26 December 1969


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 11 Suspicious Minds  – Elvis Presley
2 2 7 He ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother  – Hollies
3 8 4 (Call Me) Number One  – Tremeloes
4 3 10 Theresa  – Dave Mills
5 5 4 Down on the Corner  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
6 4 12 Don’t Forget to Remember  – Bee Gees
7 9 26 Cry to Me  – Staccatos
8 6 13 La-Dee-Doo-Down-Down  – Archies
9 11 4 Tracy  – Cuff Links
10 16 2 Pretty Belinda  – Chris Andrews
11 12 4 Jam Up Jelly Tight  – Tommy Roe
12 7 5 So Good Together  – Andy Kim
13 10 9 I’ll Never Fall in Love Again  – Bobbie Gentry
14 19 2 Silent Night  – Percy Sledge
15 14 9 Love at First Sight  – Sounds Nice
16 13 10 Who’s That Girl  – Bats
17 18 3 Does Anybody Miss Me  – Ken J. Larkin
18 20 2 Nursery Rhyme  – Archies
19 15 8 I’m Gonna Make You Mine  – Lou Christie
20 New 1 Baby it’s You  – Smith

Elvis Presley’s ‘Suspicious Minds’ entered its 3rd consecutive week at the top of the charts and this, added to the song’s previous 3 week run at 1, brought the total for the song to 6. It joined 4 other songs to reach 6 weeks and they all sat behind 3 songs which had managed 7 weeks at 1. The Hollies’ ‘He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother’ sat patiently at 2 for a second week running.

Chris Andrews’ ‘Pretty Belinda’ was the climber of the week, moving up 6 places from 16 to 10. This was his 2nd time having a biggest climber as an artist and he had also seen 3 biggest climbs with the Sandie Shaw songs that he penned.

Percy Sledge picked up a 12th star rater with ‘Silent Night’ moving up 5 from 19 to 14. He was the 7th act to reach this many star raters and would have sat tied on this amount with, amongst others, The Tremeloes’ except that the latter also picked a star rater with ‘(Call Me) Number One’ which moved up 5 from 8 to 3. They were the 5th act to reach 13 star raters.

Andy Kim’s ‘So Good Together’ was the faller of the week, dropping 5 from 7 to 12. This was the 6th time a song by a Canadian act had been the biggest faller with the first 2 times of those 6 being when Steve Karliski had suffered that fate as part of a duet with American, Mimi Roman.

The Staccatos’ ‘Cry To Me was into its 14th week in this run and its 26th week overall and was enjoying its 4th week as the oldest during this run. In total The Staccatos had spent 8 weeks with the oldest on the charts, the aforementioned 4 weeks, 3 weeks with ‘Cry To Me’ during its previous run and 1 week with ‘Come Back Silly Girl’.

And talking of second runs on the charts, Rick Nelson’s ‘I Need You’ ended its 2nd run in the top 20. It did not fare nearly as well as ‘Cry To Me’ on its second run as ‘I Need You’ lasted just 3 weeks this time around. It peaked at 17 in those 3 weeks. Overall it had spent 20 weeks in the top 20 and was number 1 for the first 2 weeks that the charts were in existence. Despite being 1 of only 6 songs so far to reach 20 weeks in the charts, the song only sat 28th overall for points with 216 to its name. The good news for Rick was that he would see further chart action in SA.

The newcomer was a band called Smith with their hit ‘Baby It’s You’. The group were discovered by Del Shannon (he of ‘Runaway’ fame) and it is his arrangement of ‘Baby It’s You’ that they recorded. The song, written by Barney Williams, Burt Bacharach and Mack David (Hal’s older brother), was recorded by The Beatles and The Shirelles who got to 67 and 8 respectively on the US Charts with their versions, but were outdone by Smith whose cover made it to number 5 there. The Smith version would not chart in the UK but The Beatles one went to number 7 there and Dave Berry took a cover to 24. Quentin Tarantino used Smith’s version in the soundtrack to his 2007 film ‘Death Proof’.

The Hollies drew level with The Beach Boys on 88 weeks in the charts and the 2 acts sat tied 6th on the week’s count list. Both Tommy Roe and The Staccatos increased their weeks count, their 71 to date leaving them unmoved at 10th on the weeks count list, but they no longer shared the position with Donovan who dropped to 12th. Elvis Took 19th place to himself as his 55 weeks moved him 1 ahead of The Monkees and Sandie Shaw, the latter 2 dropping to tied 20th on the list. On the local front, Ken J. Larkin moved on to 16 weeks and was now tied 14th with Al Debbo and The Dream Merchants.

On the points front both The Archies and The Staccatos moved past the 700 mark. They sat 14th and 15th respectively on the overall points list and The Staccatos were second overall for local acts, sitting behind Four Jacks & A Jill who led the way on 837 points. Creedence Clearwater Revival became the 28th act to pass the 500 points mark.

There were 5 acts on this, the last chart of the year, that had also featured in the first chart of 1969 and they were The Archies, The Bee Gees, Elvis Presley, Percy Sledge and The Tremeloes. This was the second time The Tremeloes and The Bee Gees had appeared on the first and last chart of a year, both acts also doing this in 1968. Tom Jones led the way for this feat, having managed it three times. Having 5 acts do this equalled the best to date as we had seen 5 acts appear on the first and last chart of 1968 and 5 on the very first chart (midway through the year) and last chart of 1965.

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