16 July 1965


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 4 6 It’s Not Unusual  – Tom Jones
2 2 7 Under the Boardwalk  – Rolling Stones
3 1 7 Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter  – Herman’s Hermits
4 6 7 I Need You  – Rick Nelson
5 5 6 Catch the Wind  – Donovan
6 7 5 World of Our Own  – Seekers
7 3 7 Do the Clam  – Elvis Presley
8 8 5 Concrete and Clay  – Unit Four Plus Two
9 13 4 Long Live Love  – Sandie Shaw
10 11 3 Wonderful World  – Herman’s Hermits
11 18 2 Crying In The Chapel  – Elvis Presley
12 14 3 Little Lonely One  – Tom Jones
13 19 2 Here Comes the Night  – Them
14 9 7 Shabby Little Hut  – Bats
15 12 5 Where Are You Now  – Jackie Trent
16 10 7 Forget Domani  – Connie Francis
17 16 7 Ticket to Ride  – Beatles
18 New 1 Tea and Trumpets  – Norman Ruby Orchestra
19 15 7 Tennessee Yodel Polka  – Slim Whitman & Virginia Lee
20 20 2 Oh No Not My Baby  – Manfred Mann

Some might say that it was not unusual to see Tom Jones at the top of the charts, especially as ‘It’s Not Unusual’ took over from Herman’s Hermits ‘Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter’ at the number 1 spot on our charts this week. However, looking at his UK chart record, he has only managed 3 chart toppers so far out of 42 hits, giving him a success rating of just 7.14%. (Out of interest sake, the least successful in terms of converting hits into chart toppers in the UK is David Bowie if you look at artists who have had 5 or more chart toppers. He only managed to score 5 out of 68 so far, giving him a success rate of 7.4%). ‘It’s Not Unusual’ was the first song that was not on the original Top 20 when it started, to get to number 1.

The Hermits song dropped to 3 while The Stones were unmoved at 2 with ‘Under The Boardwalk’.

Sandie Shaw’s ‘Long Live Love’ and Them’s ‘Here Comes The Night’ were both star raters, climbing 4 to 9 and 6 to 13 respectively. Biggest climber in the week went to Elvis Presley’s ‘Crying In The Chapel’. Elvis had been the first act to take the biggest climber accolades when his ‘Do The Clam’ climbed 10 on the second ever chart. Elvis was still the only solo male artist to have a biggest climber so far.

Faller of the week was the first ex-number 1 to take this accolade as Connie Francis’ ‘Forget Domani’ dropped 6 to 16. Francis joined Petula Clark to become the second solo female to take the biggest faller award.

The count of Rolling Stones record in the charts dropped from 2 to 1 as ‘The Last Time’ was seen in our charts last week for the, erm, last time. The song had peaked at 7 during its 6 week run on the top 20.

The new entry was ‘Tea And Trumpets’ by The Norman Ruby Orchestra. There is scant information about the song or the group, but evidence suggests that The Norman Ruby was a Dutch group/orchestra. The piece was written by American composer, Cy Coben. Both Bert Kaempfert and Duke Ellington have recorded songs with this title, but they appear to be different. Norman Ruby’s version was the first instrumental to chart in SA.

There were 8 songs left from the first top 20 and Herman’s Hermits became the second act, after The Rolling Stones, to get to double figures for weeks as they moved on to 10, 3 behind The Stones.

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