9 December 1966


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 6 Bend It  – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
2 3 4 Winchester Cathedral  – New Vaudeville Band
3 2 5 No Milk Today  – Herman’s Hermits
4 4 12 Sweet Pea  – Tommy Roe
5 7 3 Good Vibrations  – Beach Boys
6 5 9 Guantanamera  – Sandpipers
7 6 8 Tippy Toeing  – Harden Trio
8 16 2 Cry Softly (Liebestraum)  – Nancy Ames
9 8 7 Sunny  – Bobby Hebb
10 11 6 Sunshine Superman  – Donovan
11 10 11 The More I See You  – Chris Montez
12 19 2 Land of Milk and Honey  – Dream Merchants
13 18 3 Pa Pa Do Ron Ron  – Fantastic Baggys
14 New 1 Ramblin’ Boy  – Des Lindberg
15 New 1 Green Green Grass of Home  – Tom Jones
16 14 6 Too Soon To Know  – Roy Orbison
17 9 15 With a Girl Like You  – Troggs
18 RE 2 Lady Godiva  – Peter and Gordon
19 12 9 Walk with Me  – Seekers
20 13 3 Ramblin’ Boy  – We Three

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch’s ‘Bend It’ enjoyed a second week at the top of our charts while the threat from Herman’s Hermits’ ‘No Milk Today’, which was number 2 last week, was replaced by The New Vaudeville Band’s ‘Winchester Cathedral which was at 3 last week, but swapped places with the Herman’s Hermits’ hit.

Nancy Ames’ ‘Cry Softly (Liebestraum)’ was the climber of the week, moving up 8 from 16 to 8. This equalled the biggest climb in a week by a solo female artist with Nancy Sinatra, Petula Clark and Virginia Lee all having managed a leap of this magnitude before.

The Dream Merchants’ ‘Land Of Milk And Honey’ just missed out on the biggest climber as its jump of 7 places (from 19 to 12) was 1 short  of the biggest climber. This was the group’s 3rd time with a star rater. Also making a star rater climb was The Fantastic Baggys’ ‘Pa Pa Do Ron Ron’ which moved up 5 from 18 to 13, giving them their second climb of 4 or more places.

The Troggs took the biggest fall this week as their song ‘With A Girl Like You’ plunged 8 places from 9 to 17. This was the second time the band had experienced a biggest fall in a week. It was, however, still the oldest on the chart, enjoying its 15th week in the top 20.

Tommy James & The Shondells’ debut hit on our charts, ‘Hanky Panky’, ended its run this week. It had lasted 13 weeks and peaked at 3 during that time. But it was not all over for the band’s SA chart career as we would see more from them.

Matt Monro’s ‘Born Free’ also headed off the top 20. It had spent 12 weeks with us and managed to get to a highest position of 12. This was not as successful as his previous hit, a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’, which had made it to 7. There was still another hit to come from Matt.

Last of the leavers was the first song we saw come back into the top 20 after leaving it and that was Jim Reeves’ ‘Blue Side Of Lonesome’ which added 3 weeks to its original run of 8, so a total of 11 weeks with a peak of 6.

Three weeks back we saw the end of the run for a song that charted in 3 different versions. This week we saw a 5th song that would chart with more than 1 version as Des Lindberg’s cover of the Tom Paxton song, ‘Ramblin’ Boy’, joined the We Three version which had sadly dropped to 20 this week. This was Des’ second song to grace our charts and the 20th song by a local male.

Tom Jones joined Cliff Richard and Herman’s Hermits in second place on the number of hits list as his 5th to date, ‘Green Green Grass Of Home’, joined the top 20. These 3 artists sat 1 behind The Rolling Stones who led the way with 6. The song began its 7 week run at number 1 in the UK the day after last weeks’ SA chart went out. It would also give Jones his 8th US hit and his 3rd highest peak there to date, going to 11. The song was originally recorded in 1965 by Country & Western singer Johnny Darrell and that same year Porter Wagoner (who recorded a number of duets with Dolly Parton) took a version to 4 on the Country Singles charts in the US. Apart from the UK and US success, Jones would take his version to the top of the charts in Ireland, Norway, Australia and Rhodesia. This was the 75th song by a UK artist to chart. The Poms led the way by 4 over the Yanks now for number of hits.

As mentioned above, the first song to make a re-entry into the chart, finally left the top 20, but as it did so, we saw the second song to make a re-entry reappear on our charts as Peter & Gordon’s ‘Lady Godiva’ which had spent just a single week in the charts 2 weeks back, was once again in the top 20, re-joining the chart at number 18 this week.

Tom Jones’ new entry took him on to a total of 45 weeks, but this was not enough to move him up the weeks count list as he was at 3 while the number 2 spot was occupied by The Beach Boys who were also clocking up the weeks as ‘Good Vibrations’ was at 5 this week. The Beach Boys were on 48. The Rolling Stones were still way out front on 71. Des Lindberg went tied 8th on the local list as he was now on 14 weeks, sharing the spot with The A-Cads and Group 66. The Dream Merchants climbed to tied 16th on that list with their 8 weeks pulling them level with Judy Page.

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