SA Rockdigest Webpages Updated!

Good news!

I have finally updated the pages that show every hit that made the SA charts from 1965 – 1989 (including the songs that made the top 30 but not the top 20 once the charts were extended). These are listed alphabetically by artist and there is a listing alphabetically by song title.

There is also a number of pages giving various stats about the charts.

For all this exciting information, click here.



4 thoughts on “SA Rockdigest Webpages Updated!

    • Hi Peet
      Thanks for the comment. The analysis per year is actually what was published in the Top 40 Magazine and, as far as I can tell, is based on weeks spent at number 1 rather than a points system. I have not yet done webpages for the by year based on the points system. I will try an get round to that sometime.

  1. These songs bring back memories, good and not so good. Thank you for assembling these and making them available.
    I believe the “holy grail” of South African music will be the LM Radio hit lists, but I don’t believe anybody has those.

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