7 February 1969


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 9 Only One Woman  – Marbles
2 3 6 I’m a Tiger  – Lulu
3 1 11 You Can Cry If You Want To  – Troggs
4 4 12 Bang-Shang-a-Lang  – Archies
5 6 7 Soul Coaxing  – Sounds Orchestral
6 14 3 Cry to Me  – Staccatos
7 15 3 I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)  – Johnny Rivers
8 10 4 Build Me Up Buttercup  – Foundations
9 17 3 Chewy Chewy  – Tonics
10 5 11 Eloise  – Barry Ryan
11 7 8 Lily the Pink  – Scaffold
12 8 7 Not Enough Indians  – Dean Martin
13 9 8 Elenore  – Turtles
14 16 4 My Special Angel  – Vogues
15 13 4 I’m the Urban Spaceman  – Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
16 12 14 Jesamine  – Casuals
17 11 7 Midnight Confessions  – Grass Roots
18 20 2 Cinnamon  – Derek
19 New 1 Something’s Happening  – Herman’s Hermits
20 19 7 A Minute of Your Time  – Tom Jones


The Marbles’ ‘Only One Woman’ took over the top spot from The Troggs’ ‘You Can Cry If You Want To’ after the latter had been there for 4 weeks. This meant that the writers of the new number 1 joined that of the departing chart topper at the top of the list of number of number 1s to date. Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb (more commonly known as The Bee Gees) and penned The Marbles hit and they joined The Troggs’ song writer Reg Presley as well as Les Reed with 3 chart toppers to their name to date.

The Staccatos’ ‘Cry To Me’  took the biggest climber award for a second week running as it made an 8 place climb to 6. This increased their lead for most biggest climbers for a local act as this was their 5th time with the award and they now sat 2 clear of Four Jacks & A Jill, Des Lindberg, Murray Campbell and Gene Rockwell, all of whom had 3. Overall this was the 40th time we had seen a local song be the biggest climber. There were 2 other songs that also climbed 8 this week and they were Johnny Rivers’ ‘I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)’ which moved up to 7 and The Tonics’ ‘Chewy Chewy’ which climbed to 9.

There were no other star raters this week and the next biggest climb was a mere 2 places.

The Grass Roots’ ‘Midnight Confession’ was the biggest faller this week as it dropped 6 places to 17. It was their 3rd time with the biggest faller. In total 9 songs were moving down the charts this week. The most we had seen moving down in a single week was 11 and we had seen this happen on 5 separate occasions. On average to date we had seen 7.4 songs head south each week, so this was an above average week for fallers.

The Tremeloes’ ‘My Little Lady’ fell off the charts this week. It was the only song to go and it had had a run of 13 weeks and peaked at number 1 for 1 week during that time. So far The Tremeloes had had 3 hits and their peaks read 1-2-1. In terms of weeks their non-chart topper, ‘Even The Bad Times Are Good’ led the way with 16 weeks, ‘Silence Is Golden’ was second on 15 and ‘My Little Lady’ on 13 was their worst to date.

The departure of ‘My Little Lady’ meant that The Casuals’ ‘Jesamine’ was left on its own as the oldest on the charts. It was enjoying its 14th week with us.

Herman’s Hermits’ ‘Something’s Happening’ was the new entry. It was the 9th SA hit for the band and this placed them tied 2nd for number of hits, joining The Hollies and Petula Clark on 9, 2 behind leader Tom Jones’ 11. As with their previous 8 hits, ‘Something’s Happening’ was produced by Mickie Most. It was arranged by John Paul Jones who, when you click on the link on Wikipedia, was ‘The Father Of The American Navy’ and died almost 200 years before Herman’s Hermits hit our charts. I think that the link (which may have changed by the time this post goes out) should really take one through the page about the Led Zeppelin bassist and keyboardist. (As an aside, the John Paul Jones from the 1700s shared the title of ‘Father Of The American navy’ with a guy called John Barry which is also the name of the guy who wrote the James Bond Theme music and would have song writing credits on 7 songs to make our charts). Herman’s Hermits joined Tom Jones and The Staccatos in having spent at least a week in the charts every year since they started in 1965.

The Turtles were enjoying their 40th week on the charts, but you needed 46 or more to be in the top 20 for weeks count so they had to be satisfied with 26th position. Herman’s Hermits moved tied 7th with Engelbert Humperdinck. They both had 69 weeks to their names.

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