14 June 1968


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 9 Simon Says  – 1910 Fruitgum Company
2 3 7 Lazy Life  – Quentin E. Klopjaeger
3 1 7 What a Wonderful World  – Louis Armstrong
4 4 3 Little Red Donkey  – Troggs
5 8 3 A Man Without Love  – Engelbert Humperdinck
6 7 5 Young Girl  – Union Gap Ft Gary Puckett
7 10 3 Jennifer Eccles  – Hollies
8 5 9 (Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay  – Otis Redding
9 19 2 Baas Jack  – Al Debbo
10 6 6 Captain of Your Ship  – Reparata & The Delrons
11 9 11 Delilah  – Tom Jones
12 13 4 Honey  – Peter Lotis
13 11 10 Congratulations  – Cliff Richard
14 20 2 If I Only Had Time  – John Rowles
15 17 6 Little Girl  – Troggs
16 16 2 Warm and Tender Love  – Percy Sledge
17 18 5 Cry Like a Baby  – Box Tops
18 New 1 Silver and Blue  – Johnny Gibson
19 12 12 Bottle of Wine  – Fireballs
20 14 12 Words  – Bee Gees

The sequence of number 1s for the last 4 weeks had been ‘Simon Says’ – ‘What A Wonderful Word’ – ‘Simon Says’ – ‘What A Wonderful World’, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when this week the 1910 Fruitgum Company’s ‘Simon Says’ regained the top spot form Louis Armstrong’s ‘What A Wonderful World’. ‘Simon Says’ was the second song to regain the number 1 spot twice, the previous one to do so was Four Jacks & A Jill’s ‘Master Jack’. In total we would only see 4 songs regain the top spot twice.

As the song it parodied had done a few weeks back, ‘Baas Jack’ took the biggest climber in the week. However while ‘Master Jack’ did so with a 5 place climb, ‘Baas Jack’ doubled this and jumped up 10 to 9. This was the 19th song to climb 10 or more places in a week and only the second local song to manage this, following in the footsteps of The Staccatos’ ‘Spicks And Specks’. In total, just 7 local songs would make a climb of 10 or more places in a week.

There was just 1 other song that made a climb of 4 or more places this week and that was another of the new entries from last week, John Rowles’ ‘If I Only Had Time’. We had seen hits from artists from 11 different nations on our charts so far and of these it was only the Italians (only represented by Nino Rossos’ ‘Goodbye My Love’) that had not managed a star rater.

The faller of the week was The Fireballs’ ‘Bottle Of Wine’ which fortunately didn’t break (the bottle that is), but ended up at 19 after dropping 7 places. To date 27 songs by US artists had fallen 7 or more in a week and of those only 18 had been the biggest faller in that particular week. Of the 9 songs that fell 7 or more places but didn’t make biggest faller 2 were by the Beach Boys. No other US act had managed to escape biggest faller twice with a 7 or more place fall.

The Fireballs’ ‘Bottle Of Wine’ and The Bee Gees’ ‘Words’ were still the oldest on the charts and they moved on to 12 weeks.

There was only 1 song that left the charts this week and that was Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch’s ‘The Legend of Xanadu’ which had been with us for 10 weeks and peaked at 7 during that time. Their previous hit to peak at 7, ‘Hold Tight’ spend 1 week less on the charts. There was still another hit to come from the act with the longest name so far to chart.

The new entry was the 27th by a solo local male. ‘Silver And Blue’ was a cover of a song which Jimmy Young from the UK had recorded. In South Africa it was Johnny Gibson’s version that made our charts. The song was written by Les Reed and Barry Mason and the two of them led the way for number of hits by a songwriter with Reed on 12 and Mason on 10. The 2 Rolling Stones writers, Jagger & Richards were next highest with 8. Johnny Gibson was born Martin John Gibson in England and he founded a group called Johnny Gibson & The Gamblers. His sister Marie would also have a musical career.

Englebert Humperdinck pulled 1 week clear of Herman’s Hermits and now occupied 11th position on the weeks count list on his own with 56 weeks to his name. There were four other acts on the charts this week who were in the top 20 of the weeks count list, but none of the weeks they added to their tally this week would help them move up the list. These acts were Tom Jones (unmoved at 1 with 106 weeks), The Troggs (77 weeks unmoved at 4), The Hollies (59 weeks unmoved at 9) and Cliff Richard (57 weeks unmoved at 10). On the local list Peter Lotis moved into 17th places, tied with June Muscat. They had 12 weeks each.

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