7 January 1966


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 3 7 Hungry for Love  – A-Cads
2 4 9 Hang On Sloopy  – McCoys
3 9 4 Get Off My Cloud  – Rolling Stones
4 1 13 California Girls  – Beach Boys
5 10 4 The Carnival is Over  – Seekers
6 2 10 Come Back Silly Girl  – Staccatos
7 12 6 How the Mighty Hath Fallen  – Emil Dean
8 5 11 Stand Beside Me  – Perry Como
9 7 9 If You Gotta Go, Go Now  – Manfred Mann
10 14 5 Wind Me Up, Let Me Go  – Cliff Richard
11 11 5 Yesterday  – Matt Monro
12 8 6 Amore Scusami (My Love Forgive Me)  – Theo Cavalieros
13 6 7 Only You My Love  – Murray Campbell
14 18 2 Treat Her Right  – Roy Head and The Traits
15 16 5 That’s How I Feel  – Bats
16 New 1 We Can Work it Out  – Beatles
17 19 3 Here it Comes Again  – Fortunes
18 13 9 Houston  – Dean Martin
19 15 15 What’s New Pussycat  – Tom Jones
20 New 1 Take a Heart  – Sorrows

The new year started off with a new number one and it was also the second song by a local act to top the charts. The A-Cads’ ‘Hungry For Love’ knocked the Beach Boys’ ‘California Girls’ off the top spot after the latter had spent a record to date 6 consecutive weeks at 1. The Beach Boys song ended up at 4, giving it the second biggest drop from the top spot to date as its 3 place fall was only 1 less than Elvis’ ‘Crying The Chapel’ which had fallen 4 places from number 1 in August 1965 to take the record to date.

For the second week running The Rolling Stones’ ‘Get Off My Cloud’ was the biggest climber and once again it made a 6 place leap, this time going from 9 to 3. The Stones joined 5 other acts at the top of the list for number of times with the biggest climber as this was their 3rd time. There were 4 other songs which made star rater status. The Seekers’ ‘The Carnival Is Over’ and Emil Dean’s ‘’ How the Mighty Hath Fallen’ both moved up 5 while Cliff Richard’s ‘Wind Me Up, Let Me Go’ and Roy Head and The Traits’ ‘Treat Her Right’ climbed 4.

Murray Campbell picked up his second biggest faller award as his hit, ‘Only You My Love’ fell 7 places from 6 to 13 to give him the biggest drop this week.

Tom Jones’ ‘What’s New Pussycat?’ remained the oldest on the chart as it moved on to 15 weeks.

We lost 2 songs from the charts, the first being We Five’s ‘You Were On My Mind’ which had enjoyed 7 weeks on the top 20 and peaked at 11 during that time. This would be the band’s only SA chart hit.

The other song to go was the UK chart topping hit by Ken Dodd, ‘Tears’. It did not fare nearly as well in SA, lasting just 9 weeks on the chart (it spent 21 in the UK top 20) and peaked at 3.

The Beatles returned to the charts with their 3rd SA hit, ‘We Can Work It Out’. The song was released as a double A-sided single in the UK where the flipside was ‘Daytripper’ It would be their 13th song to chart in the UK and the 9th to go to the top of the charts there where it spent 5 weeks, the 5th of their chart toppers there to spend 5 or more weeks at 1. It would also top the US charts, knocking Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Sounds Of Silence’ off the number 1 spot there before spending 2 weeks at the top after which ‘Sounds Of Silence’ regained pole position for a week, then ‘We Can Work It Out’ returned to the top for a week. This was only 1 of 2 Beatles songs that would have an interrupted run at 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (the other being ‘Paperback Writer’).  The song would also top the Dutch and Irish charts and go to 2 in Germany and 3 in Belgium.

The other new entry was ‘Take A Heart’ by British band The Sorrows. The song was first recorded by a band called The Boys Blue but The Sorrows version, which came out soon after The Boys Blue’s  one, was the one that managed to get into the UK charts, climbing to number 21 there. The song was written by Miki Dallon who would have further success on our charts as the producer of Apollo 100’s ‘Joy’ (a number 18 hit in 1972).

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