7 July 1967


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 4 Silence is Golden  – Tremeloes
2 1 8 Puppet on a String  – Sandie Shaw
3 3 8 Ha Ha Said the Clown  – Manfred Mann
4 5 13 Release Me  – Engelbert Humperdinck
5 6 6 Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings  – Tom Jones
6 4 10 Dedicated to the One I Love  – Mamas and The Papas
7 7 15 Give it to Me  – Troggs
8 10 4 Yamao Toko No Uta  – New Christy Minstrels
9 8 5 Cookie  – Jody Wayne & Glenys Lynne
10 11 3 A Groovy Kind of Love  – Mindbenders
11 16 2 New York Mining Disaster 1941  – Bee Gees
12 9 12 I was Kaiser Bill’s Batman  – Whistling Jack Smith
13 12 5 Save the Last Dance for Me  – Gene Rockwell
14 14 19 The French Song  – Lucille Starr
15 17 2 Western Union  – Five Americans
16 13 20 Single Girl  – Sandy Posey
17 New 1 Then I Kissed Her  – Beach Boys
18 RE 2 A Groovy Kind of Love  – Petula Clark
19 New 1 Silence is Golden  – Square Set
20 19 2 Creeque Alley  – Mamas and The Papas

Sandie Shaw’s time at the top with ‘Puppet On A String’ was limited to 1 week as The Tremeloes’ ‘Silence Is Golden’ took over from it this week. Shaw’s hit dropped to number 2 and the previous number 1, Manfred Mann’s ‘Ha Ha Said The Clown’, was at 3. The Tremeloes were the 12th act of those who would ultimately have 5 or more hits to have their first one top the charts.

The Bee Gees’ ‘New York Mining Disaster 1941’ moved up 5 from 16 to 11 to take the biggest climber award this week and this was the only song to make star rater status.

2 previous chart toppers, Whistling Jack Smith’s ‘I Was Kaiser Bill’s Batman’ and Sandy Posey’s ‘Single Girl’ were the fallers this week, both dropping 3 places to land at 12 and 16 respectively. Posey could however take much satisfaction from the fact that not only was her song the oldest on the top 20, but it had also reached the 20 weeks on the chart mark and in so doing was only the second song to manage this, the previous one being Tommy Roe’s ‘Sweet Pea’. ‘Single Girl’ was now second for the most weeks as the oldest by a song. It had been the oldest for 11 weeks nor, 1 less than ‘Sweet Pea’ managed.

The Buckinghams’ SA chart career was short lived as it consisted of just 1 hit (‘Kind of a Drag’) which only spent 2 weeks in the top 20 and reached number 19 in the process. ‘Kind Of A Drag’ left us this week to which I’m sure the band would have answered with the song title when asked how it felt to leave the charts.

The Turtles had had a much better run with their hit, ‘Happy Together’ which lasted 11 weeks in the charts and peaked at 3. Their previous hit (and only other to date), ‘Let Me Be’ had also managed 11 weeks, but it only peaked at 6.

Last of the leavers were The Monkees whose ‘A Little Bit Me, a Little Bit You’ had spent 10 weeks on the charts and peaked at 8. They had a lot of work to outdo their best effort to date, the 6 weeks of chart topping by ‘I’m A Believer’. There was more to come from them.

The Beach Boys enjoyed their 5th hit this week as ‘Then I Kissed Her’ joined the top 20 at 17. The song was written by Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry. It would be only 1 of 2 to chart where Spector had a hand in the writing. For Greenwich and Barry it was their second hit, both having had a hand in Tommy James & The Shondells’ ‘Hanky Panky’. ‘Then I Kissed Her’  started out life as ‘Then He Kissed Me’ which made more sense for the all-girl group, The Crystals, who sang the song originally. Their version made number 6 in the US and 2 in the UK. The Beach Boys’ version would get to 4 in the UK but was not released in the US. It would also get to 2 in Holland, 4 in Ireland, 10 in Norway and 39 in Germany. Apparently the European release of the single was against the band’s wishes.

Petula Clark’s version of ‘A Groovy kind Of Love’ was the 6th song to make a reappearance on the chart after having dropped off the top 20, and  it was the first by a solo female artist to do so. It had only been absent from the charts for a single week.

The last of the new entries shared a title with the number 1 song this week. However, The Square Set’s ‘Silence Is Golden’ was not a cover of the Tremeloes’ (originally a Four Seasons’ b-side) song of the same name, but was rather one written by band member Neville Whitmill. Whitmill would eventually go on to have a successful solo career. ‘Silence Is Golden’ (the Square set song) would also manage to reach number 2 in neighbouring Rhodesia.

Two women celebrated their 20th week in the charts, and both had first names that are pronounced the same way. Sandy Posey, as mentioned above, managed it with just 1 song while Sandie Shaw was on her second hit. Gene Rockwell and Petula Clark pulled clear of The Hollies and Jim Reeves for weeks on the charts as they moved onto 36 weeks each. They still sat tied 10th on the weeks count list, but no longer shared the position with anyone else. The Mamas And The Papas moved up to 12th on the list as they were on 35, they took over sharing a position on the list with The Hollies and Jim Reeves. Jody Wayne drew level with The Bats on 17 weeks and they both sat 7th on the local weeks count list.

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