1 November 1968


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 Picking Up Pebbles  – Cornelia
2 4 5 Those Were the Days  – Mary Hopkin
3 5 4 I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You  – Bee Gees
4 2 6 My Special Prayer  – Percy Sledge
5 3 7 1, 2, 3 Red Light  – 1910 Fruitgum Company
6 6 4 Little Arrows  – Leapy Lee
7 8 5 Indian Lake  – Cowsills
8 15 2 Sonbrilletjies  – Al Debbo
9 17 2 Your Time Hasn’t Come Yet, Baby  – Elvis Presley
10 7 12 Help Yourself  – Tom Jones
11 9 9 For Your Precious Love  – Flames
12 10 8 Sunshine Girl  – Herman’s Hermits
13 20 2 The Red Balloon  – Dave Clark Five
14 16 3 Hello, I Love You  – Doors
15 19 2 Harper Valley PTA  – Jeannie C Riley
16 11 7 Do it Again  – Beach Boys
17 12 8 To Love Somebody  – Bee Gees
18 New 1 Les Bicyclettes De Belsize  – Engelbert Humperdinck
19 New 1 Weltevrede Stasie  – Bats
20 New 1 Days  – Kinks

Cornelia’s ‘Picking Up Pebbles’ moved into its 4th week at number 1 and with Mary Hopkins’ ‘Those Were The Days’ easing up 2 into second place, we saw the 4th time we had a solo woman at number 1 and 2 on the charts.

Elvis managed his 4th biggest climber as ‘Your Time Hasn’t Come Yet, Baby’ moved up 8 places from 17 to 9. This was the second biggest climb to date for an Elvis track, falling 2 short of the 10 place jump that ‘Do The Clam Managed’. Elvis would see 1 more of his songs make a 10 place climb and that plus the 2 aforementioned songs would be his 3 biggest climbs.

Al Debbo’s ‘Sonbrilletjies’ and The Dave Clark Five’s ‘The Red Balloon’ just missed out on the biggest climb as they both moved up 7 places landing at 8 and 13 respectively. The only other star rater this week was Jeannie C. Riley’s ‘Harper Valley PTA’ which climbed 4 places to 15.

There were 2 biggest fallers this week with The Bee Gees’ ‘To Love Somebody’ and The Beach Boys’ ‘Do It Again’ fell 5 places each to land up next to each other at 17 and 16 respectively. This was the first Beach Boys song to pick up 2 faller of the week awards.

The Everly Brothers’ first venture into our charts did not prove too successful as ‘It’s My Time’ left after being with us for just 2 weeks and a peak of 18. They would, however, return to the top 20 much later on.

Hilary’s ‘Sunglasses’ finally exited the charts after a yo-yo session in the lower half of the top 20. It had come agonisingly close to getting to the 20 week milestone but fell 1 week short with its total on 19. It could, however, claim that it sat at the top of the list of weeks spent at 1 as its 7 weeks there equalled The Tremeloes’ ‘Silence Is Golden’ and The Bee Gees’ ‘Massachusetts’ to be the best to date. Tom Jones’ ‘Help Yourself’ took over from ‘Sunglasses’ as the oldest on the chart. It was enjoying its 12th week with us.

Last to go was Percy Sledge’s ‘Take Time to Know Her’ which brought to an end his 5 week run with 2 in the charts. ‘Take Time to Know Her’ was with us for 13 weeks and peaked at number 2. The song spent its last week at number 13 and this was the 13th song to have its week count equal its last position on the chart, so 3 lucky 13s there.

Engelbert Humperdinck returned to the top 20 with his 7th hit to date, ‘Les Bicyclette Des Belsize’ which is relatively easily translated as ‘The Bicycles of Belsize’, particularly if you know that Belsize Park is an area of London. The song was taken from a short film of the same name and the film itself features very little dialogue but rather plays the soundtrack pretty much throughout. It would give Engelbert a number 5 hit in the UK and a number 31 hit in the US as well as going to number 2 in Belgium, 18 in Holland and 26 in Germany. The song was written by Les Reed and Barry Mason and they increased their lead for number of hits by songwriters as Reed was first with 13 and Mason 2nd with 11 (Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were tied 3rd with 9).

Last week we saw the first act to clock up 2 Afrikaans hits on the charts and this week we were treated to the second as The Bats’ ‘Weltevrede Stasie’ became the 8th Afrikaans song overall to chart and their second Afrikaans one following on the success of ‘Groen En Goud’. Added to their 2 English hits, they had now had 4 on our charts in total. So far 5 local acts had managed to have 4 hits on the charts with 3 of those going on to have more.

The Kinks who, up till this week had had 4 hits, did not share a spot on the hits count list with The Bats as they clocked up their 5th in the form of ‘Days’ which entered the charts at 20 this week. Written by Ray Davies, the song would go to 12 in the UK. It was their 14th UK chart hit and only their 3rd not to make the top 10 there, but that said, it was the best peak of the 3 that missed out on the top 10. 21 years after The Kinks version charted, Kirsty MacColl took a cover version into the UK charts and reached the same peak of 12 with her cover.

The lead for number of songs by artists from a particular nation changed hands again as 2 of the 3 new entries this week were by British acts, taking the Brits to 163 hits and they were now 1 ahead of the Americans and back in the lead.

The Bee Gees celebrated their 50th week in the top 20 (and their 51st week on the charts as 2 in the top 20 at the same time count as 2). Their total of 51 to date did not move them up the weeks count list as they were stuck at 16, 1 behind Jim Reeves. They did, however, shake off The Mamas And The Papas whom they shared the position with last week. They also celebrated moving past the 600 points milestone, becoming the 12th act to manage this.

The Beach Boys also shrugged off the act that they shared a place with on the weeks count list last week as they ticked over to 88 to make 3rd place their own while The Troggs dropped to 4th. Engelbert Humperdinck was on the move on the list again and his 66 weeks to date placed him tied 9th with The Hollies and The Seekers.

There were 2 songs on this week’s chart that had charted in more than 1 version. ‘Sonbrilletjies’, and ‘Sunglasses’ by Hilary of which ‘Sonbrilletjies’ was a parody, had clocked up 21 weeks between the 2 versions and overtook ‘Love Is Blue’ for weeks by a song charting in more than 1 version. It stood 8th overall for the weeks count by such songs. The Flames’ ‘For Your Precious Love’ added to that song’s tally and on 17 weeks it shook off ‘Elusive Butterfly’ and ‘This Is My Song’ to have 11th place all to itself.

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