4 July 1969


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 6 My Sentimental Friend  – Herman’s Hermits
2 2 7 Proud Mary  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
3 6 5 Time of the Season  – Zombies
4 5 4 Think it All Over  – Sandie Shaw
5 3 9 Hair  – Cowsills
6 7 5 The Boxer  – Simon & Garfunkel
7 4 10 First of May  – Bee Gees
8 9 5 Kumbaya  – Sandpipers
9 10 7 Young Love Can Hurt  – Dickie Loader
10 11 7 Mercy  – Ohio Express
11 13 3 Heather Honey  – Tommy Roe
12 18 2 Little Yellow Aeroplane  – Leapy Lee
13 14 4 Israelites  – Desmond Dekker
14 12 6 Love Me Tonight  – Tom Jones
15 8 9 Hello World  – Tremeloes
16 19 2 Time is Tight  – Booker T & The MG’s
17 17 3 Come Back and Shake Me  – Clodagh Rodgers
18 20 2 Gitarzan  – Ray Stevens
19 New 1 Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’  – Crazy Elephant
20 New 1 Montreal  – Judy Page Ft Kimbo

Herman’s Hermits’ ‘My Sentimental Friend’ enjoyed a second week at number 1 with the previous chart topper, Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Proud Mary’ still hanging around at 2. The Zombies’ ‘Time Of the Season’ also posed a threat to the Hermits’ dominance as the song moved up 3 to 3.

Leapy Lee picked up a 3 biggest leap as ‘Little Yellow Aeroplane’ moved up 6 places from 18 to 12 to add to the 2 times ‘Little Arrows’ had picked up the award. ‘Little Yellow Aeroplane’ was the only song to manage a star rater climb this week.

The Tremeloes’ ‘Hello World’ was moving down quicker than any other song this week as it fell 7 from 8 to 15. This was only their second biggest faller award. Of the acts that had had 10 or more star rater climbs so far, only The Tremeloes and Nancy Sinatra had such a low biggest faller count.

The Bee Gees’ ‘First Of May’ continued on as the oldest on the chart. It was on 10 weeks and this was its second week as the oldest.

Andy William’s heart would not have been so glad as his hit ‘Happy Heart’ dropped off the top 20 after just 2 weeks with us and a highest position of 16. The good news for the crooner was that there was still more hits to come from him.

We also bid farewell to The Who’s ‘Pinball Wizard’. It was the 19th song to have an equal weeks and peak figure with the song lasting 6 weeks and peaking at 6. This was the 3rd song to peak at 6 during a 6 week run. Like Andy Williams, there was more to come from The Who.

The first of the new entries was ‘Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’ by Crazy Elephant. The song would make it to number 12 on both the UK and US charts. 10cc’s Kevin Godley would take lead vocals on ‘There Ain’t No Umbopo’ a future b-side for the band, but he was not the vocalist on ‘Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’ although it is not clear who was. The album from which the song was taken (called ‘Crazy Elephant’) credits Larry Alufer, Kenny Cohen and Hal King with vocals, although King is the only one who is not credited with any instruments so could well have sang the song. Joey Levine would pick up a 5th song writing credit with the song while for co-writer Ritchie Cordell it would be his 4th.

It had been 41 weeks since we last saw a duet or collaboration on our charts and that previous one was Union Gap Ft Gary Puckett’s ‘Young Girl’ This week we saw a new combination make the charts and that was local lass Judy Page with her daughter Kimbo. Kimbo later became better known as Kim Kallie and also went under the name Margino. The new song was ‘Montreal’ which had been written by the 4 members of The Bats. It arrived in the charts 107 weeks after we last saw Judy in the top 20 and this was the biggest gap between hits to date for a local female artist and the 3rd biggest for a local act. Co-incidentally, the act which had the second biggest gap between hits for a local act was The Bats. It was the second biggest gap for a female artist of any nationality and the 12 biggest overall.

Dickie Loader became the 8th act in 9 weeks to reach the 20 weeks mark. However, reaching this landmark did not help his progress up the local weeks count list as he was unmoved at 11. Percy Sledge dropped from 15 to 16 on the overall weeks count list as Tommy Roe moved 1 ahead of him to 57 weeks. Roe was at 15 on his own now. The Tremeloes climbed to tied 17th with Lucille Starr as their 53 weeks to date equalled those of Starr.

Roe was also passing milestones on the points front as he moved passed the 700 mark on to 703.

This week also set a new record of 6 songs having one word titles. This beat the previous record of 5 that we saw last week. The one word songs this week were ‘Hair’, ‘Kumbaya’, ‘Mercy’, ‘Israelites’, ‘Gitarzan’ and ‘Montreal’.

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