1965 The Facts And Figures


Well this brings to a close the first year of charts although it was not a full year with only 30 weeks’ worth of charts being produced. During the year, we saw 79 songs chart which were brought to us by 56 different artists. 13 of these hits were by local artists and 8 acts accounted for these 13 hits.


Based on a points system of 20 points for a number 1 position, 19 for number 2 etc down to 1 for position 20, the following are the top 20 chart performers for the year (Note: this does not reflect sales):

Pos Song Artist Points
1 Goodbye My Love Murray Campbell 235
2 Satisfaction (I Can’t Get No) The Rolling Stones 216
3 What’s New Pussycat? Tom Jones 208
4 I Need You Rick Nelson 207
5 California Girls The Beach Boys 197
6 Under the Boardwalk The Rolling Stones 194
7 World of Our Own The Seekers 192
8 Tossing and Turning The Ivy League 177
9 It’s Not Unusual Tom Jones 166
10 Mr Tambourine Man The Byrds 163
11 Help! The Beatles 161
12 Crying in the Chapel Elvis Presley 160
13 Unchained Melody The Righteous Brothers 154
14 I’m Alive The Hollies 148
15 Wooly Bully Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs 144
16 Stand Beside Me Perry Como 139
17 Ciao Gene Rockwell 132
18 Long Live Love Sandie Shaw 131
19 Do the Clam Elvis Presley 128
20 Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter Herman’s Hermits 119
21 Catch Us If You Can The Dave Clark Five 118
22 Pearly Shells Pat Boone 115
23 Catch the Wind Donovan 111
24 Wonderful World Herman’s Hermits 109
25 You’ve Got Your Troubles The Fortunes 108
26 Come Back Silly Girl The Staccatos 106
27 Baby the Rain Must Fall Glenn Yarbrough 105
28 Tears Ken Dodd 102
29 Forget Domani Connie Francis 101
30 Shabby Little Hut The Bats 97
31 If You Gotta Go, Go Now Manfred Mann 97
32 I Got You Babe Sonny and Cher 96
33 Look Through Any Window The Hollies 95
34 Ticket to Ride The Beatles 86
35 Tea and Trumpets The Norman Ruby Orchestra 81
36 Hang on Sloopy The McCoys 78
37 Goodbye My Love Virginia Lee and Murray Campbell 78
38 Houston Dean Martin 77
39 Love Gene Rockwell 75
40 Concrete and Clay Unit Four Plus Two 69

(Thanks to Peet van Staden for this table)

You can compare this to the list published in Top 40 magazine in 1989 which can be found here:


The top songs pointswise on the local front for 1976 were as follows:

Pos Song Artist Points
1 Goodbye My Love Murray Campbell 235
2 Ciao Gene Rockwell 132
3 Come Back Silly Girl The Staccatos 106
4 Shabby Little Hut The Bats 97
5 Goodbye My Love Virginia Lee and Murray Campbell 78
6 Love Gene Rockwell 75
7 Hungry For Love A-Cads 66
8 Only You My Love Murray Campbell 53
9 Torture Gene Rockwell 50
10 Amore Scusami (My Love Forgive Me) Theo Cavalieros 41


The Rolling Stones took top honours for the most hits in the year as they managed to score 4. Gene Rockwell, Cliff Richard, The Seekers, Herman’s Hermits and Tom Jones all chipped in with 3. A further 11 acts managed 2 while the rest only managed 1.

Gene Rockwell with his 3 was the top scorer for local acts with Emil Dean, The Bats and Murray Campbell coming in with 2 apiece.


Given that they managed 1 more hit than anybody else, it was no real surprise that The Rolling Stones were the top act for weeks spent on the charts. They managed to spend a total of 38 weeks in the top 20 (2 songs on the chart in a week counts as 2 weeks). They were followed by Tom Jones on 35, Murray Campbell (top local artist) on 30 and Herman’s Hermits on 25. Gene Rockwell in 5th place was the second highest local act on 23 and was tied with Elvis Presley on this tally. In total 26 of the 56 artists who charted managed to get into double figures for weeks.


