13 March 1970


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 3 Venus  – Shocking Blue
2 2 13 Pretty Belinda  – Chris Andrews
3 7 4 Holly Holy  – Neil Diamond
4 8 3 Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)  – Edison Lighthouse
5 9 4 Reflections of My Life  – Marmalade
6 3 9 Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head  – B.J. Thomas
7 4 7 All I Have to do is Dream  – Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell
8 5 6 Someday We’ll be Together  – Diana Ross & The Supremes
9 6 5 Whole Lotta Love  – Led Zeppelin
10 15 2 Love is a Beautiful Song  – Dave Mills
11 10 9 Don’t Cry Daddy  – Elvis Presley
12 16 2 Hitchin’ a Ride  – Vanity Fare
13 11 11 Without Love  – Tom Jones
14 12 10 Leaving on a Jet Plane  – Peter, Paul & Mary
15 13 37 Cry to Me  – Staccatos
16 19 3 Two Little Boys  – Rolf Harris
17 20 2 Rebecca Stein  – Bats
18 New 1 Arizona  – Mark Lindsay
19 18 6 Good Old Rock ‘n Roll  – Dave Clark Five
20 RE 4 Jingle Jangle  – Archies

Shocking Blue’s ‘Venus’ enjoyed a second week at the top of the charts with the song which was 2 number 1s previous, Chris Andrews’ ‘Pretty Belinda’ spending a 3rd straight week at number 2.

Dave Mills picked up his 2nd biggest climber award as ‘Love Is A Beautiful Song’ took the honours with a 5 place climb from 15 to 10. This was the 20th time a local male artist had seen a biggest climber although this includes the time Jody Wayne managed it as part of a duet with Glenys Lynne.

There were 4 other songs which managed a star rater climb, all moving up 4 places. These were Neil Diamond’s ‘Holly Holy’ (up to 3), Edison Lighthouse’s ‘Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)’ (up to 4), Marmalade’s ‘Reflections Of My Life’ (up to 5) and Vanity Fare’s ‘Hitchin’ A Ride’ (up to 12). Interestingly it was a first star rater for Vanity Fare, a 2nd for Edison Light House, a 3rd for Neil Diamond and a 4th for Marmalade.

It took just a 3 place drop to be the biggest faller this week and 4 songs managed this and they were all bunched together landing at 6, 7, 8 and 9 in the following order – B.J. Thomas’ ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’, Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell’s ‘All I Have To Do Is Dream’, Diana Ross & The Supremes’ ‘Someday We’ll Be Together’ and Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’. With the exception of Bobbie Gently who was suffering this fate for the 3rd time, it was a first for all the others.

The Staccatos’ ‘Cry To Me’ moved on to 37 weeks in total in the top 20, 25 of which were in this run which set a new record for a consecutive week run in the charts, overtaking Tommy Roe’s ‘Sweet Pea’ which managed 24. ‘Cry To Me’ was still the oldest in the top 20.

While Dave Mills was celebrating his biggest climber, it wasn’t all good news for him as his other hit, ‘Theresa’, fell off the top 20, limiting his time with 2 in the charts to just 1 week. ‘Theresa’ was 1 of just 7 songs to reach 20 weeks in the charts so far, leaving the charts with 20 weeks to its name. It had peaked at 2 twice, having dropped as low as 7 after its first time peaking at 2. From a points’ perspective, ‘Theresa’ was the 8th best performer overall so far, getting 279 during its run. 3 local hits sat above it, Four Jacks & A Jill’s ‘Master Jack’ (295 points) and their ‘Timothy’ (312 points and 2nd overall) and The Staccatos’ ‘Cry To Me’ which sat top of the overall list on 444.

The only other song to leave the top 20 this week was Harry J Allstars’ ‘Liquidator’ which had spent 9 weeks on the charts and peaked at 7. This would be their only SA Chart hit and it was the 11th best performing instrumental (based on points) to date but was the top performing by a Jamaican act song so far, its 73 points placing it a fair distance ahead of second placed ‘Israelites’ by Desmond Dekker. The departure of Harry J Allstars from the chart dropped us from a record equalling 6 nations on the charts down to 5.

The artist on our only new entry this week first saw SA chart action 21 week previously, but that time he was the song writer and member of the group that charted. Paul Revere & The Raiders’ Mark Lindsay now charted in his own right as his song ‘Arizona’ entered the top 20 this week. He was the 8th person who charted first as a song writer before charting as an artist. This time though, he didn’t write the song he was having a solo hit with, that honour went to Kenny Young who had already seen 4 of his compositions chart in our charts. ‘Arizona’ would be Lindsay’s second solo hit in the US, but far out performed his first (‘First Hymn From Grand Terrace’) which only made number 81 as ‘Arizona’ managed to get to number 10 and would be the best peak for the 8 hits he would have there. The song did not have much impact in Europe, failing to chart in the UK, but it did make 19 in Belgium. It would also get to 3 in what was then Rhodesia.

You may have noticed that 2 songs left the charts, but in the previous paragraph I referred to ‘Arizona’ as the only new entry and that was because the other song that arrived in the charts this week was a re-entry. The Archies’ ‘Jingle Jangle’ had been missing from the top 20 for just 1 week and it was the 15th song to re-enter the top 20 after having fallen off the charts. This gave us an interesting sequence for the 6 re-entries up to and including ‘Jingle Jangle’ as we had now seen 2 re-entries by UK acts followed by 2 re-entries by local act and now ‘Jingle Jangle’ was the second of 2 consecutive re-entries by US acts.

The new and re-entry this week were both by American acts, thus restoring the Yanks to the position of having the most hits in the charts as there were 8 by American acts, 7 by British acts, 3 by local acts and 1 each for Dutch and Australians.

The Americans were also celebrating the fact that the total weeks count for songs by their artists now moved past the 2,000 weeks mark. They were a fair bit ahead of the British whose acts had accumulated 1,897 to date. Local acts were sitting on 774.

The Staccatos shook off Manfred Mann to take 8th position on the weeks count list for themselves. They were on 82 weeks now. Elvis Presley clocked up his 69th week to make 13th position his own with Four Jacks & A Jill, Percy Sledge, Cliff Richard and Petula Clark who were all on 68 weeks, dropping to tied 14th. On the local list, Dave Mills moved tied 10th with Hilary and Carike Keuzenkamp. They all had 22 weeks to their names.

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