16 May 1969


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 4 Where Do You Go to My Lovely  – Peter Sarstedt
2 4 6 Games People Play  – Joe South
3 5 5 Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In  – 5th Dimension
4 1 8 Sorry Suzanne  – Hollies
5 3 8 Indian Giver  – 1910 Fruitgum Company
6 7 4 Ring of Fire  – Eric Burdon & The Animals
7 8 3 The Windmills of Your Mind  – Noel Harrison
8 11 3 First of May  – Bee Gees
9 6 6 Feelin’ so Good (Skoo By-Doo)  – Archies
10 13 3 Softly Softly  – Equals
11 18 2 Hello World  – Tremeloes
12 17 2 Hair  – Cowsills
13 12 9 Monsieur DuPont  – Sandie Shaw
14 19 2 Everyday I Have to Cry  – Johnny Rivers
15 10 11 What am I Living For  – Percy Sledge
16 14 5 Melody Fayre  – Quentin E. Klopjaeger
17 16 4 Speak Softly, My Love  – Stu Phillips
18 20 2 Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams  – Paul Anka
19 15 13 Crimson & Clover  – Tommy James & The Shondells
20 New 1 Round the Gum Tree  – Real McCoy

The Hollies’ ‘Sorry Suzanne’ became the 6th song to fall to number 4 from the top spot. We had seen 1 song fall to 5 and 1 other fall to 6, the record biggest fall from grace to date. The new number 1 was Peter Sarstedt’s ‘Where Do You Go To My Lovely’ which moved into pole position from number 2 last week. Joe South’s ‘Games People Play’ moved up 2 into second place.

The Tremeloes’ ‘Hello World’ gave them their 5th biggest climber award as the song moved up 7 places this week from 18 to 11. This was their 3rd song to make a 7 place climb to date and so far no Tremeloes song had managed a bigger climb in a week. 1 of the previous 2 Tremeloes songs that did climb 7 was not the biggest climber in that week (‘Even The Bad Times Are Good’).

The Cowsills’ ‘Hair’ and Johnny Rivers’ ‘Everyday I Have To Cry’ were the other star raters this week, both songs climbing 5 places to land at 12 and 14 respectively.

Percy Sledge became the 12th act to have suffered at least 5 biggest fallers as ‘What Am I Living For’ fell 5 places to 15 to give him his 5th such award. He was only the 3rd American act to reach this total with 8 of the 12 being British acts and The Staccatos being the solitary local act.

‘Crimson & Clover’ by Tommy James & The Shondells enjoyed a 5th week as the oldest on the charts and a 13th week in total on the top 20.

Tommy Roe’s ‘Dizzy’ was the only song to leave the charts this week. It had spent its last week at number 9 and was the 6th song so far to leave the chart from such a high position. We were yet to see any song spend its last week at a position higher than 9. This reset the balance as we had now seen 3 songs by UK acts and 3 from the US leave the top 20 from 9. ‘Dizzy’ spent 11 weeks in the charts, 2 of which were at the top spot.     Roe had 2 chart toppers to his name so far (the other being ‘Sweet Pea’) and we were not finished with him yet.

The new entry was a second hit for The Real McCoy. ‘Round The Gum Tree’ would be our 4th hit by an Irish act and they were now 1 behind the French who had brought us 5 so far. The Real McCoy were the first Irish act to have a second hit chart with us. ‘Round The Gum Tree’ was a cover of a song by a group called The Fire and The Real McCoy’s version would go to number 9 in Ireland. The b-side of the single was a cover of The Beatles song ‘I Will’.

The Archies and Stu Phillips reached the 20 weeks in the charts milestone this week. Phillips was the second Canadian (of the 7 who had charted to date) to reach this level of weeks, but he was quite a way behind leading Canadian for weeks, Lucille Starr who sat on 53. The Hollies ticked over to 78 weeks and drew level with Herman’s Hermits at number 6 on the weeks count list.

The Tremloes moved past the 600 points mark, their 609 to date placing them 17th overall for points.

The average number of weeks the songs on the charts had been there for moved back above 5 after dipping below that level for the past 2 weeks. It sat at 5.05.

With Stu Phillips’ ‘Speak Softly, My Love’ at 17 and Paul Anka’s ‘Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams’ at 18, we saw the 5th occasion where we had Canadian acts sitting next to each other on the charts. Phillips had been involved in all of these to date with the exception of the first time when 2 of Lucille Starr’s hits sat side by side.

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