16 January 1970


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 (Call Me) Number One  – Tremeloes
2 4 5 Pretty Belinda  – Chris Andrews
3 2 10 He ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother  – Hollies
4 7 7 Jam Up Jelly Tight  – Tommy Roe
5 5 14 Suspicious Minds  – Elvis Presley
6 3 7 Down on the Corner  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
7 6 13 Theresa  – Dave Mills
8 11 3 Without Love  – Tom Jones
9 8 29 Cry to Me  – Staccatos
10 14 3 Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)  – Steam
11 9 7 Tracy  – Cuff Links
12 12 5 Nursery Rhyme  – Archies
13 10 4 Baby it’s You  – Smith
14 17 2 Leaving on a Jet Plane  – Peter, Paul & Mary
15 19 2 Fairytales  – John Edmond
16 13 6 Does Anybody Miss Me  – Ken J. Larkin
17 New 1 Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head  – B.J. Thomas
18 20 2 Liquidator  – Harry J. All Stars
19 New 1 Don’t Cry Daddy  – Elvis Presley
20 18 3 Smile a Little Smile for Me  – Flying Machine

The Tremeloes’ ‘(Call Me) Number One’ held on to the top spot this week and had now been at number 1 for 2 weeks. Pressure was coming in the form of Chris Andrews’ ‘Pretty Belinda’ which climbed 2 to number 2.

We had 2 biggest climbers this week with Steam’s ‘Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)’ and John Edmond’s ‘Fairytales’ moving up 4 places each to land at 10 and 15 respectively. With the biggest climb being 4 places there were no other songs that made star rater status.

On the falling front it only took a 3 place fall to have the biggest drop and 3 songs managed this. They were Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Down On The Corner’, Smith’s ‘Baby It’s You’ and Ken J. Larkin’s ‘Does Anybody Miss Me’ which fell to 6, 13 and 16 respectively. With John Edmond being one of the biggest climbers and Ken J. Larkin one of the fallers, this was the 9th time we had seen local acts take biggest climber and faller in the same week.

‘Cry To Me’ continued its second run in the charts, this one had lasted 17 consecutive weeks and was enjoying its 7th week as the oldest during this run. Overall it led the way for total weeks on the charts as its 29 to date put it 5 ahead of the second longest running on the charts, Tommy Roe’s ‘Sweet Pea’. The latter still held the record for consecutive weeks on the charts with all 24 of its weeks being managed in 1 run.

Sounds Nice’s ‘Love At First Sight’ left the top 20 after 11 weeks and a peak of 8. It would be the only hit we would see from them. Lovers of instrumentals could still look to Harry J Allstars’ ‘Liquidator’ for comfort, it sat at 18.

Also going and also spending 11 weeks in the charts was Bobbie Gentry’s ‘I’ll never Fall In Love Again’ which managed a better peak than Sounds Nice as it went all the way to number 3. This was the end of Gentry’s solo career on our charts, but she would be back as part of a duet. The departure of Gentry from the charts meant we entered our 8th run of charts with no solo female artists in the top 20. The 18 week run we had just completed with a solo female artist in the charts was the 4th longest period to date that we had had the feminine touch to the top 20.

The first new entry was ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head’ which came from the 1969 film ‘Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid’ which starred Paul Newman and Robert Redford. The song was written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David and performed by B.J. Thomas and was Tomas’ first hit to chart in SA. For Bacharach and David it was a 7th hit each where they took song writing credits. It was the 3rd song to chart on our top 20 which won the Oscar for Best Original Song with ‘Born Free’ and ‘The Windmills Of Your Mind’ being the previous 2. ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head’ would top the charts in Canada, Norway, The US and what was then Rhodesia. In the UK it would only make it to number 38. In addition to B.J. Thomas’ version in the UK charts, Bobbie Gentry would get to 40 with her version and Sasha Distel would make it to number 10. Both these covers would chart in 1970. John Farnham would top the charts in Australia with his cover of it where B.J. Thomas’ version would make it to 20.

Elvis Presley became the 5th act to have 2 or more in the chart with 3 different pairings as ‘Don’t Cry Daddy’ joined ‘Suspicious Minds’ in the top 20. So far The Rolling Stones, Engelbert Humperdinck, Four Jacks & A Jill and The Troggs had been the only other acts to have 3 different pairings in the charts at the same time. ‘Don’t Cry Daddy’, which was recorded almost exactly a year previously (recorded on 15 and 21st January 1969), would go to 6 in the US and 8 in the UK. Song writer, Mac Davis, followed up John Denver last week in charting as a song writer before charting as an artist and was the 19th song writer to manage this. We would not see Davis chart as an artist till 1981.

With both new entries this week being by American acts, the Yanks were now 17 hits ahead of the Poms for hits on the charts, they had 241 compared to the latter’s 224.

Ken J. Larkin reached the 20 weeks in the chart milestone but was unmoved at 12 on the local weeks count list as he was still 2 behind Hilary and Carike Keuzenkamp who sat tied 10th just above him. Also celebrating milestones were Chris Andrews who got to 30 weeks and The Tremeloes who reached the 60 mark. Like Ken J. Larkin, reaching a milestone did not help The Tremeloes move up the weeks count list as they were stuck at 18, 6 weeks behind 17th placed The Seekers. The ones who did move in the top 20 of the weeks count list were The Hollies whose 91 weeks drew them level with The Rolling Stones in 4th place.

Creedence Clearwater Revival extended their run with a song in the chart to 35 weeks and moved ahead of Engelbert Humperdinck to set a new record to date for having a song in the charts for sequential weeks.

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