1 December 1967


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 6 Timothy  – Carike Keuzenkamp
2 4 4 Massachusetts  – Bee Gees
3 1 7 Timothy  – Four Jacks & a Jill
4 5 6 There is a Mountain  – Donovan
5 3 9 The Last Waltz  – Engelbert Humperdinck
6 8 5 The Letter  – Box Tops
7 6 8 I Love You  – Lucille Starr
8 9 5 Look Across the River  – Ian and Ritchie
9 12 3 Come Back When You Grow Up  – Bobby Vee
10 10 11 Even the Bad Times are Good  – Tremeloes
11 7 8 Eternally  – Petula Clark
12 18 3 I Heard a Heart Break Last Night  – Jim Reeves
13 15 4 Light My Fire  – Doors
14 17 4 When Will the Good Apples Fall  – Seekers
15 20 2 Carol Corina  – Square Set
16 19 2 You’ve Not Changed  – Sandie Shaw
17 11 10 Tabatha Twitchit  – Dominos
18 New 1 Shock Wave  – Invaders
19 New 1 Soul Finger  – Bar-Kays
20 New 1 Cold Cold Heart  – Gene Rockwell

‘Timothy’ took over from ‘Timothy’ at the top of our charts this week. That is Carike Keuzenkamp’s version of the song took over from the Four Jacks & A Jill’s one, the latter falling to number 3. The Bee Gees’ ‘Massachusetts’ moved up 2 to 2 to separate the 2 ‘Timothy’s.

Jim Reeves became the 12th act to pick up 5 biggest climbers as ‘I Heard a Heart Break Last Night’ took the award this week by climbing up 6 places from 18 to 12. 4 of the 12 acts had gone on to have a 6th biggest climber, but none had managed 7 yet.

The Square Set’s ‘Carol Corina’ was the only other star rater this week. It moved up 5 places to 15 to account for the band’s 3rd star rater climb.

Last week’s biggest faller, The Domino’s ‘Tabatha Twitchit’, took the award again this week once again falling 6 places. This week it fell to 17.

Nancy Sinatra’s ‘Lightning’s Girl’ had been on the charts for 6 weeks, but this week she did not strike the top 20. The song had managed to peak at 10 during its time with us. Nancy would be back.

Anita Harris’ ‘Just Loving You’ suffered the same fate, leaving the charts after 8 weeks and a peak of 7. For Anita though, this would be her only showing on the top 20.

The last to go was The Hollies’ ‘That’s My Desire’. The song had managed to spend 1 more week on the charts than their ‘Carrie-Anne’ which it had shared the charts with for 8 of the 11 weeks it was on the top 20. It had enjoyed a 3 week stay at the top of the charts and was the bands only chart topper to date. It did, however only rank second for The Hollies for weeks on the chart, beaten by the 12 weeks ‘I’m Alive’ managed.

Local band The Invaders brought us the first of the 3 new entries this week. Their debut on the charts was ‘Shockwave’. The song was the 12th instrumental to grace our charts and the second by a local group (the first being Boet van Wyk Orkes’ ‘Oliekolonie’). Although the song was their 1st SA chart hit, it was in fact their 7th single to be released and the song name would also be the title of their second album. They managed to get a gold disc for the sales of this song.

The second new entry was The Bar-Kay’s ‘Soul Finger’. This was their debut single and it took them to number 33 on the US Hot 100 and 17 on the charts in the UK. Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi covered the song as The Blues Brothers and later a film in which Ackroyd starred with Chevy Chase, ‘Spies Like Us’, would feature the track. The song would also make it to 8 in Holland and 16 in Belgium

Our final new entry was by local lad Gene Rockwell. ‘Cold Cold Heart’ was his 6th hit to date which put him back in front for number of hits by a local act, pulling 1 clear of Virginia Lee who was in second place. On 6 hits, Rockwell was just 1 place behind the 5 acts that shared the top spot for hits count. The song also accounted for a chart milestone in that it was the 100th song by a solo male artist to make the top 20. ‘Cold Cold Heart’ was a cover of a 1951 track by Hank Williams. The original started out as the b-side of a single called ‘Dear John’ which made number 8 on the US Country Singles charts, but once ‘Cold Cold Heart’ started getting airplay, it was promoted to the a-side and it would top the country singles charts.

Petula Clark continued to clock up the weeks and now sat on 57. This left her unmoved in 6th place on the weeks counts list, but she had pulled clear of The Hollies who dropped to 7th place. Similarly, Jim Reeves was unmoved, but no longer shared 11th place with Tommy Roe as his 44 weeks put him 1 ahead of Roe. Engelbert Humperdinck’s week tally ticked over to 33 which put him tied with Murray Campbell at 19. Because there was a tie at 19 there was no 20th spot and this meant that The New Vaudeville Band, The Turtles and Sandy Posey all fell off the top 20 for weeks count.

Gene Rockwell sat on top of the local weeks count list with 38 to his name and he widened the gap between him and Virginia Lee who was in second place on 34. The Square Set moved up into tied 10th place, sharing the spot with Groep Twee and Emil Dean who were on 15 weeks.

The oldest on the charts was The Tremeloes’ ‘Even The Bad Times Are Good’ which took over from the departing ‘That’s My Desire’ by The Hollies. The former was on 11 weeks. The songs on the top 20 this week averaged exactly 5 weeks each.

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