5 January 1968


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 9 Massachusetts  – Bee Gees
2 3 12 Timothy  – Four Jacks & a Jill
3 2 8 Come Back When You Grow Up  – Bobby Vee
4 5 7 You’ve Not Changed  – Sandie Shaw
5 4 10 The Letter  – Box Tops
6 7 4 I’m Coming Home  – Tom Jones
7 9 4 All My Love  – Cliff Richard
8 6 11 Timothy  – Carike Keuzenkamp
9 10 4 Daydream Believer  – Monkees
10 8 14 The Last Waltz  – Engelbert Humperdinck
11 11 5 Baby Now That I’ve Found You  – Foundations
12 14 3 Never My Love  – Association
13 16 3 Zabadak  – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
14 New 1 Master Jack  – Four Jacks & a Jill
15 New 1 Everybody Knows  – Dave Clark Five
16 12 5 Soul Finger  – Bar-Kays
17 19 13 I Love You  – Lucille Starr
18 New 1 Love is All Around  – Troggs
19 13 11 There is a Mountain  – Donovan
20 17 16 Even the Bad Times are Good  – Tremeloes

The new year started as the old one had ended with The Bee Gees’ ‘Massachusetts’ being the national’s favourite song. This was its 5th week at the top of the charts.

Four Jacks & A Jill continued to yo-yo around the top 3 as it bounced back up from 3 to 2 for the second time. Carike’s version of the song was at 8 this week and together the 2 versions had clocked up a total of 23 weeks. This moved the song tied 3rd for weeks in the charts by a song charting in more than 1 version. ‘Timothy’ now matched the tally for ‘Ramblin’ Boy’ which Des Lindberg and We Three had clocked up.

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch’s ‘Zabadak’ became the 3rd song that re-entered the charts to go on and take a biggest climber award as it moved up 3 from 16 to 13. This small climb to take biggest climber meant that there were no star raters this week.

Donovan had climbed to the heights of number 4 in the charts with ‘There Is A Mountain’, but when you go up a mountain, you invariably have to come down and Donovan did so this week, scooping up the biggest faller of the week award on the way as his song fell 6 places from 13 to 19.

The Tremeloes became the 11th act to clock up 10 weeks with an oldest song in the chart as ‘Even The Bad Times Are Good’ spent its 6th week as the oldest, adding to the 4 that ‘Silence Is Golden’ had managed. The former was on 16 weeks in the charts.

Jim Reeves’ ‘I Heard A Heart Break Last Night’ ended its run in the charts this week. It had been with us for 7 weeks and peaked at 11. This was his 3rd highest peak to date and tied 2nd highest number of weeks. We were, however, not done with Reeves just yet.

While Reeves had enjoyed a fairly successful run with his hit, Virginia Lee was experiencing her worst one as ‘Wish Me A Rainbow’ left the top 20 after just 2 weeks and a peak of 18. This matched her previous hit ‘Spanish Nights And You’ for weeks, but fell 1 short of the peak the latter managed. This heralded the end of Lee’s SA chart career. She had enjoyed a total of 6 hits (2 of them as part of a duet), spent 36 weeks on the charts in total and had a best peak of 3 with ‘Darling It’s Wonderful’. She sat 2nd on the local weeks count list and 19th on the overall list.

The Invaders first foray into the charts ended this week as ‘Shockwave’ left the charts after 5 weeks and a peak of 10. There would be more to come from them.

Four Jacks & A Jill became the 2nd of only 11 local acts that would have 2 in the charts at the same time as ‘Master Jack’ joined ‘Timothy’ in the top 20. The previous local to manage 2 was when Murray Campbell’s solo version of ‘Goodbye My Love’ shared the charts with the version where he shared artist credits with Virginia Lee. Four Jacks & A Jill were also the 25th act overall to manage 2 in the charts. ‘Master Jack’, written by David ‘Groucho’ Marks was their 5th SA Chart hit which placed them just 1 behind leaders Gene Rockwell and Virginia Lee on the local hits count list. The song would be one of a very few local hits that would have international success as it went to number 18 in the US (not number 8 as some sources claim). It would top the Rhodesian charts and go to 18 in Australia and 33 in Germany.

The Dave Clark Five saw their second SA Chart hit arrive in the top 20 this week and as ‘Everybody Knows’ settled at number 15 the band celebrated setting a new record for gaps between hits as it had been 111 weeks since their previous hit, ‘Catch Us If You Can’, had last been seen on the top 20. This beat the 106 weeks that The Mindbenders had had between ‘The Game Of Love’ and ‘A Groovy Kind Of Love’. ‘Everybody Knows’ would be 1 of 2 number 2’s they had in the UK (they had 1 chart topper there with ‘Glad All Over’).  It also made number 2 in Rhodesia, 5 in Holland, 15 in the US, 21 in Canada and 36 in Germany. The song was written by Les Reed and Barry Mason. This put Reed at the top of the hits count list for song writers as this, his 9th success to date, moved him 1 clear of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards at the top of that list. For Mason it was a 6th hit which put him in tied 4th place sharing the spot with Tom Springfield (who had written The Seekers’ hits) and the Beatles’ Lennon & McCartney.

Like Four Jacks & A Jill, The Troggs were also clocking up their 5th hit. Their new one was ‘Love Is All Around’ which gave them a UK number 5 hit and a US number 7. Elsewhere it topped the charts in Rhodesia, went to 15 in Germany and 17 in Holland and Ireland. In 1994 Wet Wet Wet’s cover of the song was included in the soundtrack to the box office hit film ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’ and went on to spend 15 weeks at number 1 in the UK, the second longest consecutive run at the top of the UK charts after Bryan Adams’ 16 week run with ‘Everything I Do (I Do It For You)’. (Frankie Laine’s ‘I Believe’ had spent a total of 18 weeks at number 1, but they were not consecutive).

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch celebrated their 30th week in the charts which placed them 30th on the weeks count list. The Troggs new entry put them tied 8th on that list with Herman’s Hermits, both acts having 55 weeks to their names. Cliff Richard and Engelbert Humperdinck drew level with Gene Rockwell at position 16 as they moved on to 39 weeks while The Monkees moved tied 19th with Virginia Lee with 36 weeks. Four Jacks & A Jill moved tied 4th on the local list, their 31 weeks putting them level with Des Lindberg.

The average number of weeks the songs on this top 20 had been in the charts crept back over the 7 week mark for the first time in 26 weeks. It sat at 7.1.

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