7 August 1970


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 6 In the Summertime  – Mungo Jerry
2 4 8 Which Way You Goin’ Billy?  – Poppy Family
3 8 5 The Wedding  – Jody Wayne
4 3 9 Yellow River  – Christie
5 2 6 Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song)  – Beach Boys
6 12 3 Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha  – Cliff Richard
7 9 5 Groovin’ with Mr. Bloe  – Mr. Bloe
8 5 12 Come Softly to Me  – Percy Sledge
9 6 11 Working on a Good Thing  – Outlet
10 7 4 Question  – Moody Blues
11 20 2 A Song of Joy  – Miguel Rios
12 10 5 The Wonder of You  – Elvis Presley
13 14 4 I’ll Walk with You  – Sean Rennie
14 15 6 Round and Around  – John Edmond
15 16 4 Why Can’t it Rain  – McCully Workshop
16 11 10 Little Green Bag  – George Baker Selection
17 18 3 The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown)  – Fleetwood Mac
18 13 8 Up Around the Bend  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
19 New 1 Sally  – Gerry Monroe
20 New 1 Let it be Me  – Percy Sledge

Despite it being winter, ‘In The Summertime’ by Mungo Jerry continued to top the chart, enjoying its 3rd week there. The Poppy Family’s ‘Which Way You Goin’ Billy?’ threatened to become the first chart topper by a Canadian act as it moved up 2 into second place.

Miguel Rios’ ‘A Song Of Joy’ was the climber of the week, moving up 9 places from 20 to 11. The only other song by a Spanish artist to chart to date (Los Bravos’ ‘Black Is Black’) also managed to take a biggest climber award, so it was a 100% record so far for Spanish songs. The 9 place jump, however would be the biggest leap any song by a Spanish artist would make. This record would be equalled, but it would take a duet with an American to see a Spaniard have such a move up the charts.

Cliff Richard once again missed out on biggest climber despite his song making a substantial move up the charts. ‘Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha’ jumped 6 places from12 to 6 this week, but had to be satisfied with being just a star rater. This was Cliff’s 8th star rater, but only 2 of these had ended up being the biggest climber. Those alert ones among you will be say, but wait, you said last week that Cliff had 3 biggest climbers to his name. And yes he did, but his first biggest climber award was managed with just a 3 place climb.

Jody Wayne’s ‘The Wedding’ picked up a 3rd star rater climb as it moved up 5 from 8 to 3. It was now Jody’s 7th star rater to date and, while he still sat in second place for number of star raters by a local act, he closed the gap with leaders The Staccatos who were on 10.

The George Baker Selection’s ‘Little Green Bag’ and Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Up Around The Bend’ were the fallers this week, both dropping 5 places. The former ended up at 16 while the latter landed at 18. This was the 3rd time a song by a Dutch act had been biggest faller with the previous 2 before ‘Little Green Bag’ both being by Shocking Blue’s ‘Venus’. For Creedence it was a 6th time they had taken the honours and they were the 9th act to reach this level of fallers.

‘Come Softly To Me’ by Percy Sledge ticked over to 12 weeks on the charts and was enjoying its 4th week as the oldest.

Roger Whittaker’s ‘I Don’t Believe in If Anymore’ was the first of 2 songs to leave the chart this week. It had been with us for 9 weeks and peaked at 2. Not only would this be Whittaker’s only SA chart hit, it would also be the only hit we would see from a Kenyan act.

Joining Roger Whittaker in leaving the top 20 was The Who’s ‘The Seeker’ which spent 5 weeks on the charts and peaked at 15. The Who’s weeks count run for their 3 songs so far read 7-6-5 so this did not bode well for their next hit. What ‘The Seeker’ did do is break the run of peaking at 6 which their first 2 hits managed.

A man called Henry Morris from a town called Windy Nook in England brought us the first of 2 new entries this week. Henry was better known as Gerry Monroe and ‘Sally’ would be the first of 6 UK chart hits he would have. But this week it was his first SA chart hit. In the UK the song would make it to number 4 and remains his best peak to date. Monroe had been spotted by song writer Les Reed (who led the way for number of hits by a song writer on our charts) while performing on the UK TV show ‘Opportunity Knocks’. Reed, however would not pen ‘Sally’, that honour went to Harry Leon, Leo Towers and Will Haines. ‘Sally’ was the 44th song to chart that mentioned a girl’s name in the song title. Interestingly, Les Reed would have a hand in writing the only other song that would chart that had the name ‘Sally’ in the title.

Percy Sledge became the 14th act to have 2 or more in the charts with 2 different pairings as ‘Let It Be Me’ was the second new entry this week. It joined Percy’s other hit ‘Come Softly To Me’ in the top 20. Percy became the 6th act to reach double figures for number of hits, this being his 10th. He sat tied 5th with The Bee Gees on the number of hits list. Like a good number of his SA chart hits, this one also would not see chart action either side of the Atlantic. Like our other new entry this week, the song featured 3 names on the song writing credits (Mann Curtis, Pierre Delanoe and Gilbert Becaud). Of the 6 song writers on these 2 hits, only 1 (Becaud) would see any other of their compositions make the charts. A second thing that the 2 new entries have in common was that both the artists are now deceased with Gerry passing away in October 1989 aged 56 and Percy Sledge dying on 14 April 2015 aged 74.

Sledge had further cause for celebration as his 2 songs in the charts this week moved his weeks count up from 79 passed the 80 milestone and on to 81. This moved him into tied 9th place on the weeks count list, a position he shared with Manfred Mann. Cliff Richard moved 1 week ahead of Donovan and no longer shared 14th spot with the latter. He was on 71 weeks. Creedence Clearwater Revival moved into tied 19th spot with The Tremeloes, both acts being on 65 weeks.

Jody Wayne continued to move up the local weeks count list, his 23 weeks to date putting him tied 12th with Dickie Loader. The Outlet crept up a spot to tied 17th, equalling The Dream Merchants on 17 weeks.

Elvis Presley became the 11th act to move past the 900 points threshold, he now had 906 to his name and was 11th on the points list.

In terms of number of hits on the charts, the Americans caught up to the Brits this week with both nations supplying 6 hits each. We had seen more British than American hits on our charts for the past 12 weeks.

A final note on the charts this week was that this was the 3rd time we had seen 5 artists starting with the letter “M” on the charts. In total this would occur 23 times and we would never see more than 5 “M” artists in a week.

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