17 October 1969


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 6 Put a Little Love in Your Heart  – Jackie DeShannon
2 3 4 Soul Deep  – Box Tops
3 13 2 Don’t Forget to Remember  – Bee Gees
4 4 8 Make Me an Island  – Joe Dolan
5 2 9 Saved by the Bell  – Robin Gibb
6 6 15 Sugar, Sugar  – Archies
7 12 3 La-Dee-Doo-Down-Down  – Archies
8 8 6 Conversations  – Cilla Black
9 18 2 Sweet Caroline  – Neil Diamond
10 9 5 Sing a Rainbow/Love is Blue  – Dells
11 15 16 Cry to Me  – Staccatos
12 5 9 Baby Make it Soon  – Marmalade
13 7 14 Turn Around  – Ken J. Larkin
14 14 3 A Boy Named Sue  – Johnny Cash
15 11 5 Katrina’s Theme  – Jill Kirkland
16 10 13 Bad Moon Rising  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
17 19 3 Green River  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
18 New 1 Suspicious Minds  – Elvis Presley
19 20 2 Hold on to What You’ve Got  – Staccatos
20 New 1 Viva Bobby Joe  – Equals

Jackie DeShannon spent a second week at 1 with ‘Put A Little Love In Your Heart’ while The Box Tops’ ‘Soul Deep’ moved up 1 place to sit at 2 to challenge it.

Another big challenger for the top spot came in the form of The Bee Gees’ ‘Don’t Forget To Remember’ which was the biggest climber this week, jumping up 10 places from 13 to 3. This was the band’s 8th biggest climber award and they sat tied 3rd for number of biggest climbers, equal with The Troggs, 1 behind the 9 of Herman’s Hermits and 2 behind leader, Tom Jones on 10. This was the 32nd time a song had climbed 10 or more places in a week and the 15th time is had been a UK act involved. The Americans had 12 such climbs to their name.

Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ just missed out on being biggest climber. Its 9 place jump was the 4th time a song moving up this many places had failed to be the biggest climber. However, we had also seen 2 occasions where a 10 place climb didn’t bag the biggest climber award.

The Archies’ ‘la-Dee-Doo-Down-Down’ and The Staccatos’ ‘Cry to Me’ were the other star raters this week with the former moving up 5 places to 7 and the latter climbing 4 to 11. The Staccatos were now well in front for number of star raters by a local act as their 8 to date was 3 ahead of nearest rivals, Four Jacks & A Jill who were on 5.

The biggest faller award went to The Marmalade’s ‘Baby Make It Soon’ which dropped 7 from 5 to 12.

Quentin E. Klopjaeger’s ‘Abergavenny’ dropped off the charts after a run of 4 weeks and a peak of 15. This was 1 week less and 1 place lower than his previous hit, ‘Melody Fayre’, had managed in terms of weeks and peak. We had not seen the last of this Billy Forrest character.

The other song to leave the charts was Booker T & The MG’s ‘Time Is Tight’ which had been with us for 16 week and spent 3 of those at number 1. We had to go back to 17 January 1969 when we last saw a song (Percy Sledge’s ‘My Special Prayer’) make more than 16 weeks on the charts. ‘Time Is Tight’ would be Booker T & The MG’s only SA chart it and as it had been the oldest on last week’s chart, we now had to look to The Archies’ ‘Sugar Sugar’ on 15 weeks for the new oldest.

Elvis returned to the charts with his 6th hit to date, ‘Suspicious Minds’. The song was his 109th US hot 100 hit and it would spend a week at the top spot there. It would just miss out on topping the UK charts, sitting at number 2 for 1 week while Rolf Harris was at 1 with ‘Two Little Boys’. The song was written by Mark James and would be his first SA Chart hit as song writer. Covers of the song would chart on both sides of the Atlantic with Dee Dee Warwick’s version going to 80 on the US charts in 1971 while in the UK Candi Staton went to 31 in 1982 and The Fine Young Cannibals went to 8 in 1986 with their respective covers.

The Equals returned to the charts for a 3rd outing. Their new one was ‘Viva Bobby Joe’. Like their previous 2 hits, it was written by band member Eddy Grant. It would be their 6th UK chart hit, going to number 6 there, returning the band to the top 10 for only their second time. They had had 3 hits which did not make the top 30 between ‘Viva Bobby Joe’ and their previous top 10 hit, ‘Baby Come Back’ which went to number 1.

The Bee Gees ticked over to 88 weeks in the charts and this moved them up to tied 5th on the weeks count list, sitting alongside The Beach Boys. The Archies meanwhile passed a landmark on the points front as they moved into the 500s for points, their 2 on the charts ticking them over to a total of 513.

This week also saw the second occasion where we had 2 acts having songs in adjacent positions. The Archies were at 6 and 7 with ‘Sugar Sugar’ and ‘La-Dee-Doo-Down-Down’ and Creedence Clear water Revival’s ‘Bad Moon Rising’ and ‘Green River’ were at 16 and 17 respectively. The last time we had 2 acts having hits in adjacent positions was on 30 December 1966 where Tommy Roe and Donovan both had songs sitting next to each other on the charts.

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5 thoughts on “17 October 1969

  1. Hi John, how many times has a song that had spent as many as 16 weeks on the charts been a star-rater? As in the Staccatos’ Cry to me this week?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Ken. ‘Cry To Me’s 4 times as a star rater would ultimately be the tied second best for a song by the time it reached its 16th week in the charts although this would be the best any song would manage in the top 20 era. The Eurythmics’ ‘Shame’ clocked up the all time record 6 times as a star rater, but it only spent 6 of its 17 weeks in the chart in the top 20. Laura Branigan’s ‘Spanish Eddie’ had managed 4 star raters by the time it reached its 6th week and Peter Schilling’s ‘Major Tom’ would manage 3. No other song would manage 3 or more in its first 16 weeks in the chart. The overall record (not taking weeks into account) for star raters was 7 which 4 songs managed – Fun Fun’s ‘Happy Station’, Freddie Mercury’s ‘I Was Born To Love You’, Cliff Richard’s ‘My Pretty One’ and Billy Idol’s ‘Mony Mony’ All 4 of these did this in the top 30 era. The first 2 managed it in 10 and 11 weeks respectively.

      • Thanks very much John. Shame by the Eurythmics – I had forgotten that song!
        Has any other song been a star-rater after it had spent 16 weeks on the chart?

  2. Yes Ken,a total of 17 songs would see a star rater climb after spending 16 weeks in the charts. Two of them would mange it twice namely The Staccatos ‘Cry To Me’ and Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes’ ‘(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life’ from the film ‘Dirty Dancing. The latter would manage a 7 place climb in its 28th week, the best we would see a song manage after its 16th week. The Staccatos’ effort would see them have a star rater climb in its 33rd week in the chart, although this was a broken run. Starship’s ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop us Now’ would manage a 5 place climb in its 31st week, the highest weeks count for a star rater where the song in an unbroken run.

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