23 December 1966


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 6 Winchester Cathedral  – New Vaudeville Band
2 2 8 Bend It  – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
3 4 5 Good Vibrations  – Beach Boys
4 3 7 No Milk Today  – Herman’s Hermits
5 6 4 Cry Softly (Liebestraum)  – Nancy Ames
6 11 3 Green Green Grass of Home  – Tom Jones
7 5 14 Sweet Pea  – Tommy Roe
8 8 3 Ramblin’ Boy  – Des Lindberg
9 9 10 Tippy Toeing  – Harden Trio
10 10 5 Pa Pa Do Ron Ron  – Fantastic Baggys
11 7 11 Guantanamera  – Sandpipers
12 13 2 Hooray for Hazel  – Tommy Roe
13 12 4 Land of Milk and Honey  – Dream Merchants
14 16 2 Morningtown Ride  – Seekers
15 14 5 Ramblin’ Boy  – We Three
16 17 9 Sunny  – Bobby Hebb
17 New 1 Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James  – Manfred Mann
18 New 1 Mellow Yellow  – Donovan
19 15 8 Sunshine Superman  – Donovan
20 20 2 Games That Lovers Play  – Eddie Fisher

The New Vaudeville Band’s ‘Winchester Cathedral’ enjoyed a second week at the top of the charts while the previous number 1, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch’s ‘Bend It’ was unmoved at 2.

The climber of the week award went to Tom Jones’ ‘Green Green Grass Of Home’ which moved up 5 from 11 to 6. Jones joined The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Seekers, Herman’s Hermits and The Beach Boys on 4 biggest climbers which was the most any act had managed to date. There were no other songs that made a star rater climb this week.

There were 2 biggest fallers this week, both dropping 4 places. The Sandpipers’ ‘Guantanamera’ fell to 11 while Donovan’s ‘Sunshine Superman’ dropped to 19. For both acts it was the first time with the biggest faller.

Tommy Roe’s ‘Sweet Pea’ moved onto 14 weeks in the charts and was enjoying its second week as the granddaddy of the top 20.

The Seekers only enjoyed a single week with 2 songs in the charts as ‘Walk With Me’ dropped out of the top 20 this week, leaving last week’s new entry, ‘Morningtown Ride’ as their sole representative on the top 20. ‘Walk With Me’ managed a 10 week run with a peak of 5. This was the lowest peak they had had since ‘I’ll Never Find Another You’ which peaked at 16. However it must be said that the latter only spent 1 week on the chart and that was the very first Top 20 that was broadcast, so one does not know how well it would have performed in the weeks leading up to the first chart.

It was a different story for Chris Montez as his hit, The More I See You’ left the chart after 12 weeks and a peak of 3 as this would be his only showing on our charts.

Manfred Mann joined The Seekers, Tom Jones, Herman’s Hermits and Cliff Richard in tied second place on the hits count list as their 5th to date, ‘Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James’ joined the top 20 this week. They were all still 1 behind The Rolling Stones who led the way for hits. ‘Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James’ would give the band a number 2 hit in the UK, but would fail to chart in the US. It did however top the charts in neighbouring Rhodesia, and go to 16 in Germany and 18 in Holland. It was written by Geoff Stephens and John Carter. Carter had brought us both of The Ivy League’s hits to date while Stephens’ only other composition to chart to date was sitting at 1 this week.

Joining Manfred Mann as our only other new entry this week was Donovan with his hit ‘Mellow Yellow’. Its arrival at 18 this week had 2 consequences. Firstly, Donovan became the 19th act to have more than 1 hit in the top 20 in the same week and secondly, with ‘Sunshine Superman’ sitting at 19 we saw only the 3rd occasion where an artist occupied adjacent positions in the chart. The previous 2 to manage adjacent positions were The Rolling Stones and Chris Andrews. ‘Mellow Yellow’ would go to number 2 in the US and 8 in the UK as well as going top 10 in Australia (#7), Austria (#8), Belgium (#7), Canada (#2), Norway (#7) and Rhodesia (#5). There was a rumour that the song was about smoking dried banana skins which was said to have an hallucinogenic effect, however, both the issue about bananas and the song being inspired by this have been dismissed. (Some may remember a short lived soft drink called ‘Mello Yello’ in the 70s or 80s, the name of which must surely have been inspired by the song). We once again saw Mickie Most’s name for production credits.

With Donovan having penned his 2 songs, and Geoff Stephens having a 2nd composition enter the charts, we now saw a record to date 5 song writers with at least 2 songs in the charts. The other 3 were Tom Paxton, Brian Wilson and Tommy Roe with only Paxton charting with 2 version of the same song (‘Ramblin’ Boy’).

The Beach Boys celebrated their 50th week on the chart and became only the second act to reach this milestone, the previous being The Rolling Stones. Donovan was also celebrating a milestone as he reached the 20 weeks mark. The Seekers moved tied 4th on the weeks count list, joining The Beatles there on 42 and Des Lindberg pulled clear of Emil Dean to be 7th on his own on the local list. He was on 16 weeks.

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