21 August 1970


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 The Wedding  – Jody Wayne
2 4 5 Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha  – Cliff Richard
3 2 8 In the Summertime  – Mungo Jerry
4 3 10 Which Way You Goin’ Billy?  – Poppy Family
5 6 14 Come Softly to Me  – Percy Sledge
6 8 4 A Song of Joy  – Miguel Rios
7 5 11 Yellow River  – Christie
8 17 3 Sally  – Gerry Monroe
9 15 2 Down the Dustpipe  – Status Quo
10 7 8 Cotton Fields (The Cotton Song)  – Beach Boys
11 10 13 Working on a Good Thing  – Outlet
12 20 2 Neanderthal Man  – Hotlegs
13 13 8 Round and Around  – John Edmond
14 New 1 Lola  – Kinks
15 9 6 Question  – Moody Blues
16 New 1 Mama Told Me Not to Come  – Three Dog Night
17 18 3 Let it be Me  – Percy Sledge
18 19 2 Keep on Smiling  – James Lloyd
19 New 1 That’s Why God Made the World  – Johnny Collini
20 New 1 Lady D’Arbanville  – Cat Stevens

The honeymoon period was not over for Jody Wayne as ‘The Wedding’ enjoyed a second week at number 1. Cliff Richard’s ‘Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha’ looked the most likely to spoil the occasion as it moved up 2 into second place.

The biggest climber award went to Gerry Monroe’s ‘Sally’ which moved up 9 places from 17 to 8. This was the 25nd time we had seen a climb of 9 places or more by a British act. When it came to climbing the charts, the UK acts were better at it than the US as the average upward movement for songs on the chart by UK acts was 3.17 where, when the US acts were climbing, they average 3.07 places. The SA acts lagged even further behind climbing on average 2.73 places whenever they moved upwards.

Hotlegs just missed out on biggest climber. Their 8 place jump from 20 to 12 with ‘Neanderthal Man’ was one of 2 other star raters this week. Status Quo’s ‘Down The Dustpipe’ was the 3rd of the 3 star raters this week. It climbed 6 from 15 to 9. This was their second time with a star rater and they were the only 1 of the 3 acts having star raters this week who had more than 1 to their name.

The Moody Blues suffered their first biggest faller award this week as ‘Question’ fell 6 places from 9 to 15.

Percy Sledge’s ‘Come Softly To Me’ continued on as the oldest on the chart. It was enjoying its 14th week with us and its 6th week as the oldest.

There were 4 songs that didn’t make it from last week’s chart to this week’s and the first of these was Sean Rennie’s ‘I’ll Walk With You’ which had been with us for 5 weeks and peaked at 13. Rennie would feature again on our charts.

We also said farewell to Elvis Presley’s ‘The Wonder Of You’ which had spent 6 weeks in the charts and peaked at 8, his second lowest peaking song to date after ‘Just Call Me Lonesome’ which only managed to get to 13. Like Sean Rennie, Elvis would be back.

McCully Workshop’s ‘Why Can’t It Rain’ was the 5th local song to leave the chart from position 12. Only Tidal Wave’s ‘Spider Spider’ had a higher last week position (number 9) for any local song. ‘Why Can’t It Rain’ spent 5 weeks on the charts and peaked at 12. McCully Workshop would also be back.

Last to go was Mr. Bloe’s ‘Groovin’ With Mr. Bloe’. The song spent 6 weeks on the charts and peaked at 7. This would be the band’s only SA chart hit. On a points basis, the song sat 16th highest on the list of 23 instrumentals that had charted so far.

The Kinks returned to the charts after an absence of 87 weeks. This was the 22nd time we had seen a gap of 80 weeks or more between hits for an artist and The Kinks were the only act who appeared twice within those 22 as they had seen a 91 week gap between their previous hit, ‘Days’, and the one before that, ‘Dead End Street’. This was The Kinks’ 6th song to chart and all of these had been written by Ray Davis. However, Davies had 7 hits as song writer to his name as he also helped write ‘Death Of A Clown’ which was a hit for his brother Dave. ‘Lola’ reached number 9 in the US and just missed out on topping the UK charts where it went to number 2, kept off the top spot by Elvis Presley’s ‘The Wonder Of You’. The Kinks could take some satisfaction from the fact that on the SA charts, they replaced the song which kept them off the number 1 spot in the UK (see above re departure of Elvis’ hit from our charts). The original words for ‘Lola’ referred to ‘Coca-Cola’ but because the BBC in the UK refused to play the song due to its policy against product placement, Davis changed it to ‘Cherry Cola’.

Three Dog Night made their SA chart debut with ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’. The song was written by Randy Newman and first recorded by Eric Burdon & The Animals. It was meant to be released as a single but never made it that far. Newman recorded his own version, but it was Three Dog Night’s that propelled the song into the limelight, spending 2 weeks at the top of the US charts and making it to number 3 in the UK. It just missed out on topping the Canadian charts, reaching number 2 there. In 2000 Tom Jones teamed up with The Stereophonics to take a cover version to number 4 in the UK.

With 2 songs by local acts leaving the charts this week, we were fortunate enough to have Johnny Collini bring us our third new entry as this limited the damage to the local hit count on the charts. Collini’s debut on our charts was ‘That’s Why God Made the World’ which gave Terry Dempsey his 7th chart hit as a song writer. The song would go to number 2 on the LM Radio charts and would end up at number 39 for the LM Radio hits of 1970 list. It would also make number 16 in what was then Rhodesia. Collini was a member of the local band called The Zombies (not to be confused with the UK band of the same name).

Our final new entry was ‘Lady D’Arbanville’ by Cat Stevens. This was his second hit to chart in SA with his previous hit, ‘Matthew And Son’ last seeing chart action 172 weeks previously. This was the 4th biggest gap between hits to date and the second largest gap for a British act, falling 16 weeks short of Chris Andrews’ 188 weeks between hits. Rick Nelson still led the way overall with a gap of 218 weeks which was between ‘I Need You’ leaving the charts and re-entering them. ‘Lady D’Arbanville’ was written about model Patti D’Arbanville, Stevens’ former girlfriend, and it would go to number 8 in the UK. It would also make it to number 2 in Holland, 4 in Belgium and 23 in Germany.

This week’s chart saw the 12th time there was an equal split between groups and solo male artists as 10 of the songs were by the former and 10 by the latter. Interestingly we would only see this happen 2 more times.

The gap between the number of hits by British acts and US acts that had charted so far decreased further to 15 which was the lowest we had seen this gap for the previous 31 weeks.

The Beach Boys moved ahead of Herman’s Hermits for weeks count, their 96 weeks to date giving them 5th place on the weeks count list to themselves while a few places lower at 8, Percy Sledge shook off The Staccatos with the former on 85 weeks and the latter dropping to 9th place with 83 weeks. Jody Wayne moved tied 10th with Ken J. Larkin on the local list. Both acts were on 25 weeks. The Outlet took 16th spot for themselves with 19 weeks while The Square Set who had shared 16th place with them last week, dropped to 17th.

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