25 September 1970


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 6 Lola  – Kinks
2 9 4 Brown Eyes  – Chris Andrews
3 3 7 Neanderthal Man  – Hotlegs
4 4 6 Lady D’Arbanville  – Cat Stevens
5 2 12 The Wedding  – Jody Wayne
6 7 7 Keep on Smiling  – James Lloyd
7 5 13 In the Summertime  – Mungo Jerry
8 15 5 Mademoiselle Ninette  – Michael Holm
9 14 4 Love of the Common People  – Nicky Thomas
10 11 5 Push Mr. Pride Aside  – Percy Sledge
11 6 9 A Song of Joy  – Miguel Rios
12 8 7 Down the Dustpipe  – Status Quo
13 17 3 Everybody’s Talkin’  – Nilsson
14 13 6 That’s Why God Made the World  – Johnny Collini
15 10 6 Mama Told Me Not to Come  – Three Dog Night
16 20 2 Rainbow  – Marmalade
17 18 4 Both Sides Now  – Steve Lonsdale
18 New 1 Ain’t Love a Funny Thing  – Sam Evans
19 New 1 I (Who Have Nothing)  – Tom Jones
20 New 1 Lookin’ Out My Back Door  – Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Kinks’ ‘Lola’ enjoyed a second week at the top of our charts. The challenge came from Chris Andrews’ ‘Brown Eyes’ which climbed 7 places from 9 to 2 and was the biggest climber this week. So far we had seen 15 songs make a biggest climb in the week and end up at number 2 and only 5 of those had not gone on to take the number 1 spot the following week with 1 of the 5 eventually going to number 1 three weeks after the climb. So the threat to ‘Lola’s supremacy was a very real one.

Michael Holm’s ‘Mademoiselle Ninette’ also moved up 7 places (from 15 to 8) to share the biggest climber award with ‘Brown Eyes’. This was the 4th time a song by German act had been a biggest climber.

Nicky Thomas’ ‘Love Of The Common People’ moved up 5 from 14 to 9 to be 1 of 3 other star raters this week., The other 2 both climbed 4 places and they were Nilsson’s ‘Everbody’s Talkin’ which moved up to 13 and The Marmalade’s ‘Rainbow’ which ended up at 16.

Miguel Rios’ ‘A Song Of Joy’ and Three Dog Night’s ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’ both fell 5 places to share the biggest faller of the week award. They landed up at 11 and 15 respectively.

‘In The Summertime’ by Mungo Jerry enjoyed a 2nd week as the oldest on the chart. It entered its 13th week with us.

We said goodbye Cliff as his hit ‘Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha’ fell off the charts after a run of 9 weeks and a peak of 2. This was the highest peak he had managed of his 13 hits to date but was only his 4th best for weeks count.

2 weeks previously, Percy Sledge had 3 hits in the charts, last week he was down to 2 and this week it dropped further to just 1 hit left. ‘Let It be Me’ perhaps answered the call when asked which of the 2 Percy Sledge songs should leave the chart this week. It had been with us for 7 weeks and peaked at 9. It was the first of the 5 hits by Sledge that made the top 10 that didn’t make the top 2. Sledge was the 4th act to have songs leave the chart in successive weeks with Tommy Roe, Trini Lopez, and Lucille Starr being the other 3.

Last of the leavers was Gerry Monroe’ ‘Sally’ which had enjoyed a run of 7 weeks in the charts and peaked at 4. This would be Monroe’s only song to chart in SA. In the UK he would have a total of 6 hits and enjoy a total of 57 weeks on the charts there.

Now that Cliff Richard was no longer singing ‘Good Bye Sam’ on our charts we were able to say ‘Hello Sam’ as Sam Evans brought us the first of 3 new entries. ‘Ain’t Love A Funny Thing’ was written by Fred Carter Jr and would be the only song he penned that would make our charts. Evans came from Glasgow in Scotland and would be one of Johnny Kongos’ G-Men as well as having a stint working with The A-Cads.

Tom Jones’ ‘I (Who Have Nothing)’ was a misleading title as he once more extended his lead for number of hits to chart with his 15th to date, so he must have had some royalties from us (unless he was on the same deal as Rodriguez). He was 2 hits ahead of Cliff Richard who was on 13. ‘I (Who Have Nothing)’ was Jones’ 19th UK chart hit (by way of comparison, Cliff’s departing ‘Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha’ had been his 53rd) and it made number 16 there. The song was an English translation of an Italian one called ‘Uno Dei Tanti’ (meaning ‘One Of Many’). Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller wrote the English lyrics which were first recorded by Ben E. King in 1963 and that version went to number 29 in the US. Jones’ version made it to 14 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Creedence Clearwater Revival saw their 7th SA chart hit enter the top 20 this week. ‘Lookin’ Out My Back Door’ was their 12th Hot 100 hit in the US where it went to number 2, their 5th hit to do so and they have still not seen a chart topper in the US. It would top the charts in Austria and Norway and, like in the US, it would just miss out in Germany where it peaked at number 2. The song would feature in the 1998 Coen Brothers film ‘The Big Lebowski’.

Jody Wayne celebrated reaching the 30 weeks in the chart mark although this would not move him up the local weeks count list as he was still 1 behind Des Lindberg who sat in 8th place. Percy Sledge was moving up the overall weeks count chart as his 97 to date put him tied 5th with The Beach Boys. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s new entry this week put them tied 18th with The Seekers and The Tremeloes, who had shared 19th place with Creedence last week, were relegated to 20th.

Chris Andrews became the 13th act to move past the 900 points mark as he ticked over to 904. He was 9 points behind Elvis Presley who was in 12th place.

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