5 June 1970


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 9 Spider Spider  – Tidal Wave
2 6 3 Daughter of Darkness  – Tom Jones
3 1 10 Carol Ok  – Chris Andrews
4 8 4 Knock Knock Who’s There  – Mary Hopkin
5 4 12 Ma Belle Amie  – Tee Set
6 3 9 Tchaikovsky One  – Omega Limited
7 5 14 Love is a Beautiful Song  – Dave Mills
8 11 3 When Julie Comes Around  – Cuff Links
9 7 12 Bridge Over Troubled Water  – Simon & Garfunkel
10 15 3 All Kinds of Everything  – Dana
11 12 6 Die Tantes van Nantes  – Al Debbo & Nico Carstens
12 9 5 Can’t Help Falling in Love  – Andy Williams
13 18 3 Come Softly to Me  – Percy Sledge
14 19 2 Heya  – Jeronimo
15 New 1 I Don’t Believe in If Anymore  – Roger Whittaker
16 13 7 Elizabethan Reggae  – Boris Gardiner
17 17 4 That Same Old Feeling  – Pickettywitch
18 New 1 Gimme Dat Ding  – Pipkins
19 20 2 Working on a Good Thing  – Outlet
20 New 1 Little Green Bag  – George Baker Selection

Tidal Wave’s ‘Spider Spider’ became the 13th local song to top our charts as it moved into the number 1 position, knocking Chris Andrews’ ‘Carol OK’ from there after the latter had spent 2 weeks at 1. ‘Spider Spider’ had taken 9 weeks to reach the number 1 position which was the new slowest climb to the top for a local song, beating the 8 weeks that Quentin E. Klopjaeger’s ‘Lazy Life’ took. It was also the tied highest second longest overall, being 1 week quicker than the 10 weeks it took ‘My Special Prayer’ by Percy Sledge to make pole position. 2 others songs had taken 9 weeks and they were ‘Only One Woman’ by Marbles and ‘Suspicious Minds’ by Elvis Presley.

There were 3 songs that shared the biggest climber award this week and they were Dana’s ‘All Kinds Of Everything’, Percy Sledge’s ‘Come Softly To Me’ and Jeronimo’s ‘Heya’ which all climbed 5 places to land at 10, 13 and 14 respectively. It was a 5th biggest climber for Sledge and a first for the other 2 artists. It was also Sledge’s 13th star rater.

2 other songs managed a star rater climb and they were Tom Jones’ ‘Daughter Of Darkness’ and Mary Hopkin’s ‘Knock Knock Who’s There’ which both climbed 4 to land at 2 and 4 respectively. It was a 19th star rater for Jones.

The biggest fall this week was 3 places and 3 songs managed this. They were Omega Limited’s ‘Tchaikovsky One’, Andy Williams’ ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ and Boris Gardiner’s ‘Elizabethan Reggae’ which fell to 6, 12 and 16 respectively.

Dave Mills’ ‘Love Is A Beautiful Song’ clocked up its 14th week and was enjoying its 3rd week as the oldest on the chart.

Ken J. Larkin’s ‘She’s Gone’ was gone from the charts this week. It spent 4 weeks in the Top 20 and peaked at 16, his lowest weeks and peak figures to date. The good news for him was that he still had one more hit left to come.

White Plains’ ‘My Baby Loves Lovin’ joined ‘She’s Gone’ in leaving the charts. It spent 7 weeks with us and peaked at 8. This would be their only SA chart hit.

Last to go was the 24th song to leave the top 20 from within the top 10 as Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Travellin’ Band’ left the charts from position 10 last week, after 11 weeks and a peak of 5. Of their 5 hits to date, only 1 (‘Green River’) had not made double figures for weeks, falling just short with 9. The peak of 5 for ‘Travellin’ Band’ equalled the Creedence’s lowest to date which was also experienced by ‘Green River’.

We welcomed our first Kenyan artist to the charts this week as Roger Whittaker’s ‘I Don’t Believe In If Anymore’ was the first of the 3 new entries. Whittaker, who was born in Nairobi on 22 March 1936, has had 8 UK hits to date, one of which was ‘I Don’t Believe In If Anymore’ which went to number 8, his second best peak, there. He would also have a number 31 hit with ‘Mammy Blue’ which would be a huge SA hit for Charisma.

People who loved listening to the voice of Tony Burrows would have been upset with the departure of the White Plains hit from the chart this week, but they could take comfort from the fact that that the voice behind The Ivy League’s and White Plains’ hits we had seen on our charts was still to be heard in the top 20 as The Pipkins’ ‘Gimme Dat Ding’, our second new entry, featured the same man singing. Roger Greenaway, who had song writing credits on 7 songs to chart so far, helped out on the vocals, but not on the song writing as that was done by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazelwood giving the pair their 3rd SA chart hit each as song writers. ‘Gimme Dat Ding’ would go to number 6 in the UK and 9 in the US.

The final new entry was the 4th song by a Dutch act to chart and came in the form of The George Baker Selection’s ‘Little Green Bag’. The song was written by Jan Visser and Hans Bouwens (George Baker’s birth name) and would give them a number 9 hit in their native Holland. Elsewhere it would make it to 21 in the US, 3 in Belgium and 8 in the then Rhodesia. The song was actually meant to be titled ‘Little Greenback’, referring to a dollar bill, but somehow ended up with the label being printed as ‘Little Green Bag’ and the name stuck. In 1992 the song had some renewed exposure as it was included in the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and, after featuring in an advert for whiskey in Japan, made it to number 1 there.

The arrival of Roger Whittaker on the charts meant we had a new record to date 7 different nations represented in the top 20 as the Kenyan joined acts from the UK, the US, SA, The Netherlands, Germany and Jamaica in our charts. It should also be noted that this week saw the lowest number of songs by American acts on the charts since 15 December 1967 as we now only had 4 Yanks represented in the top 20.

Percy Sledge shook off Donovan and Elvis Presley on the weeks count list, his 71 weeks to date putting him in 12th place on his own. On the local front, Dave Mills moved 1 week ahead of Murray Campbell to give him 6th place to himself. He sat on 34 weeks. Al Debbo moved onto 23 weeks and this placed him tied 11th with Dickie Loader.

On the points front, we saw 4 acts pass milestones. Dave Mills moved past 500, Percy Sledge crossed the 700 threshold, Chris Andrews moved into the 800s while Tom Jones, who led the way for points, now had in excess of 1,800. Mills sat 3rd for a local act behind The Staccatos on 814 and Four Jacks and a Jill on 837.

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