3 January 1969


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 9 Jesamine  – Casuals
2 4 6 You Can Cry If You Want To  – Troggs
3 2 6 Eloise  – Barry Ryan
4 5 7 Bang-Shang-a-Lang  – Archies
5 6 4 Only One Woman  – Marbles
6 3 9 My Little Lady  – Tremeloes
7 8 3 Lily the Pink  – Scaffold
8 10 13 Little Arrows  – Leapy Lee
9 7 15 My Special Prayer  – Percy Sledge
10 12 4 Vin Rosé  – Stu Phillips
11 9 11 Your Time Hasn’t Come Yet, Baby  – Elvis Presley
12 16 2 Soul Coaxing  – Sounds Orchestral
13 15 3 Elenore  – Turtles
14 18 2 Midnight Confessions  – Grass Roots
15 11 11 The Red Balloon  – Dave Clark Five
16 20 2 Not Enough Indians  – Dean Martin
17 19 2 A Minute of Your Time  – Tom Jones
18 14 5 On the Road Again  – Canned Heat
19 New 1 I’m a Tiger  – Lulu
20 17 13 I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You  – Bee Gees

For the second year running we saw the last number 1 of the previous year continue its reign at the top of the charts as The Casuals’ ‘Jesamine’ enjoyed a 3rd week in pole position. The Bee Gees ‘Massachusetts’ had been the last number 1 of 1967 and first of 1968, but the start of 1967 and 1966 both saw new number 1s. The Troggs’ ‘You Can Cry If You Want To’ moved up 2 to 2.

The biggest climbers this week were also the star raters as there were 3 songs which climbed 4 places and these were Sound Orchestral’s ‘Soul Coaxing’, The Grass Roots’ ‘Midnight Confession’ and Dean Martin’s ‘Not Enough Indians’. This was the 1st (Sounds Orchestral), 2nd (Dean Martin) and 3rd (The Grass Roots) biggest climbers for the respective acts although for Dean Martin it was only a 1st star rater as his previous biggest climber had been managed with just a 3 place jump.

4 was also the number of positions required to be the biggest faller this week and both The Dave Clark Five’s ‘The Red Balloon’ and Canned Heat’s ‘On The Road Again’ managed this.

Percy Sledge’s ‘My Special Prayer’ continued its run as the oldest on the charts as it clocked up its 15th week with us.

The Hollies’ ‘Listen To Me’ was the only song not to make it across from 1968 to 1969. It was their 3rd song (out of 9 hits to date) to only last 4 weeks with us, but had the highest peak (of 11) of these 3. We were not yet done with The Hollies though as we would see them return to the charts.

The newcomer to the charts was a first hit in SA for Lulu, ‘I’m A Tiger’. Lulu was born Marie McDonald McLaughlin Laurie on 3 November 1948 and she has clocked up 27 UK chart hits to date. ‘I’m A Tiger’ was the 10th of these and her 5th to go top 10 as it peaked at number 9 there. Not only was the song was a first hit in SA for Lulu, but it was also the first time we had seen the names of song writers Ronnie Scott and Marty Wilde on the label of a chart hit. Ronnie Scott was not the jazz musician who started the famous Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, but was a younger chap who went on to write songs for the likes of Bonnie Tyler, Tom Jones, Leapy Lee and Status Quo. Marty Wilde had had a career as a singer in the 50s and then moved into song writing. He is the father of 80s pop sensation Kim Wilde. ‘I’m A Tiger’ was the first of 2 songs featuring the word ‘tiger’ in the title to chart. Any guesses what the other one was? It was also the 8th song to have an animal named in the title.

The arrival of Lulu on the charts ended a 2 week run with no solo women gracing the top 20. This was the shortest period to date that we had been without a solo woman in the charts, with the longest gap so far being 22 weeks. However, we did move into a 3rd week without a local artist on the chart.

3 acts reached milestones for weeks on the charts. The Dave Clark Five clocked up their 30th, The Tremeloes reached their 40th and The Bee Gees celebrated their 60th. Of these 3, only the Bee Gees were in the top 20 of the weeks count list and they sat tied 12th with Donovan.

Tom Jones was the first of the 11 acts (see the previous blog, ‘1968 The Facts And Figures) to have a hit in the chart in every year since the charts started in 1965 as ‘A Minute Of Your Time’ was still in the top 20.

The Troggs overtook The Rolling Stones on the cumulative points list this week as the former moved on to 1,149 points to move into second place behind Tom Jones who was on 1,555. The Stones fell to 3rd place with their 1,145 points.

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