12 June 1970


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 4 Daughter of Darkness  – Tom Jones
2 3 11 Carol Ok  – Chris Andrews
3 1 10 Spider Spider  – Tidal Wave
4 4 5 Knock Knock Who’s There  – Mary Hopkin
5 6 10 Tchaikovsky One  – Omega Limited
6 5 13 Ma Belle Amie  – Tee Set
7 8 4 When Julie Comes Around  – Cuff Links
8 10 4 All Kinds of Everything  – Dana
9 13 4 Come Softly to Me  – Percy Sledge
10 7 15 Love is a Beautiful Song  – Dave Mills
11 15 2 I Don’t Believe in If Anymore  – Roger Whittaker
12 9 13 Bridge Over Troubled Water  – Simon & Garfunkel
13 14 3 Heya  – Jeronimo
14 New 1 Yellow River  – Christie
15 11 7 Die Tantes van Nantes  – Al Debbo & Nico Carstens
16 19 3 Working on a Good Thing  – Outlet
17 18 2 Gimme Dat Ding  – Pipkins
18 12 6 Can’t Help Falling in Love  – Andy Williams
19 20 2 Little Green Bag  – George Baker Selection
20 New 1 Tennessee Bird Walk  – Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

Tom Jones pulled 2 clear of his nearest rivals for the top spot on the number of number 1s list as ‘Daughter Of Darkness’ became his 5th chart topper. There were 7 acts tied in a clogged up second place on the list, all of them having had 3. Les Reed and Geoff Stephens who co-wrote ‘Daughter Of Darkness’ also sat at the top of the same list but for song writers, although unlike Jones, they had to share the top spot with Robin and Barry Gibb who had also seen 4 of their compositions reach the number 1 spot. Last week’s number 1, Tidal Waves’ ‘Spider Spider’, fell to number 3 after having enjoyed just 1 week at the top of the charts.

Percy Sledge picked up a 6th biggest climber award as ‘Come Softly To Me’ moved up 4 places from 13 to 9. It shared the honours with Roger Whittaker’s ‘I Don’t Believe In If Anymore’ which climbed 4 to 11. This was a first time with a biggest climber for Whittaker. These 2 were not only the biggest climbers but also the only star raters. For Sledge it was his 14th time with a star rater and he became the 5th act to reach this many.

Andy Williams should have called his song ‘Can’t Help Falling Down The Charts’ as ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ was the biggest faller for a second week running. It dropped 6 from 12 to 18 this week to add to the 3 place drop that led him to share the award with Boris Gardiner the previous week.

Dave Mills’ ‘Love Is A Beautiful Song’ was into its 4th week as the oldest on the chart. It had been with us for a total of 15 weeks so far and this was a coming of age for local solo male artists as this was the 21st week they had seen one of their number have the oldest on the charts.

Pickettywitch’s ‘That Same Old Feeling’ lasted just 4 weeks in the top 20 with last week being its last week. It managed to get to 17 during its time on the charts and this would be the band’s only SA chart entry.

We also bid farewell to Boris Gardiner’s ‘Elizabethan Reggae’ which fared better than its co-leaver, managing to reach number 7 during its 7 week run. Like the SA males’ weeks with oldest on the charts, the magic number here was again 21 as ‘Elizabethan Reggae’ was the 21st song to have matching weeks and peak figures which made 7 the outright leader for the most popular number to have equal weeks and peaks with as it was the 6th time this combination had arisen, pulling 7 one clear of 8, the latter figure having been seen 5 times. The departure of the Jamaican act meant we were back down to 6 nations represented in the top 20 after just 1 weeks of our record to date 7.

Our first new entry was ‘Yellow River’ by a UK band called Christie. The band was led by Jeff Christie (hence their name) who also wrote the song and ‘Yellow River’ would give them a number 1 hit in the UK, Norway, Finland and Ireland. Despite the song lyrics being inspired by the thoughts of a soldier during the American Civil War, the song would only get to number 23 there. In Australia, due to a dispute between record labels and radio stations, UK and US artists were denied airplay. Consequently local Aussie bands scored hits with covers of the big international tracks and one of these was Jigsaw’s cover of ‘Yellow River’ which made number 2 or number 5 there depending on if you looked at the Go Set Charts or the Kent Report charts, 2 different takes on the charts down under that are both recognised as ‘official’.

Husband and wife duo, Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan, brought us the other new entry this week in the form of ‘Tennessee Bird Walk’. This was the 17th song by a duet or collaboration to make our charts and it would top the Country singles charts in both America and Canada. On the main charts it went to 23 in the US and 12 in Canada. Jack and Misty were born in the same hospital in Florida with Jack being 3 years and 15 days older than his wife.

On the weeks front, Al Debbo took 11th place on the local weeks count list for himself as his 24 to date moved him 1 clear of Dickie Loader.

‘Tchaikovsky One’ moved on to 16 weeks in total for the 2 versions of the song that had charted and this moved it tied 12th for weeks by a song charting in more than 1 version, joining Bob Lind and Judy Page’s versions of ‘Elusive Butterfly’ and ‘This Is My Song’ which had charted for Petula Clark as well as for Harry Secombe.

The average number of weeks the songs in this weeks’ top 20 had been in the charts was exactly 6. This was the 10th time we had seen the average be a whole number with it having been 6 for 5 times and 5 for 4 times and then on the very first chart it was 1.

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