26 March 1966


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 4 These Boots are Made for Walking  – Nancy Sinatra
2 2 6 The Sounds of Silence  – Simon & Garfunkel
3 5 4 The Ballad of the Green Berets  – Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler
4 3 11 Yesterday Man  – Chris Andrews
5 8 3 To Whom it Concerns  – Chris Andrews
6 4 6 Michelle  – Overlanders
7 10 3 19th Nervous Breakdown  – Rolling Stones
8 15 4 Yes Mr. Peters  – Steve Karliski and Mimi Roman
9 6 9 Jimmy Come Lately  – Four Jacks & a Jill
10 7 16 Wind Me Up, Let Me Go  – Cliff Richard
11 9 12 We Can Work it Out  – Beatles
12 20 2 My Love  – Petula Clark
13 19 2 For You Babe  – June Muscat
14 16 4 I’ve Got Everything You Need Babe  – Gene Rockwell
15 14 8 Let Me Be  – Turtles
16 11 15 Get Off My Cloud  – Rolling Stones
17 New 1 One by One  – Group 66
18 12 7 I’ll Step Aside  – Tony Wells
19 13 7 It’s My Life  – Animals
20 18 6 I’ll Step Aside  – Ronnie Wilson

Nancy Sinatra’s’ boots were still walking round the top spot in the charts as ‘These Boots are Made for Walking’ enjoyed a second week there. The previous number 1, Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sounds of Silence’ was unmoved at 2.

Just last week we had the first occasion where an artist sat next themselves on the charts when The Rolling Stones occupied positions 10 and 11. This week we saw the second time an act sat in adjacent positions as Chris Andrews’ ‘To Whom It Concerns’ moved into 5thplace, 1 below his other hit in the charts, ‘Yesterday Man’.

Petula Clark’s ‘My Love’ clocked up the 4th biggest climber award for a female artist as it moved up 8 from 20 to 12 and in so doing equalled the biggest climb by a song by a woman to date which this week’s number 1 had managed 2 weeks previously. Sandi Shaw and Jackie Trent had brought us our other 2 biggest climbers in the week that were by solo female artists. ‘My Love’s fellow new entry last week, June Muscat’s ‘For You Babe’ and Steve Karliski & Mimi Roman’s ‘Yes Mr. Peters’ were also star raters with the latter climbing 7 to 8 while the latter moved up 6 to 13.

Tony Wells’ version of ‘I’ll Step Aside’ was the faller of the week dropping 6 places to 18. This was the 12th time the biggest faller had been by a local act. It was separated from the other version of the song (by Ronnie Wilson) by the other biggest faller of the week, The Animals’ ‘It’s My Life’, which sat at 19, while Wilson’s version was at 20.

Just 1 song left the charts this week and it was the one that had been the biggest faller in the previous 2 weeks. The leaver was Len Barry’s ‘1-2-3’ which had 6 weeks on the charts and peaked at 4. This would be the highest ever position attained by a song spending only 6 weeks on the charts, except for the song that would be at number 1 on the very last chart on February 1989 (which had spent 6 weeks in the top 20 up to the date of the last chart). ‘1-2-3’ would be Barry’s only SA chart hit.

The new entry this week was Group 66’s ‘One By One’.  The band was a local act comprising Peter Foyn, Carlos da Silva, Brian Mulder and Lou “Moose” Forer and shouldn’t be confused with a Swedish band of the same name. The song was written by and American singer/song writer Art Mann who would record his own version which would appear on the b-side of his 1969 single ‘Come Live With Me’.

The oldest song on the chart was Cliff Richard’s ‘Wind Me Up, Let Me Go’ which moved on to 16 weeks. The Beatles shook off Murray Campbell to claim 3rd place on the list of week on the charts as they moved on to 34 weeks while Cliff Richard moved into 9th place, going one ahead of The Fortunes and The Hollies with his 21 to date.

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