13 December 1968


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 6 My Little Lady  – Tremeloes
2 3 6 Jesamine  – Casuals
3 1 12 My Special Prayer  – Percy Sledge
4 14 3 Eloise  – Barry Ryan
5 7 8 Your Time Hasn’t Come Yet, Baby  – Elvis Presley
6 5 10 Little Arrows  – Leapy Lee
7 13 3 You Can Cry If You Want To  – Troggs
8 6 8 The Red Balloon  – Dave Clark Five
9 4 10 I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You  – Bee Gees
10 8 7 Days  – Kinks
11 16 4 Bang-Shang-a-Lang  – Archies
12 10 11 Those Were the Days  – Mary Hopkin
13 20 2 Listen to Me  – Hollies
14 19 2 On the Road Again  – Canned Heat
15 9 11 Indian Lake  – Cowsills
16 12 13 Picking Up Pebbles  – Cornelia
17 New 1 Only One Woman  – Marbles
18 New 1 Vin Rosé  – Stu Phillips
19 New 1 A Day Without Love  – Love Affair
20 New 1 The Wreck of the Antoinette  – Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

The Tremeloes’ first SA hit, ‘Silence Is Golden’ spent 7 weeks at the top of the charts. Their second hit, ‘Even The Bad Times Are Good’, just missed out on topping the charts, peaking as it did at 2. This week their 3rd hit, ‘My Little Lady’ returned them to the number 1 spot as it ousted Percy Sledge’s ‘My Special Prayer’, the latter dropping to number 3 after 2 weeks at the top. The Casuals’ ‘Jesamine’ slid into second place.

Barry Ryan’s ‘Eloise’ became the 24th song to climb 10 or more places in a week as it rocketed up the charts, climbing 10 from 14 to 4. It was the biggest climber the previous week as well with a 6 place climb. This was the 6th song so far to move up a net 16 places in a 2 week period, but it fell 1 short of the record to date 17 places that The Monkees’ ‘I’m A Believer Managed’ when it climbed 16 in 1 week and a further 1 place the next, giving it a17 place climb over a 2 week period.

On the falling front, The Cowsill’s ‘Indian Lake’ dropped 6 places to 15 to take the faller of the week award for the second week running, having dropped 4 places last week. Their 10 places in 2 weeks was a little way off the record to date fall in 2 weeks, as that honour went to Emil Dean’s ‘Key To Your Heart’ which managed to fall a total of 15 places in the space of 2 weeks.

‘Picking Up Pebbles’ by Cornelia ticked over to 13 weeks in the charts and enjoyed its 4th week as the oldest on the top 20.

Jennie C Riley’s ‘Harper Valley PTA’ was the first of 4 songs to vacate the top 20 this week. It spent 7 weeks in the charts and peaked at 11. This would be her only SA chart hit.

It seemed that if Al Debbo did a parody of a local hit, he would end up with a peak of 7 as ‘Sonbrilletjies’ (a parody of Hilary’s ‘Sunglasses’) ended its chart run with the same peak that ‘Baas Jack’ (his parody of Four Jacks & A Jill’s ‘Master Jack’) had managed. However, unlike its predecessor which lasted 10 weeks in the charts, ‘Sonbrilletjies’ only managed 7. That said, it was the 14th song to end up with an equal weeks and peak figure and the 3rd local song to manage this, following in the footsteps of Emil Dean’s ‘Key To Your Heart’ and Group 66’s ‘Endless Sleep’ which had weeks and peak of 3 and 8 respectively.

The Bats’ ‘Weltevreede Stasie’ became their worst performing song to date as dropped off the charts after 6 weeks and a peak of 15, 2 weeks less than ‘Shabby Little Hut’s 8, their second lowest, and 2 places lower than ‘That’s How I Feel’s peak of 13.

Last to go was Aretha Franklin’s ‘I Say A Little Prayer’ which lasted 4 weeks and peaked at 11. Of the 4 artists leaving the top 20 this week, only Jeannie C Riley would not return.

Our first new entry was by a British group called The Marbles. ‘Only One Woman’ was written by the Gibb brothers (Barry, Maurice and Robin) and produced by Barry and Maurice along with Robert Stigwood who had also produced a number of The Bee Gees’ hits. The song would top the charts in New Zealand and give them a number 5 hit in the UK as well as going top 10 in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Holland, Norway, Switzerland and Rhodesia. Interestingly in New Zealand it knocked Marmalade’s version of ‘Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da’ off the top spot there and was in turn dethroned by The Beatles version of the same song.

Stu Phillips returned to the charts with his second hit ‘Vin Rosé’. This brought the total of hits by Canadian artists on our charts to 9 and Phillips was the second artists to have more than 1 of the total (Lucille Starr had 5 with R. Dean Taylor and Andy Kim on 1 apiece). It would give Phillips his 4th hit on the US Country Singles charts as it went to number 21. It would, however, not give him the elusive cross over onto the main Hot 100 chart.

Love Affair had spent 6 weeks on the charts earlier in the year with their hit ‘Everlasting Love’. Things were obviously not going as well in that relationship as the new hit was ‘A Day Without Love’ (so not everlasting then?). This was their second hit on our charts and we had missed out on their number 5 hit in the UK ‘Rainbow Valley’ which which charted there in between ‘Everlasting Love’ and ‘A Day Without Love’. ‘A Day Without Love’ would be their 3rd UK hit and would peak at 6 there. It would not see much chart action in Europe, the only place I can see it charting was Austria where it went to 17.

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch clocked up their 6th hit to date as ‘The Wreck of the Antoinette’ joined the top 20 this week. It would give them their 11th chart hit in the UK where it went to number 14, their second lowest peak there to that date and would be their last top 20 hit there. They had 2 more hits, both of which peaked at 23. The Antoinette was a ship which ran aground in 1889, was rescued but was finally wrecked in 1895. There were 14 members of crew on the boat and they were all rescued, but spookily the song’s UK peak matched the number of survivors.

The Troggs reached the 90 weeks in the charts milestone and were now just 1 week behind 2nd placed The Rolling Stones on the weeks count list. Percy Sledge ticked over to 40 weeks with us and sat 23rd on the list. The Hollies moved on to 68 weeks to join 3 other artists on that total. Along with Petula Clark, Four Jacks & A Jill and Herman’s Hermits, they all sat 7th on the list. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Titch’s new one moved them on to 45 weeks but that did not move them from position 20 on the list. On the local list, Cornelia was now on 13 weeks and that matched 20th placed Dickie Loader.

The Tremeloes passed the 500 points mark as their total moved on to 505 which placed them 19th overall for points.

The leavers this week consisted of 2 solo female artists and 2 local acts. This brought the total hits by solo woman in the top 20 down to 2 having been at 5 just 2 weeks earlier. We were, however, enjoying the 2nd longest run to date with at least 1 hit by a solo woman in the charts as this was the 26th week in a row that we had had one. The best run to date was 74 weeks. The local hits count was now down to just 1 (Cornelia’s ‘Picking Up Pebbles’), the lowest total in 34 weeks. So far we had only had 5 weeks without a local song on the chart. To date we averaged 3.4 local hits a week.

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