10 February 1967


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 3 I’m a Believer  – Monkees
2 1 10 Green Green Grass of Home  – Tom Jones
3 3 10 Ramblin’ Boy  – Des Lindberg
4 4 11 Cry Softly (Liebestraum)  – Nancy Ames
5 5 5 If I were a Carpenter  – Bobby Darin
6 6 12 Good Vibrations  – Beach Boys
7 8 8 Mellow Yellow  – Donovan
8 7 5 (You Don’t Have To) Paint Me a Picture  – Gary Lewis and The Playboys
9 14 4 Remember When  – Max Bygraves
10 9 9 Hooray for Hazel  – Tommy Roe
11 10 13 Winchester Cathedral  – New Vaudeville Band
12 11 9 Morningtown Ride  – Seekers
13 16 7 Snow Flake  – Jim Reeves
14 15 14 No Milk Today  – Herman’s Hermits
15 17 6 All the Love in the World  – Connie Francis
16 13 21 Sweet Pea  – Tommy Roe
17 New 1 Games That Lovers Play  – Connie Francis
18 12 8 Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James  – Manfred Mann
19 New 1 Knight in Rusty Armour  – Peter and Gordon
20 18 2 Save Me  – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

Tom Jones’ ‘Green Green Grass Of Home’ was denied the chance of equalling the record to date of 6 weeks at 1 by a song as The Monkees’ ‘I’m A Believer’ knocked it from the top spot this week after the former had managed 5 weeks at the top. The Monkees hit was the 5th to make it to number 1 in just 3 weeks. No song had managed to get to the top in 2 weeks so far. ‘I’m A Believer’ was also our 7th chart topper that would also top both the US and UK charts. The last song to manage this was Frank Sinatra’s ‘Strangers In The Night’ which was our top song 34 weeks previously. This was the biggest gap to date that we had had between songs topping all 3 charts (UK, US & SA).

The biggest climber this week was also the only star rater and that was Max Bygraves’ ‘Remember When’ which moved up 5 from 14 to 9. This was the 2nd star rater award for Bygraves as ‘Remember When’ had picked one up the previous week.

On the falling front it was Manfred Mann who were taking the plunge as ‘Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James´ dropped 6 places from 12 to 18 to give the band their 3rd such award.

Tommy Roe’s ‘Sweet Pea’ became the 3rd song that was not on the very first top 20 to be the oldest in the chart for 9 weeks. ‘Sweet Pea’ had been with us for a total of 21 weeks and equalled Cliff Richards’ ‘Wind Me Up, Let Me Go’ and The Beach Boys’ ‘Sloop John B’ for weeks as the oldest.

Two weeks previously we had seen Bobby Bare’s ‘Streets Of Baltimore’ become the first song which had a chart career of 1 week at the bottom of the charts. This week we saw the second of these as The Kinks’ ‘Dead End Street’ left the top 20 after enjoying just one week at 20. Despite this poor showing, The Kinks would come back strong.

Joining The Kinks in spending just a week on the charts was Matt Monro as his ‘Wednesday’s Child’ fell from the top 20 after just a week at 19. Like The Kinks though, this did not spell the end of his SA Chart career.

Connie Francis held the current record for gaps between hits as we had to wait 75 weeks between ‘Forget Domani’ leaving the charts and ‘All The Love In The World’ entering. This time, however, Connie decided not to wait for her previous hit to leave the charts before thrusting her 3rd hit to date on us as ‘Games That Lovers Play’ arrived at 17 while ‘All The Love In The World’ was sitting at 15. This meant that Connie was the first solo female artist to have 2 songs in the charts at the same time and the 20th act overall to manage this. And while she was about it, ‘Games That Lovers Play’ was the 80th by and American act to grace our top 20. The observant among you may well be going, ‘Didn’t Eddie Fisher chart with this song a few weeks back?’ And you would be right as Fisher did spent 2 weeks in the top 20 with this same song in the December of 1966, making it the 6th song to chart in more than 1 version.

It was not just Connie Francis who had more than 1 in the chart this week as Tommy Roe was enjoying his 9th week with ‘Sweet Pea’ and ‘Hooray For Hazel’ in the top 20 at the same time. On the song writer front, Tommy Roe and Geoff Stephens (‘Winchester Catherdral’ and ‘Semi-Detached Suburban Mr James´) were joined by Eddie Snyder for 2 by a song writer as Snyder who had brought us Max Bygraves’ ‘Remember When’ was also listed as a song writer on ‘Games That Lovers Play’.

Peter & Gordon’s first outing into our chart, ‘Lady Godiva’, was not overly successful, spending just 2 weeks in the charts (non-sequential) and peaking at 18. With their second hit, ‘Knight In Rusty Armour’, which arrived in our charts this week, they hoped to fare better. The signs for this to happen were mixed as the song did not make the charts in their native UK, but did manage to climb to 15 in the US. The song had actually appeared on the b-side of the US version of the single ‘Woman’ which went to 28 there in 1966, but made the peak of 15 when released as an a-side.

We saw 2 acts reach the 30 weeks in the chart milestone this week and those were Jim Reeves and Tommy Roe and they sat tied 13th on the weeks count list. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich & Titch and Des Lindberg joined the top 20 of that list as their 23 to date put them tied 20th with Elvis Presley, The Mamas And The Papas and Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs. Lindberg’s 23 was not enough to move him from his 4th place on the local list, in fact the gap between him and Gene Rockwell who was 3rd was 8 weeks, so a lot of ground for Des to make up.

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