5 May 1967


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 3 5 Something Stupid  – Nancy and Frank Sinatra
2 1 11 Single Girl  – Sandy Posey
3 9 3 I was Kaiser Bill’s Batman  – Whistling Jack Smith
4 2 8 This is My Song  – Petula Clark
5 8 6 Give it to Me  – Troggs
6 11 4 Release Me  – Engelbert Humperdinck
7 4 10 There’s a Kind of Hush  – New Vaudeville Band
8 7 10 The French Song  – Lucille Starr
9 12 3 Happy Together  – Turtles
10 New 1 Dedicated to the One I Love  – Mamas and The Papas
11 13 8 Spicks and Specks  – Staccatos
12 5 9 Die Ou Kraalliedjie  – Groep Twee
13 16 2 On a Carousel  – Hollies
14 19 3 Music to Watch Girls By  – Bob Crewe Generation
15 6 10 Ruby Tuesday  – Rolling Stones
16 New 1 Oliekolonie  – Boet van Wyk Orkes
17 10 10 Mathew and Son  – Cat Stevens
18 20 2 A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You  – Monkees
19 New 1 Theme from “The Wild Angels”  – Ventures
20 18 2 When a Man Loves a Woman  – Percy Sledge

This week the charts celebrated their 100 edition. During this time we had seen 237 songs chart (including this week’s new entries discussed below) by 142 artists, 37 of which had been number 1 hits. 42 songs by 26 different artists had been local.

The charts reached its century with a new number 1 in the form of Frank & Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Somethin’ Stupid’ which was the 8th song to top our charts that would also top the UK and US charts. Interestingly both the Sinatras had managed this as solo artists as well, Frank with ‘Strangers In The Night’ and Nancy with ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’. This brought to an end the record to date 6 week run with a solo woman at the top of our charts. The previous chart topper, Sandy Posey’s ‘Single Girl’ dropped to 2 and on 11 weeks it was the oldest on the charts.

Last week’s biggest climber, Whistling Jack Smith’s ‘I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman’, managed to repeat the achievement as its 6 place climb from 9 to 3 was the biggest one this week. ‘Release Me’ by Engelbert Humperdinck and ‘Music To Watch Girls By’, by The Bob Crewe Generation both climbed 5 to be star raters. For ‘Release Me’ it was a second time as a star rater.

The faller of the week was The Rolling Stones’ ‘Ruby Tuesday’ which dropped 9 from 6 to 15. This was the biggest fall to date that a Stones song had experienced. They would see another plummet this number of positions, but would never manage a fall in double figures territory. This was their 6th time with the biggest faller, a record to date.

We said goodbye to The Seekers’ ‘Georgy Girl’ which had a week count of 9 and peak of 10 which was their worst performance on both weeks and peak front to date.

The less successful (in South Africa anyway) version of ‘There’s A Kind Of Hush’ also left the charts. Herman’s Hermits’ version managed 9 weeks and peaked at 9. The other version by The New Vaudeville Band was at 7 this week, enjoying its 10th week and had already made it to number 2. The Hermits could take a scrap of consolation from the fact that their version was the 10th song to have an equal weeks and peaks figure.

The last song to go was the 11th song to have an equal weeks and peak as Tommy Roe’s ‘Much More Love’ departed after 8 weeks and a peak of 8. This brought to an end a record to date run of consecutive weeks with at least 1 hit in the charts as Roe had graced the top 20 for the previous 32 weeks. We would see more from him.

The Mamas And The Papas brought us the 5th song to enter the charts at 10 or above as ‘Dedicated to the One I Love’ arrived at 10 this week. 3 songs had managed a higher debut position with 3 of the 4 so far to enter at 10 or above going on to top the charts. Only Cat Stevens’ ‘Matthew And Son’ which held the record highest debut position of 5 had not managed to convert such a strong start into a chart topper. The Mamas And The Papas version of ‘Dedicated To The One I Love’ was the 3rd one to make the US Hot 100 charts where it peaked at 2 (the song’s highest position to date). The Shirelles took their version to 3 in 1959 and the Five Royales managed to get to 81 with it in 1961. In 1972 Temptress went to 93 with their version and the song appeared again in 1981 when Bernadette Peters took it to 65.

The local song count increased to 3 with the arrival of Die Boet van Wyk Orkes and their song ‘Oliekolonie’. This was our 8th instrumental hit to chart. This song also posed a dilemma for chart statisticians like myself as can you classify an instrumental song with an Afrikaans title as an ‘Afrikaans’ song? Well I have decided that yes, you can. Feel free to disagree, but for stats purposes, that is how I will roll. So, this was our 3rd Afrikaans hit to chart and, with ‘Die Ou             Kraalliedjie’ still in the charts, became the first week we saw 2 Afrikaans songs in the top 20 at the same time. Interestingly ‘Oliekolonie’ was actually the b-side of the single that was released, the a-side being ‘Sing En Fluit’, and despite being an Afrikaans song, it was released in neighbouring Rhodesia but did not make the charts there.

The final new entry was the Ventures’ version of the ‘Theme From “The Wild Angels”’ and was the 9th instrumental song to grace our charts. The was the first time we had seen 4 instrumental hits on the chart at the same time (the other 3 being ‘I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman’, ‘Music To Watch Girls By’ and ‘Oliekolonie’). We had previously seen 3 instrumentals in the top 20 at the same time when Roger Williams’ and The MGM Singing Strings version of ‘Lara’s Theme’ from ‘Dr Zhivago’ shared the chart with Second City Sound’s ‘Tchaikovsky One’. ‘Theme from “The Wild Angels”’ was written by Mike Curb (of the Mike Curb Congregation) and, as the title suggest, was the theme tune to the film ‘The Wild Angels’ which starred Peter Fonda, Bruce Dern, Dianne Ladd and a certain Nancy Sinatra who happened to be sitting at the top of our charts this week. However, it was not The Ventures version of the song that appeared in the film but rather Davie Allen & The Arrows’ one. The latter managed to scrape a 99 peak on the US Hot 100 while The Ventures’ version would fail to chart on either side of the Atlantic.

The Troggs overtook The Beatles for weeks on the charts and now sat tied 7th with Tommy Roe on the weeks’ count list. They had 43 to their name. The Hollies moved level with Murray Campbell and Donovan with 33 weeks to their name. They sat tied 11th.

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