13 May 1966


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 3 4 Die Gezoem van die Bye  – Des Lindberg
2 1 5 Distant Drums  – Jim Reeves
3 2 7 Barbara Ann  – Beach Boys
4 4 11 The Ballad of the Green Berets  – Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler
5 12 4 Elusive Butterfly  – Judy Page
6 14 2 Darling it’s Wonderful  – Virginia Lee
7 7 7 A Well Respected Man  – Kinks
8 15 3 Elusive Butterfly  – Bob Lind
9 5 10 19th Nervous Breakdown  – Rolling Stones
10 9 5 Flowers on the Wall  – Statler Brothers
11 8 11 These Boots are Made for Walking  – Nancy Sinatra
12 11 4 Lies and Kisses  – Cliff Richard
13 6 10 To Whom it Concerns  – Chris Andrews
14 10 13 The Sounds of Silence  – Simon & Garfunkel
15 16 3 Don’t Push Me  – Hedgehoppers Anonymous
16 13 9 For You Babe  – June Muscat
17 New 1 I Can’t Let Go  – Hollies
18 New 1 Substitute  – Who
19 New 1 Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)  – Cher
20 18 7 A Must to Avoid  – Herman’s Hermits

Des Lindberg’s ‘Die Gezoem van die Bye’ became the 3rd song by a local act to chart and the first Afrikaans chart topper (classified as Afrikaans despite there being some English verses) as it displaced Jim Reeves’ ‘Distant Drums’ from the number 1 spot. The latter had enjoyed 2 weeks there and it dropped to number 2. The Beach Boy’s ‘Barbara Ann’ which was at 2 last week and looking likely to become their second char topper, dropped 1 place to 3.

Last week’s new entry, Virginia Lee’s ‘Darling it’s Wonderful’ became the first song by a local woman to take the biggest climber in a week award. It was the 6th overall for a woman and the 16th local song to manage this. It moved up 8 from 14 to 6 and equalled the biggest climb in a week to date by a local song which 3 other songs had managed. Overall it was the second biggest climb in a week to date.

Just missing out on the biggest climber award were both versions of ‘Elusive Butterfly’ which each climbed 7 places. Judy Page’s version landed up at 5 while Bob Lind moved into 8th place. The climbs of Virginia Lee and Judy Page gave us our first week with 2 local woman in the top 10. Chris Andrews’ ‘To Whom It Concerns’ had the biggest drop this week as it fell 7 to 13

Three songs fell off the chart this week, the first of which was The Righteous Brothers’ ‘(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration’ which became the first song to spend more than 1 week in the chart, but only have a peak of 20 as it managed 2 weeks at the bottom spot. This ended their SA Chart career with them having had only 1 other hit, ‘Unchained Melody’. In total they spent 14 weeks in the top 20 and their earlier hit’s peak of 2 was the best they managed.

The duet between Steve Karliski and Mimi Roman, ‘Yes Mr Peters’, was the second song to go. It had spent 10 weeks in the charts and peaked at 6. For both artists on the record this would be their only appearance on our charts.

We also bid farewell to Petula Clark’s ‘My Love’ which had spent 8 weeks on the charts, 3 more than her previous hit ‘I Know A Place’, but fell 1 short of equalling the peak of that earlier (and her only other to date) hit as it went to 6.

Simon And Garfunkel’s ‘The Sounds Of Silence’ continued as our oldest on the charts as it moved on to 13 weeks.

The highest new entry was ‘I Can’t Let Go’ by The Hollies and it was their 3rd hit to chart to date. The song would just miss out on topping the official UK charts, sitting at 2 while The Walker Brothers’ ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ occupied the number 1 slot. It did, however, top the alternative UK charts published at the time by the NME. In the US it would peak at 42. In 1980 Linda Ronstadt would take a cover of the song to 31 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The Who made their SA Chart debut with ‘Substitute’ (nothing to do with the Clout song in case you were wondering). It would be their 4th song to make the UK charts where it went to number 5, returning to the charts there in 1976 and getting to number 7 during that run. Elsewhere it would get to number 2 in Holland, 13 in Germany and 17 in Belgium. Apparently Keith Moon could not recall playing drums on the song as he was too stoned at the time. He even accused the band of getting another drummer in.

Last of the newcomers was Cher’s ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’ and like The Who, she was enjoying a first solo SA hit, although we had already seen her on the charts as one half of Sonny And Cher. It would give her a number 3 hit in the UK and in the US she would end up being stuck at 2 behind one of the songs leaving our chart this week, The Righteous Brothers’ ‘(You’re My) Soul and Inspiration’. Sonny Bobo’s name did appear on the record label, but as song writer rather than as artist (or half of the artist). The song would fare well worldwide, going top 20 in Australia (#11), Austria (#6), Belgium (#9), Canada (#9), Holland (#16), Germany (#17), Ireland (#3), Italy (#6), New Zealand (#2), Poland (#15) and Sweden (#12).

The Rolling Stones were still clocking up the weeks count and now hit the 60 milestone and still sat atop of the list of weeks to date. The Hollies pulled 1 ahead of The Ivy League to go into 12th place on their own with 21 under their belts while Virginia Lee climbed into 3rd place on her own on the local list with 18 to her name. She sat tied 14th overall and was the only woman in the top 20 of that list.

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