16 December 1966


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 5 Winchester Cathedral  – New Vaudeville Band
2 1 7 Bend It  – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
3 3 6 No Milk Today  – Herman’s Hermits
4 5 4 Good Vibrations  – Beach Boys
5 4 13 Sweet Pea  – Tommy Roe
6 8 3 Cry Softly (Liebestraum)  – Nancy Ames
7 6 10 Guantanamera  – Sandpipers
8 14 2 Ramblin’ Boy  – Des Lindberg
9 7 9 Tippy Toeing  – Harden Trio
10 13 4 Pa Pa Do Ron Ron  – Fantastic Baggys
11 15 2 Green Green Grass of Home  – Tom Jones
12 12 3 Land of Milk and Honey  – Dream Merchants
13 New 1 Hooray for Hazel  – Tommy Roe
14 20 4 Ramblin’ Boy  – We Three
15 10 7 Sunshine Superman  – Donovan
16 New 1 Morningtown Ride  – Seekers
17 9 8 Sunny  – Bobby Hebb
18 11 12 The More I See You  – Chris Montez
19 19 10 Walk with Me  – Seekers
20 New 1 Games That Lovers Play  – Eddie Fisher

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch’s ‘Bend It’ lasted just 2 weeks at the top of the charts before being displaced by The New Vaudeville Band’s ‘Winchester Cathedral’ this week. ‘Bend It’ dropped into second place.

The climbers this week were both ‘Ramblin’ Boy’s as Des Lindberg and We Three’s versions moved up 6 places each, the former landing up at 8 and the latter at 14. This would be the second and also the last time that we would see a song writer have 2 biggest climbers in a week. This time it was Tom Paxton who wrote ‘Ramblin’ Boy’ that managed it. The previous time was when John E Sharpe & The Squires’ version of ‘I’m A Rock’ shared this honour with Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Homeward Bound’ giving Paul Simon two biggest climbers in the week. It seems that Des Lindberg’s version of ‘Ramblin’ Boy’ gave the We Three version a shot in the arm as last week that version had fallen 7 places to 20 and looked like it was on its way out.

Tom Jones’ ‘Green Green Grass Of Home’ climbed 4 to 11 to be the only other star rater this week. This was his 5th star rater award. Des Lindberg’s star rater climb was the 40th for a local song.

Things were not all that Sunny for Bobby Hebb as his song was our biggest faller this week. It dropped 8 from 9 to 17. This was the 15th song to experience a fall of 8 or more places to date and the 6th time for an American act, moving the US out in front for most times with a fall of 8 or more places. Artists from the UK accounted for 5 of the 15 and local acts made up the other 4.

Peter And Gordon’s second go at the top 20 with ‘Lady Godiva’ fared little better than their first try as the song fell off the chart after just 1 extra week. This meant it had had 2 runs of 1 week each, however this time, it spent its week at 18, 1 place higher than its last run. I’ll let you work out its weeks and peak from that.

The Troggs’ ‘With A Girl Like You’ ended its time in the top 20. It had been with us for 15 weeks and spent 4 of those at the number 1 spot. The song had been the oldest on the charts for 3 weeks. Tommy Roe’s ‘Sweet Pea’ which was on 13 weeks took over the ‘oldest song’ title.

Last to go this week was Roy Orbison’s ‘Too Soon To Know’ which had been with us for 6 weeks. During that time it managed to equal the number 9 peak of his only other hit to date, ‘Lana’.

Tommy Roe became the 17th act to have 2 songs in the charts at the same time as ‘Hooray For Hazel’ joined ‘Sweet Pea’ in the top 20. This was Roe’s 2nd SA chart hit and the 70th song by a solo male to make our charts. Roe used the same musicians that had worked on ‘Sweet Pea’ on this track and it would give him a number 6 hit in the US, 2 places higher than ‘Sweet Pea’ had managed. As with ‘Sweet Pea’, Roe also penned ‘Hooray For Hazel’ and he joined Brian Wilson and Tom Paxton as having 2 songs they had written in the chart at the same time (Paxton with the 2 versions of ‘Ramblin’ Boy’ mentioned above and Wilson with The Beach Boys’ ‘Good Vibrations’ and The Fantastic Baggys’ ‘Pa Pa Do Ron Ron’).

Last week Tom Jones joined Cliff Richard and Herman’s Hermits in second place on the number of hits list with 5 to his name. This week, The Seekers climbed in next to those 3 acts as ‘Morningtown Ride’ became their 5th to chart. Along with The Rolling Stones at the top of the list on 6 hits, all the acts with 5 or more hits to date were from the UK with the exception of The Seekers who were an Aussie band. ‘Morningtown Ride’ was written and recorded in 1957 by Malvina Reynolds, but it was only The Seekers who managed to have any chart success with it on either side of the Atlantic, going to 2 in the UK and 44 in the US. It would also give them a number 5 hit in neighbouring Rhodesia. With ‘Walk With Me’ still in the charts, The Seekers became the 18th act to have 2 or more hits in the chart in the same week. This was the 15th week we had seen more than 1 artist have 2 or more hits in the charts

In the 1950’s Eddie Fisher had 9 UK hits (including 2 number 1s) and 18 US hits (best peak of 4), but these dried up with the change of decade as he has not seen chart action in the UK since 1957 and only managed 18 weeks with 3 hits in the US in the 1960s. One of those 3 was our new entry this week, ‘Games That Lovers Play’ which ended an almost 5 year drought of Billboard Hot 100 action for Fisher, entering the charts on 29 October 1966. His previous hit there, ‘Tonight’ had had its final week in the Hot 100 on 18 December 1961. ‘Games That Lovers Play’ would go to 45 during a 9 week run on the US charts. ‘Star Wars’ fans may know that Fisher was the father of Carrie Fisher who played Princess Leia in those famous films.

With their new entry this week, The Seekers hit the 40 weeks in the charts milestone and as they had 2 in the charts, they were on 41 and this moved them into 5th place on the week’s count list. Moving 1 ahead of Manfred Mann who were on 40. Des Lindberg moved into tied 7th place on the local list with 15 weeks and The Dream Merchants climbed to tied 14th as they clocked up their 9th week.

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