling Stones
5 2 4 I Need You  – Rick Nelson
6 9 4 Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter  – Herman’s Hermits
7 7 4 The Last Time  – Rolling Stones
8 8 4 Tennessee Yodel Polka  – Slim Whitman & Virginia Lee
9 6 4 Ticket to Ride  – Beatles
10 12 3 It’s Not Unusual  – Tom Jones
11 14 3 Catch the Wind  – Donovan
12 15 2 Concrete and Clay  – Unit Four Plus Two
13 19 2 Where Are You Now  – Jackie Trent
14 20 2 World of Our Own  – Seekers
15 11 4 Torture  – Gene Rockwell
16 10 4 I Know a Place  – Petula Clark
17 13 4 Funny How Love Can Be  – Ivy League
18 New 1 Long Live Love  – Sandie Shaw
19 17 4 Lovely Lovely (Loverly Loverly)  – Chubby Checker
20 16 4 The Minute You’re Gone  – Cliff Richard

Elvis’ ‘Do The Clam’ moved up 2 places to take over the top spot from Connie Francis whose ‘Forget Domani’ enjoyed a single week at the top of the charts. Francis’ hit dropped to number 2. The Bats’ ‘Shabby Little Hut’ moved into 3rd place to equal the highest placing for a local song to date which Emil Dean’s ‘Key To Your Heart’ had managed.

Jackie Trent became the first solo woman to have a biggest climber in a week as her hit ‘Where Are You Now’ moved up 6 from 19 to 13. She shared the honours with The Seekers’ ‘World of Our Own’ which also moved up 6, landing up at 14. They were the first Australian act to garner a biggest climber award.

We also had a first for the women on the falling front as Petula Clark’s ‘I Know a Place’ fell 6 from 10 to 16. As Emil Dean had been the biggest faller in the first 2 weeks of the charts, this made Petula our first non-local act to take this title.

And talking of Emil Dean, ‘Key To Your Heart’ was the only song to leave the charts this week. It had lasted 3 weeks and peaked at 3, thus becoming the first song to have an equal weeks and peak figure. The song’s departure dropped the local content down to 2 and a half as we had The Bats at 3, Gene Rockwell at 15 and Virginia Lee dueting with the American Slim Whitman on our number 8 hit this week.

The newcomer to the chart was Sandie Shaw’s ‘Long Live Love’, a song composed by Chris Andrews who would have a number of solo hits later on. Shaw had turned down the opportunity to record the song ‘It’s Not Unusual’ in favour of this one. Tom Jones went on to have a major success with ‘It’s Not Unusual’ while Sandie would also take ‘Long Live Love’ to the top of the UK charts, enjoying a 3 week run there. The song would also top the charts in Ireland and New Zealand and scrape a 97 peak in the US. It would be the second of only 3 US hits she would have and would be the lowest peak she would have there. Apart from the English version of the song, Sandie also recorded a French version (‘Pourvu Que Ça Dure’ which went to 5 in France), a German version (‘Du weißt nichts von deinem Glück’ which went to 25 in Germany and 5 in Austria), as well as versions in Italian (‘Viva l’amore con te’) and Spanish (‘¡Viva el amor!’).

The entry of Sandie Shaw onto the charts meant we had our highest solo female count to date with 4 songs being by solo women. We also had Virginia Lee as one half of a duet.

Of the first top 20, 4 weeks back, 14 songs were still in the charts.

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