4 November 1966


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 Sweet Pea  – Tommy Roe
2 2 10 With a Girl Like You  – Troggs
3 3 6 The More I See You  – Chris Montez
4 4 4 Guantanamera  – Sandpipers
5 7 4 Walk with Me  – Seekers
6 8 4 Can I Trust You  – Bachelors
7 11 3 Tippy Toeing  – Harden Trio
8 6 9 Hanky Panky  – Tommy James & The Shondells
9 5 8 Born Free  – Matt Monro
10 9 9 Black is Black  – Los Bravos
11 12 6 Summer in the City  – Lovin’ Spoonful
12 17 2 Sunny  – Bobby Hebb
13 13 8 Lana  – Roy Orbison
14 10 10 Just Like a Woman  – Manfred Mann
15 14 16 Lara’s Theme (From Dr Zhivago)  – Roger Williams
16 New 1 Bend It  – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
17 New 1 Too Soon To Know  – Roy Orbison
18 New 1 Sunshine Superman  – Donovan
19 15 9 I’ve Been Hurt  – Guy Darrell
20 16 3 Out of Time  – Chris Farlowe

‘Sweet Pea’ by Tommy Roe entered its 3rd week as the nation’s favourite song, despite the previous number 1, The Troggs’ ‘With A Girl Like You’ still lurking at number 2. In fact the latter was now the 4th song to spend 3 consecutive weeks in second place (a record to date). Chris Montez’ ‘The More I See You’ and The Sandpipers’ ‘Guantanamera’ were also unmoved at 3 and 4 respectively.

Last week’s new entry, ‘Sunny’ by Bobby Hebb was our biggest climber this week as it jumped up 5 from 17 to 12 and last week’s biggest climber, ‘Tippy Toeing’ by the Harden Trio was the only other star rater as it moved up another 4 places from 11 to 7.

There were 4 songs that took the biggest faller this week as they all dropped 4 places down the chart. These were Matt Monro’s ‘Born Free’, Manfred Mann’s ‘Just Like A Woman’, Guy Darrell’s ‘I’ve Been Hurt’ (last week’s biggest faller as well) and Chris Farlowe’s ‘Out Of Time’ which fell to 9,14,19 and 20 respectively. Manfred Mann, like Guy Darrell were experiencing this for the second time while Matt Monro and Chris Farlowe were first timers.

Roger Williams’ ‘Lara’s Theme (From Dr Zhivago)’ was the oldest song for the 6th week running. Only Cliff Richard’s ‘’Wind Me Up, Let Me Go’ had spent more weeks as the oldest on the charts (excluding those songs that were on the very first chart), having managed 7. Tom Jones’ ‘What’s New Pussycat’ had also spent 6 weeks as the oldest.

Jim Reeves could be forgiven for being on the blue side, but was certainly not lonesome as well as his song ‘Blue Side Of Lonesome’ was one of 3 that dropped off the top 20. The song had spent 8 weeks on the chart (4 less than his only other hit to date, ‘Distant Drums’) and peaked at 6, 5 lower than the chart topping feat of his previous hit.

The Mamas And The Papas may have seen her again, but we didn’t see ‘I Saw Her Again’ on the charts again. It had spent 11 weeks with us and peaked at 3. As with Jim Reeves’ second hit, this, The Mamas And The Papas’ second hit, would not fare as well as its predecessor, spending  just 1 week less than ‘Monday Monday’ and also not matching the chart topping success of their previous hit.

Last to go was The Fantastic Baggys’ ‘Tell ’em I’m Surfin’’ which had spent 10 weeks in the chart and peaked at 2. All 3 of the artists on the songs leaving us this week would return to the charts.

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch were back with their second hit to date, ‘Bend It’. As with their previous hit, ‘Hold Tight’, the song was written by Alan Blaikley and Ken Howard. It would go to number 2 in the UK, their highest placing on those charts to date (beaten only by ‘The Legend Of Xanadu’ which went to number 1 in 1968). ‘Bend It’ would top the charts in Germany and New Zealand.

Roy Orbison became the 16th act to have 2 songs in the chart in the same week as ‘Too Soon To Know’ joined ‘Lana’ in the top 20. Orbison was both the 7th male and 7th American act to manage this (but not the 7th American male). The song was not a cover of the 1948 song by The Orioles, but rather one written but Don Gibson (who would chart himself later on). Orbison’s song would make it to 68 in the US and 3 in the UK.

The last new entry set a new record for biggest gap between hits for an artist as we had last seen Donovan on our charts 62 weeks previously. This week he returned with ‘Sunshine Superman’. The previous biggest gap record had been 42 weeks which Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs had held. Strangely, it would be just over a month later that this song made the chart in Donovan’s’ native UK, but this was due to a legal wrangle which delayed its release there. It would give Donovan his only US chart topper and would make it to number 2 in the UK. The song was produced by Mickie Most who had spent some time working in the music industry in SA and featured the musicianship of John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page, both of whom would go on to become members of Led Zeppelin.

Manfred Mann enjoyed their 40th week in the charts but were unmoved on the weeks count list, still sitting in 5th place, 2 behind The Beatles who where in 4th place. The Seekers’ took 6th place for themselves, shaking off Murray Campbell who shared that spot with them last week. The Seekers were on 34 weeks. We were in our 3rd week of charts bereft of local content.

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