6 November 1970


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 6 Burning Bridges  – Mike Curb Congregation
2 9 3 Cracklin’ Rosie  – Neil Diamond
3 5 6 Cha-La-La, I Need You  – Shuffles
4 8 5 Candida  – Dawn
5 2 11 Mademoiselle Ninette  – Michael Holm
6 4 10 Brown Eyes  – Chris Andrews
7 3 7 Lookin’ Out My Back Door  – Creedence Clearwater Revival
8 11 4 Like I Do  – Barbara Ray & 5th Association
9 15 4 Montego Bay  – Bobby Bloom
10 7 7 Ain’t Love a Funny Thing  – Sam Evans
11 6 7 I (Who Have Nothing)  – Tom Jones
12 13 4 All the Tears in the World  – Dave Mills
13 18 2 Me and My Life  – Tremeloes
14 19 2 Black Night  – Deep Purple
15 20 2 Stand Up for the Lady  – Rising Sons
16 10 6 Poor Little Rich Girl  – Dickie Loader
17 12 13 Keep on Smiling  – James Lloyd
18 14 12 Lola  – Kinks
19 New 1 Looky Looky  – Giorgio
20 New 1 A Time for Us (Love Theme From “Romeo & Juliet”)  – Jody Wayne

‘Burning Bridges’ entered its 4th week at the top of the charts and had seen off Michael Holm’s ‘Mademoiselle Ninnette’ which dropped from 2 to 5. The new number 2 was this weeks’ biggest climber and that was Neil Diamond’s ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’ which moved up 7 places from 9 to 2. This was the second week running that the song had been the biggest climber and the 3rd week running that the biggest climb had been 7 places. So far we had not seen more than 3 weeks in a row with the biggest climb being the same number of places. This was the 11th occasion where we had 3 weeks running with the same number of places being the biggest climb.

Including ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’ there was a total of 6 star raters this week. This was the tied second highest number of star raters we had seen to date with 1 week having 7 and only 1 other seeing 6. Bobby Bloom’s ‘Montego Bay’ was the biggest climbing of the 5 other star raters, moving up 6 from 15 to 9. There were 3 songs which climbed 5 places and those were The Tremeloes’ ‘Me And My Life’ which landed at 13, Deep Purple’s ‘Black Night’ which climbed to 14 and The Rising Sons’ ‘Stand Up For The Lady’ which ended up at 15. Dawn’s ‘Candida’ was the final one to climb 4 or more places and it moved up 4 from 8 to 4. If one added up the total of places moved up by the top 20 songs then this week saw the tied 7th highest total for upward movement to date with the top 20 songs climbing a total of 38 places. This was 8 less than the record to date 46.

Dickie Loader saw his 3 hits to date now have a 100% record at being the biggest faller as ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ followed his 2 previous hits in taking the award. It fell 6 places from 10 to 16.

James Lloyd was still smiling as his hit ‘Keep On Smiling’ entered its 13th week with us and enjoyed its 3rd as the oldest on the charts. This was the first of only 6 songs by Jamaican artists to be the oldest at some point during its top 20 career.

Percy Sledge’s ‘Push Mr Pride Aside’ was the first of 2 songs to leave the chart this week. It had been with us for 10 weeks and peaked at 7. So far of Sledge’s 11 hits to date, 5 managed to reach double figures for weeks and 6 managed to get into the top 10. The departure of ‘Push Mr Pride Aside’ brought to an end Sledge’s current run in the charts. He had had at least 1 hit in the top 20 for 24 straight weeks and this fell 1 short of his best run of 25 weeks in a row with at least 1 in the top 20. There had been 14 acts so far to manage a run of 24 weeks or more with a song in the charts and Percy Sledge was the only one of these to have managed it twice.

Also leaving the charts was The Archies’ ‘Sunshine’. It had been with us for just 2 weeks and peaked at 16, the lowest weeks and peak figures for any of their hits so far. The good news for both Percy Sledge and The Archies was that they each had 1 more hit to come.

Giorgio Moroder, going under the name of Giorgio, brought us the first of the new entries in the form of ‘Looky Looky’. The song, which he penned alongside a guy called Peter Rainford, charted in Switzerland and Germany, going to 3 and 26 in those respective charts, as well as reaching number 13 in what was then Rhodesia. Hailing from South Tyrol in Northern Italy, Moroder was the second Italian act to chart. This followed the success in 1965 of Nini Rosso with ‘Goodbye My Love’. The gap between Italian hits was 263 weeks which was the biggest gap to date that a nation had seen between hits with the 192 weeks between hits for act from Spain being the second biggest. By the time the charts finished in 1989, the biggest gap for a nation would have increased to 560 weeks and this effort by the Italians would have been relegated to 8th place.

Jody Wayne returned to the charts with his new one, ‘A Time for Us (Love Theme From “Romeo & Juliet”)’ which was his 5th hit to date. Wayne was now the 6th local act to clock up at least 5 hits. As the title of the song suggests, it was the ‘Love Theme’ from Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 film adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’. However, it was the instrumental version by Nino Rota that featured in the film. The words were later written by Larry Kusik and Eddie Snyder and these would be recorded by Johnny Mathis and Andy Williams amongst others. The most successful version of the song to chart had been Henry Mancini’s instrumental version which had topped the US charts. It also managed to get to number 4 on our charts in 1969 and was now the 23rd song to chart with us in more than 1 version.  Jody Wayne boosted the local hit count up to 6 again, the first time it had seen that level for 22 weeks.

This week marked the 17th consecutive one where we did not have any solo females in the chart and this equalled the length of the previous womanless time we had had and was tied 2nd longest period we had gone with no women. The longest drought so far was 22 weeks.

We also saw an equal number of hits from US and UK acts on the charts with each nation contributing 5. This was the 30th time we had seen an equal contribution from these 2 musical giants. However, there were 6 local songs sitting in the top 20 and this was the 3rd time we had seen the locals outdo the acts from both the UK and the US.

Chris Andrews saw his weeks count move on to 68 and in so doing he moved tied 17th on the weeks count list sitting alongside Four Jacks & A Jill and Petula Clark. On the local list Jody Wayne moved 1 week ahead of Murray Campbell and so made 7th place his own while Campbell fell to 8th.

On the points front there were 2 artists that reach big milestones and they were Tom Jones who crossed the 2,000 mark. He was way out in front, 719 points ahead of his nearest rival, The Troggs. To put that in perspective, only 19 of the 363 acts to chart so far had a total points tally in excess of 719.

Chris Andrews was the other one hitting a major milestone as his count ticked past the 1,000 level. He was the 8th act to reach this many points.

Creedence Clearwater Revival also celebrated a milestone as they moved past the 900 points mark. They sat 14th overall.

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