27 December 1965


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 12 California Girls  – Beach Boys
2 2 9 Come Back Silly Girl  – Staccatos
3 5 6 Hungry for Love  – A-Cads
4 6 8 Hang On Sloopy  – McCoys
5 3 10 Stand Beside Me  – Perry Como
6 7 6 Only You My Love  – Murray Campbell
7 4 8 If You Gotta Go, Go Now  – Manfred Mann
8 8 5 Amore Scusami (My Love Forgive Me)  – Theo Cavalieros
9 15 3 Get Off My Cloud  – Rolling Stones
10 14 3 The Carnival is Over  – Seekers
11 12 4 Yesterday  – Matt Monro
12 13 5 How the Mighty Hath Fallen  – Emil Dean
13 9 8 Houston  – Dean Martin
14 16 4 Wind Me Up, Let Me Go  – Cliff Richard
15 11 14 What’s New Pussycat  – Tom Jones
16 17 4 That’s How I Feel  – Bats
17 10 9 Tears  – Ken Dodd
18 New 1 Treat Her Right  – Roy Head and The Traits
19 20 2 Here it Comes Again  – Fortunes
20 18 7 You Were On My Mind  – We Five

Due to Friday falling on Christmas Eve in 1965, the chart for this week only came out on the following Monday, so the date is 10 days after the previous chart rather than the usual 7. However, this extended period for the chart did not deter The Beach Boys as their ‘California Girls’ pulled level with Murray Campbell’s ‘Goodnight My Love’ for weeks at one, clocking up its 6th week at the top of the pile. ‘California Girls’ had the edge over ‘Goodnight My Love’ as its 6 weeks were consecutive where the latter’s were not.

The Rolling Stones picked up only their second ‘biggest climber in a week’ award as ‘Get Off My Cloud’ took top honours for climbing this week. It jumped up 6 places from 15 to 9 (1 better than the 5 places ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’ managed when it took the award). The Seekers’ ‘The Carnival Is Over’ was the only other star rater this week, moving up 4 from 14 to 10.

On the falling front it was Ken Dodd’s ‘Tears’ that were rolling down the charts as it dropped 7 from 10 to 17. On the plus side for Ken, this would be the only time he would suffer this fate.

Gene Rockwell’s ‘Love’ had been with us for 7 weeks and peaked at 5, but last week would be the last time we would see the song on our charts. So far Rockwell had had 3 hits on the top 20, but only 1 (‘Ciao’) had managed to get to double figures for weeks.  However, all 3 of had gone top 10.

The newcomer to the charts was Roy Head & The Traits with their hit ‘Treat Her Right’. Written by Head and Traits member Gene Kurtz, the song reached number 2 on the US charts, kept off the top spot by The Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’. It would be their only top 10 hit there where they would scrape 2 other top 40 hits (with peaks of 32 and 39) and a further 4 hits which didn’t make it higher than number 80. It would be their only hit in the UK, going to number 30 there. The song was covered in the 1991 film ‘The Commitments’.

Murray Campbell reached the 30 weeks in the chart mark. He stood 3rd overall for weeks on the chart, behind Tom Jones on 35 and The Rolling Stones on 38. His nearest local rival was Gene Rockwell who sat on 23. The Seekers reached the 20 week milestone and moved into tied 8th position on the overall list.

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