22 July 1966


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 6 Monday Monday  – Mamas and The Papas
2 1 7 Sloop John B  – Beach Boys
3 6 5 Paint it, Black  – Rolling Stones
4 12 3 Somewhere My Love  – Ray Conniff Singers
5 5 6 Wild Thing  – Troggs
6 8 5 Lara’s Theme  – MGM Singing Strings
7 3 10 Pretty Flamingo  – Manfred Mann
8 11 5 Endless Sleep  – Group 66
9 9 4 Paperback Writer  – Beatles
10 4 9 Strangers in the Night  – Frank Sinatra
11 7 10 Pied Piper  – Crispian St Peters
12 14 3 Tchaikovsky One  – Second City Sound
13 New 1 Lara’s Theme (From Dr Zhivago)  – Roger Williams
14 18 2 Sixteen Candles  – Jody Wayne
15 10 7 Where Did We Go Wrong  – Petula Clark
16 13 5 Sea of Heartbreak  – Dickie Loader
17 15 8 Hold Tight  – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
18 16 10 I’m a Rock  – John E Sharpe & The Squires
19 17 4 You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me  – Pamela Dean
20 19 9 Homeward Bound  – Simon & Garfunkel

The Mamas And The Papas became the 9th act that would have 5 or more hits on our charts that would have their first hit go to number 1 as ‘Monday Monday’ took over the top spot from The Beach Boys’ ‘Sloop John B’. The latter had spent just 1 week at the top of the pile and it dropped in to second place this week.

For a second week running, Ray Conniff’s ‘Somewhere My Love’ took the biggest climber award as it rocketed up 8 from 12 to 4. Only 4 songs had managed bigger climbs than this (3 having a 10 place jump and 1 having a 9 place jump). This was the 11th time we had seen an 8 place jump. Jody Wayne’s ‘Sixteen Candles’ was the only other star rater as it climbed 4 to 14 and on the subject of 14, this was the 14th time a song by a local male had been a star rater.

Just two weeks ago it was at number 1, but this week Frank Sinatra’s ‘Strangers In The Night’ was our biggest faller as it dropped 6 places from 4 to 10.

Des Lindberg’s ‘Die Gezoem Van Die Bye’ left our charts after 13 weeks, 3 of which were spent at the top spot. There was more to come from him in a solo capacity as well as part of the Des & Dawn combo with his wife.

The departure of ‘Die Gezoem Van Die Bye’ from the charts meant that 3 songs took over as the oldest on the charts. These were Manfred Mann’s ‘Pretty Flamingo’, Crispian St Peters’ ‘Pied Piper’ and John E Sharpe & The Squires’ ‘I’m A Rock’. All were on 10 weeks which was the lowest week count for an oldest song on the chart since those on the very first chart became the oldest at that level.

‘Lara Theme’ from the Dr. Zhivago film was proving popular. We had the vocal version, ‘Somewhere My Love’ by The Ray Conniff Singers at 4 and the instrumental by The MGM Singing Strings version at 6. To this we now added Roger William’s instrumental version which combined the two titles calling itself ‘Lara’s Theme (Somewhere My Love)’ and entered the charts at 13 this week. It was the 5th instrumental song to chart and had the highest debut position for an instrumental to date and the 4th highest position for any song to start its chart run from to date. Williams, a pianist, was born Louis Jacob Weertz and already had 17 US Hot 100 hits (including a number 1 with ‘Autumn Leaves’) under his belt before ‘Lara’s Theme (Somewhere My Love)’ charted there. It peaked at number 65 during a 6 week. He lived to the ripe of age of 87, dying just 7 days after his birthday on 8 October 2011.

The Beatles celebrated their 40th week in the charts while Petula Clark reached half that number, hitting the 20 week milestone. The former were unmoved in 3rd place on the weeks count table while Petula climbed into 16th place alongside The Fortunes. Simon and Garfunkel moved into tied 13th place with The Hollies on 24 weeks. On the local list, John E Sharpe & The Squires celebrated 10 weeks and moved into 11th place.

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