17 September 1965


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 5 Goodbye My Love  – Murray Campbell
2 3 6 (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction  – Rolling Stones
3 2 7 Help  – Beatles
4 4 8 Mr Tambourine Man  – Byrds
5 6 6 I’m Alive  – Hollies
6 8 4 Tossing And Turning  – Ivy League
7 5 8 Ciao  – Gene Rockwell
8 9 4 Pearly Shells  – Pat Boone
9 7 8 Baby The Rain Must Fall  – Glenn Yarbrough
10 13 3 Catch Us If You Can  – Dave Clark Five
11 11 9 Wooly Bully  – Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs
12 10 11 Crying In The Chapel  – Elvis Presley
13 12 14 World Of Our Own  – Seekers
14 16 2 You’ve Got Your Troubles  – Fortunes
15 New 1 Goodbye My Love  – Virginia Lee & Murray Campbell
16 14 10 Tea And Trumpets  – Norman Ruby Orchestra
17 15 2 I’m Henry The Eighth, I Am  – Herman’s Hermits
18 New 1 Goodbye My Love  – Nini Rosso
19 19 16 I Need You  – Rick Nelson
20 18 6 This Little Bird  – Marianne Faithfull

Murray Campbell held on to the top spot this week to give him his 2nd week there with ‘Goodbye My Love’. The Rolling Stones moved into second place with ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’, pushing the previous number 1 hit, ‘Help!’ by The Beatles, into 3rd place.

The Dave Clark Five only needed a 3 place climb to take the biggest climber of the week award. ‘Catch Us If You Can’ moved up the 3 places from 13 to 10. This was the second time the song had taken this award as it was biggest climber the previous week as well.

While we had only 1 biggest climber, there were 6 songs that had the biggest fall, but given that it only took a 2 place drop to manage this, it was not surprising that so many songs did this. The songs were Gene Rockwell’s ‘Ciao’, Glenn Yarbrough’s ‘Baby The Rain Must Fall’, Elvis Presley’s ‘Crying In The Chapel’, The Norman Ruby Orchestra’s ‘Tea And Trumpets’, Herman’s Hermits’ ‘I’m Henry The Eighth, I Am’ and Marianne Faithfull’s ‘’ This Little Bird’. With the exception of Herman’s Hermits and Elvis Presley who now had 3 biggest faller to their names, all the other acts were experiencing this for the first time. Elvis’ hit saw the 10th time the biggest faller had been a solo male.

Two songs left the chart this week, the first being Sandie Shaw’s ‘Long Live Love’ which had lasted 12 weeks on the chart and peaked at 2. To date this was the longest run in the chart that a solo female had managed. The second best being Connie Francis’ 8 weeks with ‘Forget Domani’. This left us with Marianne Faithfull as the only solo female on the charts and she was at number 20, so things were not looking too good for the solo women.

Also going was Herman’s Hermits’ ‘Wonderful World’ which had lasted 11 weeks and peaked at 5. This ended their second run with 2 songs in the chart and this run only lasted a single week. Their ‘I’m Henry The Eighth I Am’ was sitting at 17 and moving in the wrong direction.

While the solo women were becoming scarce, the first of our new entries featured a woman as one half of a duet and that was Virginia Lee who had teamed up with Murray Campbell to record a version of ‘Goodbye My Love’ with lyrics (Campbell’s solo version sat at 1 with week). This was the 6th local song to chart on our top 20 and the second duet. The first duet also featured Virginia Lee who teamed up with Slim Whitman on that occasion. Virginia was a multi-talented woman who, apart from a very successful recording career, also represented Eastern Province at diving and was a contortionist, acrobat and ballet and tap dancer. She has sold in excess of a million records in SA and won 6 SARIE awards. Sadly she passed away from cancer on 7 January 1990.

Our other new entry was also ‘Goodbye My Love’ which meant we had 3 versions of the song in the same chart. The new entry was by Nini Rosso and was originally recorded as ‘Il Silenzio’. This version, like the Murray Campbell solo version, features a spoken piece, except it is in Italian rather than English as in Campbell’s case. The English words are a straight translation of ‘Buona notte, amore’. As with Campbell’s version, the spoken piece precludes it from qualifying as an instrumental. Rosso added our 6th nationality to those that had charted to date as he was Italian. Aside from acts from the UK, US and SA charting, we had also had Australian and Dutch (presuming that The Norman Ruby Orchestra was from Holland – not confirmed yet).

Ricky Nelson’s ‘I Need You’ was the only song left from our first chart and it now stood on 16 weeks.

The Stones still led the way for weeks on the chart, moving on to 26 this week with Herman’s Hermits still second on 24. The Norman Ruby Orchestra reached the 10 week mark.

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