17 November 1967


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 5 Timothy  – Four Jacks & a Jill
2 1 7 The Last Waltz  – Engelbert Humperdinck
3 3 6 I Love You  – Lucille Starr
4 7 4 Timothy  – Carike Keuzenkamp
5 4 8 Tabatha Twitchit  – Dominos
6 11 4 There is a Mountain  – Donovan
7 8 6 Eternally  – Petula Clark
8 5 9 Even the Bad Times are Good  – Tremeloes
9 9 7 Just Loving You  – Anita Harris
10 15 3 Look Across the River  – Ian and Ritchie
11 6 10 That’s My Desire  – Hollies
12 19 2 Massachusetts  – Bee Gees
13 10 5 Lightning’s Girl  – Nancy Sinatra
14 14 3 The Letter  – Box Tops
15 17 2 When Will the Good Apples Fall  – Seekers
16 12 10 I’ll Never Fall in Love Again  – Tom Jones
17 18 2 Light My Fire  – Doors
18 New 1 Come Back When You Grow Up  – Bobby Vee
19 13 7 Come on Down to My Boat  – Every Mother’s Son
20 New 1 I Heard a Heart Break Last Night  – Jim Reeves

Four Jacks & A Jill supplied us with our 4th local chart topper as ‘Timothy’ knocked Engelbert Humperdinck’s ‘The Last Waltz’ off the number 1 spot. The latter dropped to number 2. The new number 1 balanced out the local chart toppers as we had now had 2 by solo male artists (Murray Campbell and Des Lindberg) and 2 by local groups (The A-Cads and Four Jacks & A Jill).

The Bee Gees picked up a 3rd biggest climber award as ‘Massachuetts’ climbed 7 places from 19 to 12 to take this week’s award.

There were 2 other star raters this week, both of them moving up 5 places. Donovan’s ‘There Is A Mountain’ climbed to 6 to give him his 6th star rater to date while Ian And Ritchie’s ‘Look Across The River’ moved up to 10 to give them their 1st.

Every Mother’s Son were still singing ’Come Down To My Boat’ but this week they would have had that sinking feeling as the song was our biggest faller, dropping 6 places to number 19. Despite having had a couple less songs chart, artists from the US led the way for biggest faller as they had 71 to date compared to the 68 that those from the UK had managed.

Tom Jones’ ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’ and The Hollies’ ‘That’s My Desire’ continued as the oldest on the charts, both moving on to their 10th week with us. The average of the weeks on the charts for this week’s top 20 was back up over 5, coming in at 5.1. The previous 6 weeks had seen the average being below 5 with the charts 3 weeks ago being the lowest average to date of 4.05 (these stats exclude the first 17 weeks of charts when we had songs that may have been on the charts and had higher weeks counts if the charts had started earlier).

The Monkees’ ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’ dropped off the charts after 6 weeks with us. It peaked at 14, the second lowest peak of their 4 hits to date. However there were still a few SA hits left in the band.

Accompanying the Monkees out of the top 20 were the Mamas And The Papas and their hit ‘Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming to the Canyon)’. It had been with us for just 3 weeks and peaked at 16 during that time. This equalled their lowest weeks count for a song to date, but the peak was 3 places better than the worst they had seen. They still had a hit to come.

By the time Bobby Vee’s ‘Come Back When You Grow Up’ entered our charts (which it did this week), he had already had 29 US Hot 100 hits and his 30th would enter the charts the day after these charts went out. ‘Come Back When You Grow Up’ was his 29th one of these and it would go to number 3, his first US top 10 hit since 1962’s ‘The Night Has A Thousand Eyes’ which also made number 3. The song would not chart in the UK where Vee has not seen any action since 1963. It was written by Martha Sharp who had brought us Sandy Posey’s chart topping hit, ‘Single Girl’. This was Sharp’s second appearance as song writer on our charts.

Jim Reeves moved on to 6 hits as his ‘I Heard a Heart Break Last Night’ enter the charts at 20 this week.  The song would give Reeves a number 9 hit on the US Country Singles charts and would go to 38 in the UK. Reeves joined 5 other acts who sat 1 behind the 5 tied hits count leaders. With both new entries coming from American acts, we saw the Yanks pull level with the Poms for hits count with both being on 120. One could say that the Americans edged it as they had also had one hit chart where an American teamed up with a South African (Slim Whitman and Virginia Lee) so they actually had 120.5.

The Rolling Stones had to share the top spot on the weeks count list for the first time in 117 weeks as Tom Jones finally caught up with them. Both acts now sat on 82 weeks. The Hollies and Petula Clark moved into tied 6th place with Herman’s Hermits as they all now had 55 weeks to their name. Jim Reeves went tied 12th with The Beatles and The Mamas And The Papas with 42 to his name and Donovan pulled level at 15 with Gene Rockwell, both having 37. On the local list, The Dominos’ 8 weeks with ‘Tabitha Twitchit’ put them into the top 20 for weeks count where they shared number 20 spot with Peter Lotis.

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