3 April 1970


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 4 5 Love is a Beautiful Song  – Dave Mills
2 3 5 Hitchin’ a Ride  – Vanity Fare
3 1 6 Venus  – Shocking Blue
4 5 6 Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)  – Edison Lighthouse
5 2 7 Holly Holy  – Neil Diamond
6 9 4 Arizona  – Mark Lindsay
7 8 3 Travellin’ Band  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
8 7 16 Pretty Belinda  – Chris Andrews
9 10 3 Bridge Over Troubled Water  – Simon & Garfunkel
10 12 3 Ma Belle Amie  – Tee Set
11 6 7 Reflections of My Life  – Marmalade
12 11 10 All I Have to do is Dream  – Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell
13 20 2 Wanderin’ Star  – Lee Marvin
14 13 9 Someday We’ll be Together  – Diana Ross & The Supremes
15 17 3 Dankie  – Lance James
16 New 1 Let’s Work Together  – Canned Heat
17 18 2 Hey There Lonely Girl  – Eddie Holman
18 19 2 Good Morning  – Leapy Lee
19 14 12 Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head  – B.J. Thomas
20 New 1 Carol Ok  – Chris Andrews

Dave Mill’s ‘Love Is A Beautiful Song’ became the 12th song by a local act to top our charts as it knocked Shocking Blue’s ‘Venus’ from the number 1 spot. It had been over a year since we last saw a local track at the top of the charts and that was when The Staccatos spent the last of its 3 weeks at 1 on 28 February 1969. ‘Venus’ had enjoyed 4 weeks at 1 and that would ultimately be the tied second best for a song by an act from The Netherlands. The latter dropped to number 3 with Vanity Fare’s ‘Hitchin’ A Ride’ moving up 1 place to number 2.

The climber of the week was Lee Marvin’s ‘Wandrin’ Star’ which moved up 7 places from 20 to 13 and this would be the only song to climb 4 or more places this week.

There were 2 songs that fell 5 places to take the biggest faller award and these were Marmalade’s ‘Reflections Of My Life’ and B.J. Thomas’ ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head’ which fell to 11 and 19 respectively. It was a 3rd biggest faller award for ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head’ while Marmalade picked up their second award, having experienced this previously with ‘Baby make It Soon’.

Chris Andrews’ ‘Pretty Belinda’ enjoyed a second week as the oldest on the chart. It was on 16 weeks in total and sat at number 8.

And while titles of our 2 fallers this week both started with the letter ‘R’, the 2 songs that left the charts both began with a ‘W’. The first of these was Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ which had spent a total of 7 weeks in the charts and peaked at 6. There would be more to come from the band.

Accompanying Led Zepplin out the charts was Tom Jones’ ‘Without Love’. It enjoyed a 13 week run in the charts, peaking at 3 during that time. This restored Jones to having his hits last 10 or more weeks in the charts, something his 2 previous hits had not managed. To date 8 of his 13 hits had reached double figures with 9 of them (including ‘Without Love’) going top 5. We were not done with Jones just yet.

The first new entry was a cover of Wilbert Harrison’s hit, ‘Let’s Work Together’ by Canned Heat, giving them their 2nd SA chart hit to date. Harrison would have a number 32 hit in the US with his version of the song which was originally recorded in 1962 but only saw this chart action in 1969/70. Canned Heat’s version would make it to number 26 in the US, but would have greater success in the UK where it went to number 2. In 1976 Roxy Music’s Bryan Ferry would record a cover version with a slightly changed lyric, entitling his version ‘Let’s Stick Together’. That would make it to number 4 there and is to date his best peaking song in the UK.

Chris Andrews became the 13th act to have 2 in the chart at the same time with 2 different pairings. Previously he had seen ‘Yesterday Man’ share the chart with ‘To Whom It Concerns’ for 7 weeks. This week, ‘Carol OK’ joined ‘Pretty Belinda’ in the top 20 to give Andrews his 8th week in total with 2 in the chart. This was Andrews’ 4th SA chart hit and so far he had written all of them. In keeping with the fallers and the 2 songs falling out the chart, there was also a common starting letter with the 2 new entries and that was the ‘C’ that the act’s names began with.

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