22 September 1967


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 She’d Rather be with Me  – Turtles
2 3 4 Carrie-Anne  – Hollies
3 2 9 Let’s Live for Today  – Grass Roots
4 4 8 There Goes My Everything  – Engelbert Humperdinck
5 8 4 Jackson  – Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra
6 7 7 The Airplane Song  – Royal Guardsmen
7 12 2 That’s My Desire  – Hollies
8 6 10 I Take it Back  – Sandy Posey
9 5 15 Silence is Golden  – Tremeloes
10 10 12 Silence is Golden  – Square Set
11 20 2 I’ll Never Fall in Love Again  – Tom Jones
12 9 10 A Whiter Shade of Pale  – Procol Harum
13 16 5 Heroes and Villains  – Beach Boys
14 11 6 Groovin’  – Young Rascals
15 18 3 Windy  – Association
16 15 6 Don’t Sleep in the Subway  – Petula Clark
17 New 1 The World We Knew  – Frank Sinatra
18 19 2 Laura (What’s He Got That I Ain’t Got)  – Frankie Laine
19 13 12 Then I Kissed Her  – Beach Boys
20 New 1 Even the Bad Times are Good  – Tremeloes

When it came to songs, the one we would rather be with this particular week back in 1967 was The Turtles’ ‘She’d Rather Be With Me’ which was enjoying its 2nd week at the top of our charts. Pressure was coming in the form of The Hollies’ ‘Carrie-Anne’ which moved up 1 position to take second place.

Tom Jones became the 3rd act to pick up 6 biggest climbers as ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’ moved up 9 from 20 to 11. To date this was the biggest climb we had seen by a Tom Jones hit and he shared the lead for most number of biggest climbers with The Seekers and The Beach Boys. The Hollies, who took last week’s biggest climber award with ‘Carrie-Anne’, supplied us with the only other star rater this week in the form of a 5 place climb with ‘That’s My Desire’.

While The Beach Boys shared the lead for the most biggest climbers, this week they supplied us with the biggest faller in the shape of ‘Then I Kissed Her’ which fell 6 places from 13 to 19. This was their 3rd biggest fall to date and this was only half the total of the top score of 6 that The Rolling Stones had.

The Tremeloes’ ‘Silence Is Golden’ continued its run as the oldest on the charts. It sat on 15 weeks. The other ‘Silence Is Golden’, the one by The Square Set, shared the second oldest song award with the biggest faller this week, The Beach Boys’ ‘Then I Kissed Her’.

George Jones’ SA Chart career was over just 3 weeks after it started as his only song to chart on our shores, ‘Walk Through This World with Me’ vacated the charts this week after 3 weeks and a peak of 16.

Joining Jones in leaving the top 20 was Tommy James & The Shondells’ ‘I Think We’re Alone Now’ which managed a far more respectable 10 weeks and peak of 8. However, this fell below the standard set by their previous hit (and only other to date), ‘Hanky Panky’ which had reached number 3 during a 13 week run. The good news for Tommy and the boys was that we would see them on our charts again.

We welcomed Frank Sinatra back on to our charts again as his new one ‘The World We Knew’ debuted at 17 this week. His previous 2 hits, ‘Strangers In The Night’ and ‘Somethin’ Stupid’, his duet with his daughter Nancy, had both topped our charts, so there was big pressure on the new one. However, the signs were not good as not only had both his previous hits topped our charts, they had also topped those in the US and UK while ‘The World We Knew’ faltered at 30 in the US and 33 in the UK. Perhaps one thing going for it through was that it was based on a Bert Kaempfert tune and he had always been a popular artist in SA. ‘The World We Knew’ did top the Billboard Easy Listening charts for 5 weeks, so there was hope for it yet.

The Tremeloes became the 22nd act to have 2 or more songs in the charts at the same time as their new hit, ‘Even the Bad Times are Good’ joined ‘Silence Is Golden’ in the top 20. This meant that we had 3 acts with 2 in the charts this week (the other 2 being The Beach Boys and The Hollies). We had seen 3 with 2 on 5 previous occasions and twice we had seen 4, but this was the first time we had had 3 or more acts with 2 songs in the charts for 109 weeks, the previous time being 13 August 1965 when we saw Herman’s Hermits, Tom Jones and The Rolling Stones have 2 in the chart. Of those 3, only Tom Jones had any representation on this week’s chart. ‘Even the Bad Times are Good’ would be The Tremeloes’ 11th UK hit where it went number 4. In the US it went to 36 and would top the charts in Rhodesia.

The Hollies celebrated their 40th week on the charts while Sandy Posey was enjoying her 30th. The Hollies moved into tied 11th place with Jim Reeves on the weeks count list while Sandy Posey sat 22nd overall and was the 4th highest placed woman.

We saw the 2 ‘Silence Is Golden’s sitting next to each other on the charts again with The Tremeloes at 9 and The Square Set at 10. As mentioned previously, this was only 1 of 2 pairings we would see where songs with the same title, but different songs sat next to each other on the charts.

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