25 November 1966


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 10 Sweet Pea  – Tommy Roe
2 3 4 Bend It  – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
3 4 6 Tippy Toeing  – Harden Trio
4 2 7 Guantanamera  – Sandpipers
5 12 3 No Milk Today  – Herman’s Hermits
6 14 2 Winchester Cathedral  – New Vaudeville Band
7 5 9 The More I See You  – Chris Montez
8 6 13 With a Girl Like You  – Troggs
9 11 4 Too Soon To Know  – Roy Orbison
10 7 5 Sunny  – Bobby Hebb
11 8 4 Sunshine Superman  – Donovan
12 10 7 Walk with Me  – Seekers
13 9 11 Born Free  – Matt Monro
14 15 12 Hanky Panky  – Tommy James & The Shondells
15 New 1 Ramblin’ Boy  – We Three
16 17 10 Blue Side of Lonesome  – Jim Reeves
17 New 1 Good Vibrations  – Beach Boys
18 New 1 Pa Pa Do Ron Ron  – Fantastic Baggys
19 New 1 Lady Godiva  – Peter and Gordon
20 16 12 Black is Black  – Los Bravos

‘Sweet Pea’ by Tommy Roe still topped our charts this week and in doing so become only the second song to spend 6 consecutive weeks at 1, joining The Beach Boys’ ‘California Girls’ in this feat. Murray Campbell’s ‘Goodbye My Love’ had also managed 6 weeks at 1, but this was done in an interrupted run of 2 lots of 3 weeks each. The biggest threat to Roe making into a 7th week at the top came from Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch’s ‘Bend It’ which moved up 1 more place to settle at 2 this week.

The New Vaudeville Band took the biggest climber award as their hit, ‘Winchester Cathedral’ moved up 8 places from 14 to 6 and Herman’s Hermits’ ‘No Milk Today’ was the only other song making a leap greater than 4 places as it moved up 6 to 5.

The fallers this week were both songs starting with the letter ‘B’. ‘Born Free’ by Matt Monro and ‘Black Is Black’ by Los Bravos both fell 4 places, ending up at 13 at 20 respectively.

‘Lara’s Theme (From Dr Zhivago)’ by Roger Williams ended its record breaking 8 weeks as the oldest on the chart as it finally dropped off the top 20. It had spent 18 weeks in the top 20, 4 of which were at number 1. The 18 weeks it managed was the second highest a song had managed to date with The Beach Boys’ ‘California Girls’ and Cliff Richards’ ‘Wind Me Up, Let Me Go’ leading the way with 19 weeks each. ‘Lara’s Theme (From Dr Zhivago)’ would be Williams’ only SA chart hit. The departure of Williams’ version of this song also ended the run which the song had had in 3 different versions (Remember The Ray Conniff Singers and The MGM Singing Strings had also charted with vocal and instrumental version respectively). In total the song in its different version spent 40 weeks on the charts of which it occupied the top spot for 8 consecutive weeks, firstly 4 weeks by the Ray Conniff version, then 4 by Williams’ one.

This also meant the oldest song on the chart baton was handed over to The Troggs’ ‘With A Girl Like You’ which was on 13 weeks.

It was nothing for the Small Faces this week as ‘All Or Nothing’ dropped off the charts after just 2 weeks, both of which were spent at 19. The up side for the band was that there was still another hit to come from them.

The Monkees debut hit fared little better than The Small Faces one as it also only managed 2 weeks. Its peak was a slightly more respectable 16.

The Bacherlors’ ‘Can I Trust You’ became the 7th song to exit the chart from position 13, the second highest last week position to date. 2 songs had seen out their last week at number 11.

Our 6 week drought of local artists in the chart ended this week with the arrival of We Three’s cover of ‘Ramblin’ Boy’. The song was written and recorded by well know Folk singer Tom Paxton in 1964. The song, despite being often covered, has not made the charts in the US or the UK for any of the artists recording it. We Three were a local folk group consisting of Gary Bryden, Brenda Hughes (nee Newfield) and John Rice. Gary Bryden was originally from the UK and has subsequently returned there while Brenda Hughes now lives in San Francisco.  Gary Bryden once invited Mel Green (of Mel, Mel & Julian fame) on stage at the Troubadour Coffehouse in Johannesburg to sing along with them. This was a pivotal moment as it gave Little Mel, as Green was known, the courage to form the group he would go on to have some success with.

The Beach Boys returned to the charts with their 4th hit to date. So far the peak positions for their songs read 1-2-1. Was ‘Good Vibrations’ going to stall at 2 and keep the sequence going? The signs for them to break this sequence looked good as the song had topped the charts on both side of the Atlantic and also went to number 1 in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Rhodesia. The song, which took about 8 months to record, is widely regarded as not only one of The Beach Boy’s best, but crops up in most ‘Best Singles Of All Time’ lists that appear.

The Fantastic Baggys also returned to our charts this week. Their second hit was ‘Pa Pa Do Ron Ron’. The song was a cover of a Jan & Dean one called ‘New Girl In School’ or sometimes ‘New Girl In Town’ and apart from Jan Berry from Jan & Dean, it also included a certain Brain Wilson (he of the Beach Boys fame) in the writing credits. This meant that we had a song writer have 2 songs in the chart for the first time in 7 weeks as Wilson had penned ‘Good Vibrations’ alongside Mike Love.

The last of the newcomers was Peter & Gordon with their hit ‘Lady Godiva’ and despite the subject matter of the song being about an uncovered woman, this version of the song was a cover, it originally being recorded by Paul Jones. Peter & Gordon’s version would go to number 6 in the US and 16 in the UK. The Peter in the duo was Peter Asher, the brother of Paul McCartney’s then girlfriend, Jane Asher. Peter & Gordon would famously knock The Beatles’ ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ off the top spot in the UK with ‘A World Without Love’, a Lennon & McCartney composition.

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