14 songs topped the charts during the year with Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones and Tom Jones accounting for 2 apiece, the 8 others all being by different artists. Murray Campbell’s ‘Goodbye My Love’ was the only local chart topper amongst those.

In terms of weeks spent at the top of the chart, The Beach Boys’ ‘California Girls’ performed the best with 6 consecutive weeks at 1. Murray Campbell’s ‘Goodbye My Love’ also managed 6 weeks but they were not consecutive. In terms of songs, Elvis’ ‘Crying In The Chapel’ and Tom Jones’ ‘What’s  New Pussycat’ were the only other songs to manage more than 2 weeks at the top, both spending 3 weeks there.

The Beach Boys and Murray Campbell also took top honours for weeks at 1 by an act, both managing 6 as mentioned above. Tom Jones just pipped Elvis by managing 5 with his 2 chart toppers while Elvis came in with a total of 4.


We saw 7 hits by woman (including where women were part of a duet) with Virginia Lee being the only local one among them and also the only one to manage 2 hits, although both were as part of duets (one with Slim Whitman and one with Murray Campbell).

The top 5 hits by woman in 1965 were:

Pos Song Artist Points
1 Long Live Love Sandie Shaw 131
2 Forget Domani Connie Francis 101
3 Goodbye My Love Virginia Lee (with Murray Campbell) 78
4 Tennessee Yodel Polka Virginia Lee (with Slim Whitman) 57
5 I Know A Place Petula Clark 46

Connie Francis’ ‘Forget Domani’ was the only song by a woman to top the charts in the year.


Aside from artists from the UK and US (who tend to dominate most charts worldwide), and local acts the following are the top hits from other nationalities:

Pos Song Artist Points Nationality
1 World of Our Own The Seekers 192 Australia
2 Tea and Trumpets The Norman Ruby Orchestra 81 France
3 Goodbye My Love (Il Silenzio) Nini Rosso 25 Italy
4 The Carnival Is Over The Seekers 3 Australia
5 A Walk In The Black Forest Horst Jankowski’s Orchestra 3 Germany

We had more hits by artists from the UK than any other country as they accounted for 36. We saw 23 American hits chart and 13 local ones. The duet between Slim Whitman and Virginia Lee has been counted as a separate ‘multinational’ hit here, feel free to add one apiece to the US and SA total if you want. The only other nationality to feature more than once were the Aussies as they clocked up 3 hits (all by The Seekers). France, Italy and Germany made up the balance with one each from those countries.


The following songs topped either the UK or US charts (or both) in the period from 4 June 1965 (when our charts started) to the end of 1965, but did not make our charts.

Back In My Arms Again Supremes
Eve Of Destruction Barry McGuire
Help Me Rhonda Beach Boys
I Can’t Help Myself Four Tops
I Hear A Symphony Supremes
Make It Easy On Yourself Walker Brothers
Over And Over Dave Clark Five
Turn! Turn! Turn! Byrds
Yesterday* Beatles

* Matt Monro’s version of this song did chart


Two  well-known song writing teams led the way for number of hits by songs writers as the Beatles duo of Lennon & McCartney  and The Stones’ Jagger & Richards clocked up 3 hits each. They were joined by Tom Springfield, Guglielmo Brezza and Nini Rosso in this total. 12 further song writers managed to score with 2 hits.

However, on the weeks spent on the chart by their compositions, it was Guglielmo Brezza and Nini Rosso who topped the list with 29 weeks, all of them coming from the 1 song (‘Goodbye My Love’) which charted in 3 different versions. Lennon & McCarty were second with 26 weeks with Jagger & Richards next on 24.

No song writer managed to score more than one chart topper during the year.


Well, that’s it for the first year of charts. Onward to 1966 now.


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