26 January 1968


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 3 7 Daydream Believer  – Monkees
2 1 12 Massachusetts  – Bee Gees
3 6 7 All My Love  – Cliff Richard
4 9 4 Master Jack  – Four Jacks & a Jill
5 2 15 Timothy  – Four Jacks & a Jill
6 5 7 I’m Coming Home  – Tom Jones
7 12 4 Love is All Around  – Troggs
8 4 14 Timothy  – Carike Keuzenkamp
9 7 11 Come Back When You Grow Up  – Bobby Vee
10 10 10 You’ve Not Changed  – Sandie Shaw
11 15 4 Everybody Knows  – Dave Clark Five
12 8 13 The Letter  – Box Tops
13 18 2 (Theme From) Valley of the Dolls  – Dionne Warwick
14 17 6 Never My Love  – Association
15 20 2 Everybody Knows  – Engelbert Humperdinck
16 19 3 All the Time  – Quinsey
17 14 6 Zabadak  – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
18 New 1 I Looked Back  – Four Jacks & a Jill
19 New 1 Let the Heartaches Begin  – Long John Baldry
20 11 8 Baby Now That I’ve Found You  – Foundations

The Bee Gees failed to break the record for a run at the top of their charts as ‘Massachusetts’ fell from 1 to 2 after a record equalling 7 weeks at the top. The Tremeloes’ ‘Silence Is Golden’ was the only other song so far to manage 7 weeks at 1.

The new chart topper was The Monkees’ ‘Daydream Believer’ which was setting a record and that was a new biggest gap between chart toppers for a US act. They had last been at number 1 with ‘I’m A Believer’ 45 weeks previously. This beat the Beach Boys gap between number 1’s of 28 weeks. The biggest gap for acts from all nations sat at 59 weeks which Tom Jones experienced between ‘What’s New Pussycat’ and ‘Green Green Grass of Home’.

We had 4 songs make a climb of 5 places to take the biggest climber award. These were Four Jacks & A Jill’s ‘Master Jack’ (from 9 to 4), The Troggs’ ‘Love Is All Around’ (from 12 to 7), Dionne Warwick’s ‘(Theme From) Valley Of The Dolls’ (from 18 to 13) and Engelbert Humperdinck’s ‘Everybody Knows’ (from 20 to 15). For The Troggs it was a 6th time with this award and that placed them tied 2nd behind Tom Jones who was on 8. They shared 2nd spot with The Seekers, The Beach Boys and Nancy Sinatra. Four Jacks & A Jill joined 4 other local artists at the top of the list for the most biggest climbers by a local act as this was their 3rd. For Warwick and Humperdinck it was their first time with the award.

Dave Clark Five’s version of ‘Everybody Knows’ was the only other star rater this week, climbing 4 from 15 to 11.

The Foundations’ ‘Baby Now That I’ve Found You’ was the 11th song to fall 9 or more places in a week as it dropped 9 from 11 to 20 and in so doing took the biggest faller award. Only 1 of the previous 10 to fall 9 or more places had not taken the biggest faller award.

The Bar-Kays’ ‘Soul Finger’ had been given a second lease on life, re-entering the charts after falling off them, but its time in the charts was truly over as it dropped off the top 20 again. This second run was more successful than the first lasting 5 weeks (as opposed to the 2 it managed originally) and peaked at 12 this time around after initially peaking at 18. These 7 weeks in total would be their only SA chart action.

For Engelbert Humperdinck’s ‘The Last Waltz’, last week proved to be the song’s last waltz in the charts as it dropped off after a run of 16 weeks, 4 of which were spent at number 1. The song had spent 2 weeks as the oldest on the charts and shared the top 20 with his other hit ‘Everybody Knows’ for 2 weeks. The oldest on the chart title fell to Four Jacks & A Jill’s ‘Timothy’ which was enjoying its 15th week with us.

Not onlydid they have the oldest on the charts, Four Jacks & A Jill also became the first act ever to have 3 in the chart at the same time as ‘I Looked Back’ joined ‘Timothy’ and ‘Master Jack’ this week. Interestingly, the song was backed with ‘Master Jack’ as a b-side, or it was just the b-side of ‘Master Jack’ but either way I am not sure how it managed to get a separate listing in the charts. ‘I Looked Back’ was written by Jimmy Eaton and Larry Wagner and was recorded by Perry Como but failed to chart in the US for him.

The other new entry was a UK chart topper in the shape of Long John Baldry’s ‘Let The Heartaches Begin’. It had enjoyed a stay of 2 weeks at 1 in the UK and scraped an 88 peak in the US. Like our biggest faller this week (The Foundations’ ‘Baby Now That I’ve Found You’ in case you’ve already forgotten), it was written by Tony Macaulay and John Macleod with the latter producing it. Baldry was born on 12 January 1941 and would sadly pass away on 12 July 2005 at the age of 64. He would have 4 hits in the UK and 2 in the US. This was the 40th song by a solo male from the UK to hit our charts.

On the weeks count list, The Troggs pulled 1 clear of The Hollies to take 7th place on their own. They were on 57 weeks. Engelbert Humperdinck went tied 14th with the Beatles and The Mamas And The Papas, all 3 being on 42 weeks. Four Jacks & A Jill pulled level with Gene Rockwell at the top of the local list as they moved on to 39 weeks. The 2 acts sat tied 18th overall. Carike Keuzenkamp was now tied with The A-Cads and Group 66 on 14 weeks and they all sat 13th on the local list.

This week we saw the 7th occasion where an act had songs in adjacent positions on the charts as Four Jacks & A Jill’s ‘Master Jack’ and ‘Timothy’ were at 4 and 5 respectively.

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