8 January 1971


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 10 Looky Looky  – Giorgio
2 4 5 Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow  – Dealians
3 2 7 Zanzibar  – Wanda Arletti
4 6 6 You Can Get it if You Really Want  – Desmond Dekker
5 3 12 Cracklin’ Rosie  – Neil Diamond
6 7 5 I Think I Love You  – Partridge Family
7 9 4 I Hear You Knockin’  – Dave Edmunds
8 5 9 Indiana Wants Me  – R. Dean Taylor
9 15 3 San Bernadino  – Christie
10 8 9 Woodstock  – Matthews Southern Comfort
11 14 11 Black Night  – Deep Purple
12 17 3 See Me, Feel Me  – Who
13 10 9 Paranoid  – Black Sabbath
14 12 15 Cha-La-La, I Need You  – Shuffles
15 11 7 Yo Yo  – Chris Andrews
16 New 1 Gypsy Woman  – Brian Hyland
17 19 2 Mango Mango  – Tidal Wave
18 16 6 Ruby Tuesday  – Melanie
19 20 2 The Witch  – Rattles
20 New 1 Sing Out Glory  – Bernie Brown

‘Looky Looky’ by Giorgio enjoyed a 4th week at the top of the charts and had now spent an equal amount of weeks at the top of the charts either side of the year end as it had managed 2 weeks in 1970 and 2 in 1971. Of the 19 songs which would spend time at number 1 in 2 different years, this was the first of only 2 that would spend an equal number of weeks at the top of the charts in the 2 years. The Dealians’ ‘Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow’ moved up 2 places to land at 2 and this was the second time we saw the first four letters of the title of the number 1 and number 2 song be the same. The previous time had been when Four Jacks & A Jill was at 1 with ‘Timothy’ and Carike Keuzenkamp’s version of the song was at 2, so this week was the first time with 2 different songs. In total there would be 10 weeks where at least the first 4 characters of the song titles of the songs at 1 and 2 would be the same.

The climber of the week was Christie’s ‘San Bernadino’ which moved up 6 from 15 to 9. This was their 2nd time with the award, having managed it with their previous hit, ‘Yellow River’. The only other song to see a star rater climb was The Who’s ‘See Me, Feel Me’ which moved up 5 from 17 to 12 to give the band their 3rd star rater.

So far Chris Andrews’ ‘Yo Yo’ had not really behaved like one as it had moved up the charts and was now moving down, taking the biggest faller award this week as it dropped 4 from 11 to 15. This would be his 5th time with a biggest faller, but the big question was would the song behave like its title and move back up the charts? Stay tuned.

There were 2 songs that left the chart this week, the first of which was Dave Mills’ ‘All The Tears In the World’ which had enjoyed a run of 12 weeks and a peak of 5. Despite that being a good run, it was still the lowest weeks and peak figures for Mills’ 3 hits to date with his previous 2 hits going to 2 and 1 and staying 20 and 17 weeks in that order.

We also bid farewell to The Mike Curb Congregations’ ‘Burning Bridges’ which spent 14 weeks in the chart, 5 of which were at the top spot and 6 of which were while sharing the ‘oldest on the chart’ title with The Shuffles’ ‘Cha-La-La, I Need You’. The latter continued its run in the chart and was accordingly the only oldest on the charts as it moved into its 15th week with us. Dave Mills would chart again but for The Mike Curb Congregation, this would be their only SA Chart hit. Mike Curb had also seen chart action as a song writer on The Ventures’ ‘Theme from The Wild Angels’. The total weeks he had spent in the charts then as artist and song writer totalled 16.

‘Gypsy Woman’ by Brian Hyland was the first of the 2 new entries. Of his 20 US Hot 100 hits to date, this had the second highest peak, getting to number 3 and beaten only by the chart topping ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini’. In contrast, ‘Gypsy Woman’ was his lowest peaking hit of the 6 that made the UK charts, only reaching number 42. (‘Itsy Bitsy…’ was only the 3rd highest there, peaking at 8). The song was a cover of the 1961 hit for The Impressions. Written by Curtis Mayfield, that early version made it to number 20 in the US. Hyland’s version was produced by Del Shannon (who had a worldwide hit with ‘Runaway’) and sold in excess of half a million copies.

Despite the departure of Dave Mills’ hit from the chart, the local content was maintained at 4 thanks to the arrival of Bernie Brown’s ‘Sing Out Glory’ which was the second of our new entries. The song was written by Jody Wayne. Wayne had had 5 hits so far as an artist, but this was his first as a song writer. Bernie Brown came from Athlone in Cape Town and would work with the groups Lunar 5 and The Soul Conspiracy before heading out on a solo career.

We continued on with our new record to date 8 different nations represented in the charts, this being the second week we had seen this level.

Neil Diamond celebrated reaching 30 weeks milestone and he had done this without seeing a biggest faller at any stage. He was now the 7th act to see a run of 30 weeks with no biggest faller. Of those 7, The Tremeloes and Simon & Garfunkel had seen that run of no biggest faller reach the 40 week mark while The Seekers saw the all-time record of clocking up 57 weeks before seeing their first biggest faller.

Chris Andrews moved tied 12th with Cliff Richard on the weeks count list. They both had 77 weeks to their respective names. On the local front Tidal Wave drew level with The Square Set on 18 weeks and the 2 acts sat tied 17th.

Silly stat of the week: This was the 6th time we had seen 8 songs have a 2 place move (either up or down) and this was the record to date number of 2 place moves we had seen in a week.

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