22 January 1971


Pos LW Weeks Song Artist
1 1 7 Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow  – Dealians
2 2 12 Looky Looky  – Giorgio
3 6 6 I Hear You Knockin’  – Dave Edmunds
4 4 7 I Think I Love You  – Partridge Family
5 3 14 Cracklin’ Rosie  – Neil Diamond
6 5 9 Zanzibar  – Wanda Arletti
7 12 3 Gypsy Woman  – Brian Hyland
8 7 5 San Bernadino  – Christie
9 9 11 Woodstock  – Matthews Southern Comfort
10 8 8 You Can Get it if You Really Want  – Desmond Dekker
11 11 5 See Me, Feel Me  – Who
12 13 9 Yo Yo  – Chris Andrews
13 17 4 The Witch  – Rattles
14 10 11 Indiana Wants Me  – R. Dean Taylor
15 15 11 Paranoid  – Black Sabbath
16 18 4 Mango Mango  – Tidal Wave
17 19 3 Sing Out Glory  – Bernie Brown
18 New 1 Knock Three Times  – Dawn
19 New 1 No Matter What  – Badfinger
20 20 2 Cry Blue bird Cry  – Rising Sons

The Dealians’ ‘Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow’ held on to the number 1 spot, enjoying a second week there. Previous chart topper, Giorgio’s ‘Looky Looky’ spent a second week at number 2 and became only the second song to spend 2 weeks at 2 either side of its time at 1. The previous song to manage this was the number 1 hit that ‘Looky Looky’ took over the top spot from, namely Neil Diamonds’ ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’.

Brian Hyland’s ‘Gypsy Woman’ moved up a further 5 places and was the biggest climber for a second week running. Unlike the previous week, it was not the only star rater in the charts as The Rattles’ ‘The Witch’ moved up 4 from 17 to 13.

  1. Dean Taylor saw his first biggest faller award as ‘Indiana Wants Me’ dropped 4 from 10 to 14 to take the honours this week. This was the 7th time we had seen the biggest faller be by a Canadian act and the 9th time if one includes the 2 times Steve Karliski’s duet with American Mimi Roman took the award.

Deep Purple’s ‘Black Night’ was the first of 2 songs to fall off the top 20. It spent 12 weeks on the charts and peaked at number 6. This was a much better performance than their only other hit to date, ‘Hush’, which only managed 4 weeks and a peak of 14. This was not the last we would see of the group on our chart.

Also going was the oldest song on last week’s chart, The Shuffles’ ‘Cha-La-La, I Need You’ which managed a run of 16 weeks and peaked at 2. It had been the oldest on the charts for 6 weeks alongside The Mike Curb Congregation’s ‘Burning Bridges’ and then for a further 2 weeks on its own. It would be the only hit we would see on our charts from this Dutch band. Their departure from the chart took us back down to 7 nations represented in the top 20 after having been at the record to date 8 for the previous 3 weeks. Neil Diamond’s ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’ took over as the oldest on the charts. It had managed 14 weeks so far.

Dawn returned to the charts and this time Tony Orlando got a separate credit. Having sang on their previous hit, ‘Candida’, their second hit, ‘Knock Three Times’ was credited to Tony Orlando and Dawn.  Irwin Levine, who had co-written ‘Candida’ also had a hand in writing the new hit, but this time he was joined by Russell Brown (Toni Wine have co-credits with Levine on ‘Candida).  While ‘Candida’ had fared fairly well, ‘Knock Three Time’s was an even bigger hit, topping the charts in the UK (for 5 weeks), the US (for 2 weeks), Australia, Canada and New Zealand as well as going to 2 in Belgium and Germany, 3 in The Netherlands, Ireland and what was then Rhodesia, 4 in Switzerland and 6 in Austria. According to Wikipedia, the song apparently sold over 100,000 copies a day in New York for 10 straight days.

Badfinger made their SA Chart debut with ‘No Matter What’, a song penned by band member Pete Ham. The band’s UK record label did not at first regard the song as good enough for any form of release, but their American counterpart thought it could be a hit. It was subsequently released and went top 10 in both countries, peaking at 5 in the UK and 8 in the US. It was going to be used as part of the soundtrack to the film ‘Wayne’s World 2’ but failed to make the final cut due to an issue with obtaining the rights for using the song. In 2005 Def Leppard released a cover version of it but that failed to make an impact on the charts on either side of the Atlantic or in Europe.

The Rising Son’s ‘Cry Bluebird Cry’ became the 15th song to spend consecutive weeks at number 20 as it was unmoved at that spot. 8 of the previous 14 to do so ended up leaving the charts the following week. The Rising Sons were the 4th local act to manage this and the last song to manage this also started with the word ‘Cry’ and that was The Box Tops’ ‘Cry Like A Baby’.

Desmond Dekker and Tidal Wave both celebrated reaching the 20 weeks in the chart mark and while this placed them tied 68th overall (joining 7 other acts on this total), it did mean that Tidal Wave moved into tied 16th place on the local weeks count list, joining The Outlet there.

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