30 May 1969


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 8 Games People Play  – Joe South
2 4 10 Indian Giver  – 1910 Fruitgum Company
3 6 4 Hair  – Cowsills
4 2 6 Where Do You Go to My Lovely  – Peter Sarstedt
5 7 5 First of May  – Bee Gees
6 12 2 Proud Mary  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
7 14 2 Pinball Wizard  – Who
8 9 5 Softly Softly  – Equals
9 3 7 Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In  – 5th Dimension
10 5 5 The Windmills of Your Mind  – Noel Harrison
11 10 10 Sorry Suzanne  – Hollies
12 8 4 Everyday I Have to Cry  – Johnny Rivers
13 11 4 Hello World  – Tremeloes
14 15 3 Round the Gum Tree  – Real McCoy
15 18 2 Mercy  – Ohio Express
16 13 6 Speak Softly, My Love  – Stu Phillips
17 New 1 Love Me Tonight  – Tom Jones
18 19 2 In the Bad, Bad Old Days  – Foundations
19 20 2 Young Love Can Hurt  – Dickie Loader
20 New 1 My Sentimental Friend  – Herman’s Hermits

‘Games People Play’ enjoyed a 2nd consecutive week at the top of the charts while a number 1 hit from 5 weeks back, The 1910 Fruitgum Company’s ‘Indian Giver’ was enjoying a revival and moved up to number 2 after having dropped as low as 5.

The Who picked up a 2nd biggest climber award with ‘Pinball Wizard’ making this week’s largest leap, a 7 place jump from 14 to 7. Fellow new entry from last week, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Proud Mary’ was the only other star rater. It climbed 6 places from 12 to 6. The numerically aware amongst you would note that both star raters halved their position numbers this week.

5th Dimensions’ ‘Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In’ was the faller of the week, dropping 6 from 4 to 10.

The 1910 Fruitgum Company’s ‘Indian Giver’ and The Hollies’ ‘Sorry Suzanne’ were the oldest on the charts as they both moved into double figures for weeks.

We said goodnight to Paul Anka’s hit ‘Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dream’s which had been with us a mere 3 weeks, peaking at 17 during that time. Fans of Anka will be pleased to note that we would see him again on our charts, but they will have to wait a little while yet for that to occur.

Also going was Eric Burdon & The Animals’ ‘Ring Of Fire’. It reached number 6 during its 5 week run with us. Excluding 2 songs which were on the very first charts (which peaked at 4 and 5), a peak of 6 during a 5 week run was the tied highest peak to date. ‘Ring Of Fire’ joined The Ad-Libs’ ‘Shotgun Wedding’ in managing this.

Tom Jones who led the way in practically every category of statistic for our charts, started all his numbers ticking again as ‘Love Me Tonight’ became his 12th hit to date. This put him 2 clear of Cliff Richard, The Hollies and Herman’s Hermits (who also had a new one this week, see below) who were all on 10. ‘Love Me Tonight’ was an English translation of an Italian song called ‘Alla Fine Della Strada’ which was first recorded by Junior Magli. Lorenzo Pilat, Mario Panzeri and Daniele Pace who penned the original had also penned ‘Non Illuderti Mai’ which The Tremleoes had turned into an English SA chart hit called ‘My Little Lady’. The English lyrics for ‘Love Me Tonight’ were supplied by Barry Mason and gave him his 12th SA chart hit as song writer and he sat 1 behind Les Reed whom Mason had co-written most of his 11 other hits with. ‘Love Me Tonight’ returned Jones to the US top 20 (reaching number 13) after his 2 previous hits had failed to go that high in the charts there. In the UK it would be his 16th hit and restore him to the top 10 (going to 9) after his previous hit, ‘A Minute Of Your Time’, peaked at 14 to end a run of 7 straight top 10 hits.

‘My Sentimental Friend’ was, as mentioned above, Herman’s Hermits 10th hit to chart in SA. It was an 8th and 6th hit respectively for song writers Geoff Stephens and John Carter. It would be Herman’s Hermits’ only number 2 hit in the UK (they did manage a number 1 as well). It also went to 2 in Ireland, 3 in Australia, 6 in New Zealand and would top the charts in neighbouring Rhodesia as it was then. Interestingly, the youtube video for the song featured in the playlist below is from a TV show and has fellow new entrant this week, Tom Jones, introducing the song.

We were into our second week with no solo female artists on the charts, and UK acts accounted for exactly half of the top 20. The Poms were 9 ahead of the Yanks in total for hits with the former being on 199 and the latter 190.

The Hollies celebrated 80 weeks in the charts, but were unmoved at 6 on the weeks count list. The Foundations were the 55th act to reach 20 and followed on from last week where Johnny Rivers reached that milestone. Dickie Loader moved tied 16th on the local weeks count list, joining Emil Dean and Groep Twee on 15 weeks.

The Bee Gees and The 1910 Fruitgum Company both celebrated points milestones with the former crossing the 900 points mark to land at 915 and the latter bringing their total to exactly 500. Of the 25 acts to have reached the 500 points mark so far, The 1910 Fruitgum Company was the 7th to land on exactly 500 points with Tom Jones, Herman’s Hermits, Tommy Roe, Four Jacks & A Jill, Lucille Starr and The Bee Gees in that order all managing this before them.

Youtube playlist:


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