18 October 1968


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 5 Picking Up Pebbles  – Cornelia
2 2 5 1, 2, 3 Red Light  – 1910 Fruitgum Company
3 5 4 My Special Prayer  – Percy Sledge
4 7 3 Those Were the Days  – Mary Hopkin
5 4 10 Help Yourself  – Tom Jones
6 3 7 For Your Precious Love  – Flames
7 8 5 Do it Again  – Beach Boys
8 6 6 Sunshine Girl  – Herman’s Hermits
9 13 2 I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You  – Bee Gees
10 17 2 Little Arrows  – Leapy Lee
11 16 3 Indian Lake  – Cowsills
12 10 6 To Love Somebody  – Bee Gees
13 9 12 Take Time to Know Her  – Percy Sledge
14 12 9 Hurdy Gurdy Man  – Donovan
15 11 14 Baby Come Back  – Equals
16 14 18 Sunglasses  – Hilary
17 18 6 Gotta See Jane  – R. Dean Taylor
18 19 9 Crystal Chandelier  – Stu Phillips
19 New 1 It’s My Time  – Everly Brothers
20 New 1 Hello, I Love You  – Doors

Cornelia’s ‘Picking Up Pebbles’ enjoyed a second week at the top of the charts, seeing off the attentions of The 1910 Fruitgum Company’s ‘1-2-3 Red Light’ which sat at 2 for a second week.

Leapy Lee’s ‘Little Arrows’ was shooting up the charts, being our biggest climber this week as it climbed 7 places from 17 to 10. He was joined by 2 other star raters, The Cowsill’s ‘Indian Lake’ which climbed 5 to 11 to be a star rater for a second week running, and The Bee Gees’ ‘I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You’  which climbed 4 to 9. For The Bee Gees it was an eighth star rater climb and they were the 13th act to reach this total.

Percy Sledge’s ‘Take Time To Know Her’ and The Equals’ ‘Baby Come Back’ were the fallers of the week as they both dropped 4 places landing up at 13 and 15 respectively. As a former number 1, ‘Baby Come Back’ became the 43rd of 65 chart toppers to be a biggest faller on its way down, that’s just under two thirds of number 1s that were the biggest faller at some point.

After its little comeback last week (regaining 1 position), Hilary’s ‘Sunglasses’ fell again, this time 2 places to 16. It was now on 18 weeks in the charts and was enjoying being the oldest on the top 20 for the 5th week. It was also now the longest run in the top 20 by a local solo female artist, overtaking the 17 weeks that Carike Keuzenkamp’s ‘Timothy’ had managed.

We lost 2 songs from the top 20 this week, the first being The Staccatos’ ‘Butchers And Bakers’ which had lasted 10 weeks on the charts and peaked at 7. So far nearly 63% of local songs that had charted had managed to get into the top 10 but only 27% had managed 10 weeks or more. The Staccatos had had 3 out of 4 of their songs go top 10 and 2 of those had managed 10 or more weeks.

The Staccatos still had some more hits in them, but that could not be said of the other act whose song left the chart this week. ‘Dream A Little Dream Of Me’ was The Mamas And The Papas final SA chart hit. It had managed 7 weeks and peaked at 8. In total they had had 6 hits, spent 49 weeks on the charts and had 1 chart topper with ‘Monday Monday’ which had spent a single week at the top of the charts. The Mamas And The Papas were the 3rd act now who had had 6 or more hits, but whose SA chart career had come to an end. The other 2 acts were Virginia Lee who had had 6 hits and The Seekers who had managed 7 hits.

The first of the new entries came from an act who had managed 34 US hot 100 hits to date, but whose chart career there was all but over. The Everly Brothers had last seen chart action in the US in 1967 and would only manage 1 further Hot 100 hit but would have to wait till 1984 for that. To fill the gap, their song ‘It’s My Time’ entered our charts at 19 this week. The song was written by John D. Loudermilk and would be his 5th hit to date. Of the 22 song writers to date who had had credit on 5 or more hits, Loudermilk would be the 3rd whose hits had all come from different artists. The other 2 were Eddie Snyder and P.F. Sloan, however, 2 of Snyder’s hits were the same song by different artists.

The Doors had last been seen on our charts at the end of 1967 with ‘Light My Fire’, but they returned this week with their 2nd hit to date, ‘Hello, I Love You’. Between these 2, they had had 3 more US Hot 100 hits, but it seemed we were only interested in chart topping Doors hits as ‘Hello, I Love You’ returned them to the top of the US charts to give them their second number 1 there after ‘Light My Fire’. We were following the UK’s approach to the Doors as they also saw ‘Light My Fire’ (#7 there) as their first hit and ‘Hello, I Love You’ (#15) being their second hit. Despite the band being credited for the writing, royalties for the song are paid to Ray Davies of the Kinks after a UK court decided that the song was too similar to The Kinks’ hit ‘All Day And All Of The Night’.

With both new entries being by American artists, they once again pulled level with the UK acts for number of hits with both nations having 160 to date in this neck and neck race.

Donovan celebrated his 60th week in our charts but was unmoved at 12 on the weeks count list. Also reaching a landmark weeks count was Percy Sledge who had now 30 to his name. Herman’s Hermits ticked over to 65 weeks and moved tied 10th with Engelbert Humperdinck while The Bee Gees’ 47 weeks put them tied 18th with The Monkees.

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