3 October 1969


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 Saved by the Bell  – Robin Gibb
2 7 4 Put a Little Love in Your Heart  – Jackie DeShannon
3 4 6 Make Me an Island  – Joe Dolan
4 2 13 Sugar, Sugar  – Archies
5 3 7 Baby Make it Soon  – Marmalade
6 5 11 Bad Moon Rising  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
7 8 4 Conversations  – Cilla Black
8 11 12 Turn Around  – Ken J. Larkin
9 9 15 Time is Tight  – Booker T & The MG’s
10 17 3 Sing a Rainbow/Love is Blue  – Dells
11 6 8 Good Morning Starshine  – Oliver
12 20 2 Soul Deep  – Box Tops
13 14 5 Way of Life  – Family Dogg
14 15 3 Katrina’s Theme  – Jill Kirkland
15 16 3 Abergavenny  – Quentin E. Klopjaeger
16 10 5 Jack and Jill  – Tommy Roe
17 19 14 Cry to Me  – Staccatos
18 New 1 La-Dee-Doo-Down-Down  – Archies
19 New 1 A Boy Named Sue  – Johnny Cash
20 New 1 Green River  – Creedence Clearwater Revival

It was now 3 weeks in a row at 1 for Robin Gibb’s ‘Saved By The Bell’. However, it was suddenly under some pressure as Jackie Deshannon’s ‘Put A Little Love In Your Heart’ made a star rater leap of 5 places to number 2 and Joe Dolan’s ‘Make Me An Island’, which had been at number 2 before, made a bit of a recovery and moved back up 1 to 3.

The Box Tops picked up their 2nd biggest climber award with ‘Soul Deep’ moving up 8 places from 20 to 12. This was the biggest climb for a Box Top song so far,

Apart from the biggest climber and Jackie DeShannon’s star rater climb mentioned above, there was 1 other song that moved up 4 or more places and that was The Dells’ ‘Sing A Rainbow/Love Is Blue’ which climbed 7 from 17 to 10.

Tommy Roe’s ‘Jack And Jill’ fell down the charts, dropping 6 places from 10 to 16. This was Roe’s 2nd time with a biggest faller.

Booker T & The MG’s ‘Time Is Tight’ enjoyed a 7th week as the oldest and was now 1 week off equalling the record longest run as the oldest by an instrumental which Roger Williams’ ‘Lara’s Theme (From Dr Zhivago)’ held. The overall record to date for any song was 12 weeks which Tommy Roe’s ‘Sweet Pea’ had managed.

Tony Joe White’s ‘Polk Salad Annie’ became the 18th song to spend just 1 week on the chart, leaving the top 20 this week after being a new entry at 18 last week. White was the 7th act of these 18 songs where this would be their only week spent on our charts.

The first line of the song ‘Spinning Wheel’ by Blood, Sweat & Tears goes ‘What goes up/must come down’ and that was what the song did as it moved down so much it fell off the top 20. It had been with us for just 3 weeks and reached number 13 during this time. It was the 3rd highest peak for a song lasting just 3 weeks in the charts and second highest if one ignores Emil Dean’s ‘Key To Your Heart’ which was at 3 on the very first chart and lasted just 2 weeks after that. Trini Lopez’ peak of 12 with ‘Master Jack’ was the other ‘3 weeker’ song to have a higher peak.

Last to leave was Paul Revere & The Raiders’ ‘Let Me’ which lasted 7 weeks and peaked at 8. This would be their only SA chart hit, but as mentioned a few weeks back, band member Mark Lindsay would return with a solo hit.

The Archies became the 32nd act to have 2 or more hits in the chart in the same week as ‘La-Dee-Doo-Down-Down’ joined ‘Sugar Sugar’ in the top 20. This was the first of their 4 SA hits to date that did not make the charts in the US. The song came from their 1st album simply entitled ‘The Archies’. The album made it to 88 on the US album charts. ‘La-Dee-Doo-Down-Down’ was written by Jeff Barry. He had had writing credits on all 4 of The Archies hits so far, 2 of which he had shared credits with Andy Kim. This was his 7th hit as a song writer and he sat tied 9th on the hits count list for song writers.

Country legend Johnny Cash made his SA chart debut this week with ‘A Boy Named Sue’ arriving at number 19. The song was the first of 4 that would have Shel Silverstein included in the writing credits. The song would top the country singles charts in the US and Canada and peaked at 2 and 3 respectively on the main charts in those countries. It would be Cash’s only top 10 hit in the US where he had over 40 songs reach the top 100. Elsewhere it would go to 3 in Ireland, 4 in the UK, 9 in what was then Rhodesia and 13 in Holland.

The Archies were not the only act seeing 2 in the charts as Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Green River’ joined ‘Bad Moon Rising’ in the top 20. This was their 2nd pairing of songs to be in the charts simultaneously as ‘Bad Moon Rising’ had arrived while ‘Proud Mary’ was still around. Creedence were the 11th act so far to have seen 2 different pairings of songs in the chart at the same time. This 11 included 4 who had seen 3 different pairings. As with the previous 2 hits for the band, ‘Green River’ was penned by John Fogerty and it also reached number 2 in the US, like the previous 2 hits. In the UK it managed to get to number 19. Fogerty apparently got the title of the song from a soda pop syrup flavour called ‘Green River’. (Is that a type of drink for algae-holics?)

As the songs leaving us were by 2 US groups and a US male solo artist and the 3 new entries were also by 2 US groups and a US male solo artist, the make up of the top 20 was unchanged for nationality and for artist type. It did mean though that the Americans moved 7 ahead of the British for total hit count to date as they were now on 218 compared to the Brits’ 211.

There were no milestones to celebrate in terms of total weeks count, but Creedence were enjoying their 20th consecutive week with at least 1 hit on the chart.

Tommy Roe pulled 1 week clear of Cliff Richard and The Seekers, and now had 13th place on the weeks count list to himself while the latter 2 dropped to 14th. The Staccatos re-entered the top 20 of the overall list, their 53 weeks putting them tied 19th with The Tremeloes. On the local list they were unmoved in second place, still 14 weeks behind the 67 that Four Jacks & A Jill had accumulated. Billy Forrest moved 1 week clear of Dickie Loader and his 24 to date placed him in 8th place on his own on the local list while Loader dropped to 9th. All of Forrest’s weeks had come so far under the guise of Quentin E. Klopjaeger.

‘Love Is Blue’ moved tied 6th with ‘The Letter’ for weeks on the chart by songs charting in more than 1 version. It had now clocked up a total of 23 weeks between the 4 versions of the song that had charted.

The average number of weeks the songs in the top 20 had been with us moved above 6 for the first time in 33 weeks. This figure was boosted by the fact that The Staccatos’ ‘Cry To Me’ was in a second run on the charts and brought a week count of 12 from its previous run. Without those added 12 from the previous run, the average would have been 5.65.

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