15 January 1971


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 2 6 Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow  – Dealians
2 1 11 Looky Looky  – Giorgio
3 5 13 Cracklin’ Rosie  – Neil Diamond
4 6 6 I Think I Love You  – Partridge Family
5 3 8 Zanzibar  – Wanda Arletti
6 7 5 I Hear You Knockin’  – Dave Edmunds
7 9 4 San Bernadino  – Christie
8 4 7 You Can Get it if You Really Want  – Desmond Dekker
9 10 10 Woodstock  – Matthews Southern Comfort
10 8 10 Indiana Wants Me  – R. Dean Taylor
11 12 4 See Me, Feel Me  – Who
12 16 2 Gypsy Woman  – Brian Hyland
13 15 8 Yo Yo  – Chris Andrews
14 14 16 Cha-La-La, I Need You  – Shuffles
15 13 10 Paranoid  – Black Sabbath
16 11 12 Black Night  – Deep Purple
17 19 3 The Witch  – Rattles
18 17 3 Mango Mango  – Tidal Wave
19 20 2 Sing Out Glory  – Bernie Brown
20 New 1 Cry Blue bird Cry  – Rising Sons

The Dealians brought us our 15th local chart topper as ‘Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow’ ousted Giorgio’s ‘Looky Looky’ from the he number 1 position. This was the second of 8 occasions where we would see a local act knock a song by an act not from The US, The UK or another local act from the top spot. The previous time we saw a local act knock someone from a ‘rest of the world’ nation from the top was when Dave Mills’s ‘Love Is A Beautiful Song’ took over the number 1 spot from Dutch act Shocking Blue’s ‘Venus’. The Dealians were the 16th act of those who would ultimately have 5 or more hits have their first go to number 1. They were only the second local act to do this, the first being Billy Forrest whose first hit, ‘Lazy Life’ was released under the name Quentin E. Klopjaeger.

Brian Hyland’s ‘Gypsy Woman’ took the biggest climber award as it moved up 4 from 16 to 12. This was the 42nd time the biggest climber had been 4 or less places meaning that there were no other star raters. 7 of those 42 times, the biggest climb was less than the star rater level of 4 places.

It was a black day for Deep Purple as their hit ‘Black Night’ took the biggest faller award, dropping 5 places from 11 to 16. This was the 3rd song with the word ‘black’ in the title to be biggest faller, the previous being The Rolling Stones ‘Paint It Black’      which was the biggest faller twice and Los Bravos ‘Black Is Black’ which managed it once. The only song so far with ‘black’ in the title to chart was The Horst Jankowski Orchestra’s ‘A Walk In The Black Forrest’. This managed its chart run without having a biggest faller to its name.

The Shuffles’ ‘Cha-La-La, I Need You’ continued as the oldest on the chart as it entered its 16th week with us. So far 38 songs had now managed 16 or more weeks in the chart.

We bid farewell to Melanie’s cover of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Ruby Tuesday’. It had been with us for 6 weeks and peaked at number 10. This would be the last Jagger/Richards composition that was not a Rolling Stones version that we would see chart and of the 3 that had charted, this was the best weeks and peak we had seen. The previous non-Rolling Stones versions of a Jagger/Richards composition to chart was Cliff Richard’s ‘Blue Turns To Grey’ (2 weeks peak of 19) and Chris Farlowe’s ‘Out Of Time’ (3 weeks peak of 16). Melanie would be seen again on our charts.

The Rising Sons’ ‘Cry Bluebird Cry’ was the new entry this week and it was their 2nd SA chart hit. It was written by Terry Dempsey giving him his 11th hit as a song writer. He now sat tied 6 on the number of hits by a song writer list, sharing the spot with Robin Gibb. ‘Cry Bluebird Cry’ had the distinction of being the 120th local song to grace the charts. So far 50 of these had been by solo male artists, 17 by solo female artists, 48 by groups and we had seen 5 duets (note: these figures exclude Virginia Lee’s duet with Slim Whitman).

Until this week Chris Andrews’ ‘Yo Yo’ had gone up the chart and then down. This week it started going back up again (from 15 to 13) and accordingly was behaving like its name. This moved his weeks tally on to 78 and he moved 1 ahead of Cliff Richard which meant he took 12th place on the weeks count list for himself while Cliff was relegated to 13th. Chris Andrews also celebrated moving past the 1,100 points mark. He sat 7th overall for points.

On the local weeks count list, Tidal Wave moved on to 19 weeks taking 17th place for themselves and causing The Square Set to drop to 18th.

For the first time in 44 weeks, we saw the average number of weeks that the songs in the top 20 had been with us, go over the 7 mark. It sat at 7.05. The record to date was 8.75.

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