11 April 1969


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 Dizzy  – Tommy Roe
2 3 6 What am I Living For  – Percy Sledge
3 2 8 Crimson & Clover  – Tommy James & The Shondells
4 5 6 Fox on the Run  – Manfred Mann
5 6 6 I Heard it Through the Grapevine  – Marvin Gaye
6 4 7 Atlantis  – Donovan
7 12 4 Monsieur DuPont  – Sandie Shaw
8 10 3 Indian Giver  – 1910 Fruitgum Company
9 16 3 Sorry Suzanne  – Hollies
10 8 8 I Started a Joke  – Bee Gees
11 14 6 I’ve Gotta be Me  – Sammy Davis Jnr
12 15 4 You Gave Me a Mountain  – Frankie Laine
13 9 12 Cry to Me  – Staccatos
14 7 7 Touch Me  – Doors
15 20 2 Little Red Boat On The River  – Spectrum
16 18 3 Chapel of Dreams  – Invaders
17 New 1 Games People Play  – Joe South
18 New 1 Feelin’ so Good (Skoo By-Doo)  – Archies
19 13 10 Something’s Happening  – Herman’s Hermits
20 New 1 Teardrop City  – Monkees

Tommy Roe’s ‘Dizzy’ spent a second week at 1 while Percy Sledge crept closer to getting a second chart topper with ‘What Am I Living For’ moving up 1 to 2, knocking last week’s number 2, Tommy James & The Shondell’s ‘Crimson & Clover’, down another spot to 3.

The Hollies’ ‘Sorry Suzanne’ took the biggest climber award with a 7 place climb from 16 to 9. This was their 4th biggest climber and tied second biggest jump for a Hollies song to date, equalling ‘Listen To Me’ but falling short of the 9 places ‘Jennifer Eccles’ had managed.

Sandie Shaw picked up a 7th star rater with a 5 place climb by ‘Monsieur DuPont’ which jumped up to 7. She was the 3rd woman after Nancy Sinatra and Petula Clark to get to 5 star raters. The Spectrum’s ‘Little Red Boat On The River’ was the only other star rater this week, climbing 5 from 20 to 15.

The Doors’ ‘Touch me’ took the biggest tumble this week, dropping 7 from 7 to 14. This was their 1st time with the biggest faller.

The Staccatos’ ‘Cry To Me’ was the oldest on the charts with 12 weeks to its name. Fellow oldest from last week, Johnny Rivers’ ‘I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)’ was 1 of 3 songs to leave the charts this week. It was the 21st song to leave the chart from number 11 or higher as it spent its final week at 11. It had been with us for 11 weeks and narrowly missed out on topping the charts as it sat for 2 weeks at 2 while ‘Cry To Me’ was at 1. Rivers would return to our charts.

We also bid farewell to The Real McCoys’ ‘Quick Joey Small (Run Joey Run)’ which had been with us for 6 weeks and peaked at 8. They still had another hit to come.

Engelbert Humperdinck’s ‘The Way it Used to Be’ was the only other song to leave the top 20. It lasted 7 weeks and peaked at 9, the tied 3rd lowest weeks tally of his 8 hits to date. He was near the end of his SA Chart career, but we were not quite done with him yet.

Joe South’s ‘Games People Play’ was the first of the new entries. We had already seen 2 Joe South compositions on our charts (Billy Joe Royal’s ‘Down On The Boondoocks’ and Deep Purple’s ‘Hush’) but this was the first time we saw him in the role of artist. ‘Games People Play’ would go to 6 in the UK and 12 in the US. It was the first song to chart in SA that would win the Grammy for Song Of The Year. ‘Michelle’ by The Beatles had won the award in 1967, but we only saw The Overlanders version on our charts.

The Archies’ second hit to chart in SA, ‘Feelin’ so Good (Skoo By-Doo)’ was the second new entry. It would be their second (lots of seconds going on here) lowest peaking song in the US, going to 53 there, 4 places higher than their 1970 hit ‘Sunshine’ which only made it to 57. It gave song writer Jeff Barry his 5th SA chart hits and co-writer, Andy Kim his second. Jeff Barry also produced the song.

Our final new entry was ‘Teardrop City’, The Monkees’ 7th hit on our charts. Reaching number 56 in the US and 44 in the UK, it was the first single the band released without Peter Tork who had left by then. It was a 4th SA hit for the song writing team of Bobby Hart and Tommy Boyce and they also produced the track.

With all 3 of the new entries being by American acts, the Yanks closed the gap between them and the Brits for number of hits to 3 with us having seen 188 from British acts and 185 from American acts to date.

While enjoying the number 1 spot this week, Tommy Roe also enjoyed reaching the 50 weeks on the charts milestone. This was enough for him to knock The Mamas & The Papas into 20th place on the weeks count list, but not enough to move up from 19. Donovan suffered a similar fate with his 67 to date moving him 1 clear of The Seekers, but he was still at 12 on the list. The Bee Gees moved level with Four Jacks & A Jill and Petula Clark on 68 weeks. They all sat tied 9th for weeks count.

On the points front we saw 4 acts celebrate passing milestones with Manfred Mann passing 900, The Hollies 800, Tommy Roe 600 and The Staccatos 500. They sat 6th, 9th, 15th and 22nd respectively on the total points list.

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